Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Hello, and thank you for calling Mikado Secret Service. Unfortunately, the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable due to its owner working his ass off in the middle of nowhere, so is there anything else we can help you with, our dear client, Mr. Saigo Homura?」

Picking up the phone he spat up a greeting that was overflowing with sarcasm, and what answered him was a deep and disappointed sigh.

「What are you getting so irritated about like a little kid? Also, the client for this job is not me, but Lady Ayato, and you know that.」

「You, her, same song, different tune. It really makes no difference to me.」

The difference is rather significant, you know? I am not the one payingyour retainer fee, Big Bro Iza… *Sigh* you know, just… just forget I said anything. I have just returned from Charles de Gaulle’s Airport in France to Narita Airport, so I am too tired to argue with every little thing you’ll say.」

「You just returned from France? Weren’t you in the research facility in Germany?」

「I was two days ago,but then I had to go to France right away after obtaining a lot of promising data from the results of the experiments in order confirm the exact procedure of the removal of 『The Bull of Heaven’s』 smallpox virus. The process itself went rather smoothly and the test run was successful, so now I am planning to go back home to have a short holiday from all this work. What about you? Any leads on your side?」

Saigo Homura’s curious voice was projected from the phone, but Izayoi simply waved his hand around in annoyance.

「Nothing so far. Absolutely nothing. Zero. The God’s in his heaven, all right with the world. Say, since we found nothing out of the ordinary so far, can we just leave? Because just to let you know, there is an erotic nudist carnival in Rio that I have been dying to see at least once in my life, and now would be just the perfect occasion to do so.」

「Well that’s curious, because I could have sword that you said that  you were busy previously. Now, before you do anything stupid, just remember what Lady Ayato said: no results = no payment」

Homura’s joke reply only caused Izayoi to become even more depressed than he already was. Since he was stuck in the Outer World without any legitimate way to go back to Little Garden, not earning any money would be quite a problem for him, so if he was already here in Brazil, he had to make sure that this trip wouldn’t be a one made in vain.

「What a cheapskate. Now that Everything Company has established itself as an international powerhouse thanks to the Star Particle Bodies, it has gained so much money and fame that it can be literally said they rose to the top of the corporate food chain in the world, so a daughter of a guy who holds all that dough in his hands shouldn’t just hog all of it to herself.」

「There you go talking nonsense again. No matter how rich or poor the company is, those who have not achieved any results with their work will not be rewarded. It is as simple as that. For now, just do what you are told and make money like a proper older brother would… Oh, that’s right, I didn’t call you just to make fun of you.」

As Homura cleared his throat, Izayoi shrugged his shoulders in doubt.

「Oh? If this wasn’t a prank call, you say? Then what, did you catch wind of any clues about the culprit’s identity?」

「More or less. While the culprit himself  has not yet been identified, the parsing results of the parsing of the Star Particles Bodies used in 『The Bull of Heaven』 have finally arrived… but something feels odd about them.」

「And that something is…?」

「The components of the two Star Particle Bodies types we compared are far too different from one another.Simply put, they don’t look like they have been made by the same organization.」

Hearing Homura’s concise yet dangerous conclusion, Izayoi gave a small amused whistle.

「Hou…? Two Star Particle Bodies types with different components, you say?If that’s how it is, then that can certainly be a game-changer for us. What that tells us is that both of the Star Particle Bodies types you mentioned, the ones of the smallpox virus of the Minotaur and the ones of the typhoon of 『The Bull of Heaven』 were made by two totally different organizations.」

So now they knew that there were at least two, if not more, organizations researching Star Particle Bodies besides Everything Company. That information was vital for their proceedings from this point onward, so Izayoi understood why Homura had to call him about it.

「That’s right. Being quick-witted has always been one of your only good qualities, Big Bro Iza.」

「What are you talking about? I have good qualities for days… no, more than there are stars in the sky!」

「Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever you say. Look, about the Star Particle Bodies responsible for the outbreak of the virus: everything points to them being created by using the process that is similar to the one that I am using in my own research; that is to say, it was born through a parasitic multiplication within plants and animals. They are not any case for concern for us since I can make them all powerless with my own inventions, but the other type, the one that gave birth to the typhoon-generating 『Bull of Heaven』… now that is something on an entirely different level. I’m afraid that I cannot explain it in more detail, but from the sample that I managed to obtain I have confirmed that they have been made by using the Star Particle Bodies Crystallization Phenomenon.

Izayoi tilted his head to the side in puzzlement at what he just heard, since the term Star Particle Bodies Crystallization Phenomenon told him next to nothing about what it was or why Homura was so concerned about it, but such an outcome was inevitable since he was no specialist in any field of science related to the subject they were talking about, or any kind of science for that matter. Moreover, he had been living in a different world until recently, so Homura’s words were a little difficult for him to understand since the science had steadily progressed during the five years of his absence.

「Ah, sorry. It’s just that I don’t really get how that process differs from the previous one, so just be blunt with me: what is this about and how amazing that is?」

「What are you, a child?Although I guess it does not really matter, since you never had any capacity for anything scientific in that thick skull of yours. To put it very roughly and in very simplistic words, the pseudo-smallpox virus that was the cause of the viral outbreak was created by the process of parasitic multiplication, and that is still within the boundaries of what our medical science can do.

 『The Bull of Heaven』, on the other hand, is entirely in the domain of energy conservation theorems and mechanics. Also, if I remember correctly, you were saying that you know 『Maxwell’s Demon』? Turns out that it was involved with its creation.

For a moment Izayoi thought if heard Homura correctly, because he spoke a name that Izayoi did not expect to hear in the context of their conversation at all.

Izayoi didn’t 「just knew」 about it. It was a demonic personification of the Thermodynamical Paradox created by the Demon Lord Maxwell – a powerful Demon Lord who ruled over the domain of hotness and coldness, and the one who Izayoi and the others have thought against in the past – himself. He was one of the most powerful Demon Lords capable of performing thermal replacement without any restrictions by manipulating and altering the boundaries of + and -, responsible for governing hotness and coldness respectively. And yet, with all the power he possessed, he was eventually driven mad by his unrequited love towards one of their companions from the 『No Name』 Community and subsequently slain by Izayoi in combat. So all in all it could be said that Izayoi knew more about him and his creation than Homura ever could hope to know.

「So the 『Bull of Heaven』 was created by rearranging the environmental data with Star Particle Bodies, and  Demon Lord Maxwell was their source?」

「Yes, although we suspect that this was not the only feature that has been used in order to do that. Considering the fact that it had been moving along the coast, it can be considered that the typhoon maintained its body by separating the moisture of the sea surface and operating on the air pressure alone.」



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