Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

After fixing his breath, Homura turned to the confused Asterios and asked.

「Now, Chief Judge Asterios. Your fair judgment and the guilty verdict, please.」

「C-Calm down Homura. You suddenly dragged me here from the middle of work and told me to be the chief judge…Sorry to say, but in the first place, there was no concept of money in the period I was born in. That’s why I don’t really understand the charge or even the reason that made you so angry. If I may add, I feel more guilt towards the fact that I slipped out of work at lunchtime when it’s the busiest time of the day.」

He was probably brought along as a third party, seeking for the minimum discretion, but he didn’t really understand the situation and so he picked up the now mostly empty bankbook.

He understood labor obligation, but it seems that he still couldn’t fully comprehend the equivalent exchange of this age. He probably thought of money as nothing but the extension of bartering.

Homura furrowed his brows towards Asterios who seemed lost and troubled.

「Ah, that’s right. There was indeed no money system in the bronze age where the Minotaur lived.」

「Asterios is someone who lived in BC 2000, isn’t he?」

「That’s how it is. If we are talking about a simpler version of bartering compared to now, there was one back then too…but I guess they couldn’t use food stocks for fair trial as well.」

「T-That’s right! The evidence has no meaning if the judge can’t understand it! Also, I as the accused wish to call an advocate! I’ll call someone skilled from my company right now…」

「Very well then. I shall take on that job.」

Uesugi flung opened the door with impeccable timing. Ayato became flustered when it became obvious that she was eavesdropping on them. Tokuteru’s face on the other hand turned pale as he screamed.

「Geh, Uesugi! Wait a sec, I didn’t call you!」

「Don’t be absurd. I was about to call Enma Daioh, but he is in the middle of a business trip. I swear upon the name Uesugi that I would be fair in my judgment.」

「No way in hell! I called for a real advocate! No one would want a shady muscle-brain judge like you!」

That was precisely the case. However, no one expressed any kind of compassion to him.

Uesugi took out the fashionable glasses that she used for work in and began to summarize all the provided evidence.

「Let’s summarize the evidence proving that the accused is the supposed offender:

① The bank account that was harmed could only be operated by Mikado Tokuteru, Ayazato Suzuka and Kudou Ayato.

② The person at the bank counter has testified that the withdrawer was a man.

③ Furthermore, since Mikado Tokuteru had taken a massive debt in Kabukicho last month, he had an adequate motive too.」

「Wh-, How do you know…?!」

「AGAIN!? You made another debt!!?」

「What kind of woman did you get tangled up with this time!!? Was it a poor young girl who was sold off by her parents in a foreign country!!? Or was it a widow who was tricked by some religious cult!!? Or maybe…or maybe this time it was an illegal immigrant who was purchased for organ resale!!?」

Ayato clapped her hands as if she had guessed something.

「Ah, so you can embezzle money for such reasons…….」

Ayato had no idea about the embezzlements until this day, but if there were such unspeakable reasons behind them, it couldn’t be helped that they stayed a secret. If they had gotten the police involved and told the full truth, then even those girls who he ended up saving would’ve been called to the court. As Homura and Suzuka also understood the situation, they stopped at just personal punishment… but that was one thing, and this was another.

「Guh……I guess It’s useless to play dumb now if you know that much……!!!」

「No, you’ve already been busted for quite a while now. Just stay still and accept your judgment.」

Uesugi calmly showed a thumbs down, revealing a guilty verdict. No mercy at all.

「……And so? How much is left?」

「None of it. I ended up spending all of it to save a pair of siblings who got rolled up in a certain incident.」

「Are you an idiot!!?」

「It’s 500 million…500!!! It’s not 500 thousand, or even 5 million… it’s FIVE HUNDRED! Just what did you do to spend all of that in such a short amount of time SHITTYTERU!」

The siblings kept shouting 「You are guilty!!!」with furious expressions. They wanted to hit him a couple more times, but there was no time for that. This situation left them with no food for tomorrow.

It was decided that Homura would be paid his individual cash reward in half month after the Europe expedition. In other words, they were now penniless. As matters stood, the orphanage would dry up completely.

「Damn it……what should we do? If he used it to repay his debts, I think he’s not lying when saying that he has no money on hand now. What should we do, Bro?」

「It looks really bad, Sis. This is the second biggest pinch ever since the founding of this orphanage. If it were the usual, we’d let him off after a punch, a kick and 3x refunding of it, but the money involved this time is on another level. There’s no time to go to another world. In this case, I can only think of evening it out by selling Tokuteru’s organs…」

「S-Senpai, Suzuka, listen. Mr. Tokuteru could have been in an unavoidable situation. I’ll pay up the living expenses in advance this time, so can you settle the matter with just that?」

Saying so, Ayato took out a card from her bag. Seeing the black card Suzuka’s expression brightened up, but Homura’s stayed dark.

「No……I have already borrowed a lot from you, Milady. I don’t want to borrow any more than I already have. If you add it to Tokuteru’s tab, then the talk is different, but I don’t want to trouble you, to be exact, I can’t ask for two million yen….」

「It’s okay. I’ll split the bill with Mr. Tokuteru and Senpai with 9:1 ratio. Pay it back not with money but with your actions, okay~~?」

「……Ah, so in the end, Homura was also affected by that loan. As expected of Aya.」

Suzuka said in admiration.

Asterios, who was sitting in the seat of a chief judge, confirmed the time…and quietly sighed to himself, seeing that lunchtime was about to end.

Three months after the rampage of the 『Bull of Heaven』.

The pandemic that was caused by the infectious disease had settled down after the distribution of the Star Particle Bodies that Everything Company had manufactured, and it was safe to assume that the losses were kept to a minimum. Their developer, Saigo Homura, also went to the affected region overseas and observed the conditions of the patients there and the removal of the pathogens that were spread in the soil. The two kinds of Particle Bodies that he had discovered there were confirmed to be very close in nature to the Star Particle Bodies that he himself had developed.

Everyone present, who had helped to wrap up Mikado Tokuteru in a bamboo mat and hang him up, asked for details from Uesugi. She who got an invitation from Little Garden, as planned, tried to reveal their, the 『Twelve Devas』, identity. However, Mikado Tokuteru’s desperate pleas made her think otherwise.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Homura processed her words.

「……Hmm. So, Tokuteru and Uesugi are from Little Garden, huh.」

「You don’t seem to be surprised.」

「Well, yeah. When I heard that Ayato was from another world……from Little Garden, I already had more or less figured it out. Besides, that call I got from Tokuteru on the day of that Typhoon seemed way too suspicious no matter how you look at it.」

While scratching his head, he recalled the event over two months prior. That day when they were summoned to Little Garden… there were two people who contacted Homura and asked whether ‘something unexplainable’ had occurred. First one was Kudou Ayato, the young milady of Everything Company. The other was the president of an international security service and secret agent employment company… Mikado Tokuteru, who was now wrapped up tightly in a mat. Although that was his current state, he was in fact quite famous in that industry, enough that even Homura had heard about his fame. After all, it was a mercenary group of choice for Everything Company that was among the top five financial conglomerates of the world. From an escort of an important person to advance elucidations of terrorism, he had such an extensive information network that it was hard to imagine from such an individual. Many came to refer to his group as ‘War Gods’ due to their combat power that, if turned hostile, they would be able to erase the target without letting them even raise a single shriek.

……Such a nickname was quite unimaginable to be referring to the same guy who was now tied and hanged up.



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