Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 5 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

『 ─ 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority First Exhibition Match ─』

・Overview of the Game Rules:

① Drive away the countless monsters that appear and defeat the monster related to the  Game. (Permission to capture granted.).

② The Exhibition Match is to be held once per day, twenty four times in total.

③ There is a time-limit for clearing the Game. If participants cannot clear it within 30 minutes, it will carry over to the next day.

④ For as long as the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority’s final selection continues, The Game can be held any number of times.

・Winning Conditions: Participate in the Game every day; the first team to defeat all 24 monsters shall be declared the Game’s victor.

・Reward: Participants are entitled to a reward for every monster they defeat. The victorious team will be allowed to transfer one of its members to the final selection.

・Conditions for Participation: Everyone is encouraged to take part in the event.

・Participants: Those with debts must participate in the aforementioned Gift Game as a team in order for their debt to be fully repaid.

Oath: We swear upon our glory and flag to Host the Gift Game in accordance with the aforementioned rules.

2nd War for the Sun’s Authority Facilitation Committee, 『The Laplace Demons』


「THOSE WITH DEBTS, HUH…?!!No matter how many times I read this, that one clause clearly refers to US, doesn’t it?! Since when did I become a debtor, huh!? AND IN ANOTHER WORLD AT THAT?!!!」

「Wait, calm down, Homura. Let’s talk about this first. There surely must be a perfectly valid reason for…」

「I do not even need to ask because I already know! Move aside, Saigo Homura! This scoundrel tried to win us over with that sweet talk earlier, but the time for him to keep pulling wool over our eyes is over! Prepare yourself and bring out thy neck, you failure of a God! I will sever that detestable head of yours in the name of Enma Daioh!」

Uesugi pulled out her sword while casting aside its scabbard without asking any more questions. Sensing that the Divine Judgement was nearing upon him, even Tokuteru started to sweat nervously.

「No no no, wait, stop! Listen to what I have to say, you muscle-brain! What the heck was written in that invitation!!?」

Those with debts must participate in the aforementioned Gift Game as a team in order for their debt to be fully repaid! That’s what it said!」

「Okay, he’s definitely guilty now!!! Off with his head!」

Uesugi shouted while swinging her sword with the intent to kill. Tokuteru managed to avoid all seven of her slashes in a row, although just barely. That was his punishment for trying to win them over with his useless sermons. It was a delightful spectacle for everyone but Kuro Usagi, who jumped down and got between them since she couldn’t bear to watch it any longer.

「W-W-Wait a second! We really shouldn’t be fighting among ourselves before the start of the Game! The four of you are one debtor team, and your debt will only increase if you don’t defeat even a single monster…!」

「What the fuck is wrong with that underhanded game!! You bastard, just how big of a debt did you actually make!?」

「T-That’s not important right now so calm down! I mean really, just try to chill for one second! I’m not the one who made that debt! It was just pushed onto me by the fourth member who’s conveniently staying silent over there!!!」

「「Fourth one?」」

Homura and Uesugi said with doubtful voices.

In fact, Kuro Usagi did say the teams were to consist of up to four people. And if that was the case, then that meant that Tokuteru’s team still had a vacant place for one more person…

「My apologies. Would you be so kind as to release this father of mine?」

A calm and quiet voice reached their ears, surprising them greatly, albeit for different reasons.

「「This father of mine」….? You mean this guy?」

「Yes. That is what I am talking about. In other words, what I am trying to say is that this man is indeed my father.」

The young man with blue hair said as he pointed at Tokuteru with displeasure written all over his face.

Unable to believe what he just heard, Homura raised his voice at the youth who was still pointing at Tokuteru.

「You… You are Tokuteru’s kid!? No, wait, before that: Tokuteru, you were actually MARRIED TO SOMEONE!!? AND YOU HAD KIDS TOGETHER?!!!!」

「W-Wait a minute! Just calm down already! And what’s with that shocked reaction?! Is it really that unbelievable?!」

「It would seem that you are mistaken about one thing, boisterous young man, so I will state it clearly in order to avoid any more misunderstandings. This father of mine and the mother of mine are not married. Mother of mine is wed to a different husband.」


「NO, OF COURSE HE’S NOT!!! I can see why you would think like that, but trust me, that’s not how it is! Arghh, damn it, this is becoming too much of a headache to explain, so just shut up and let me do the talking, Arjuna!」

The moment Tokuteru spoke his name, everyone present all raised their voices in wonder one after another. Even Uesugi was shocked at the sudden appearance of the young man who called himself Tokuteru’s son. That is how unbelievable of an existence he was.

He had hair dyed the Shade of deep blue that made them reminiscent of lightning and a pair of calm, peaceful eyes that looked like a perfectly still ocean. Everything about him, from his looks to the aura he silently exuded, was a testament to his noble lineage and power, the same as his Divine Bow which was undoubtedly capable of decimating armies of enemies with just a single shot.

「Did you just say Arjuna…!!?」

In the Mahabarata, an ancient Indian poem, Arjuna was its main character, portrayed as the great Hero of Benefaction. Blessed with countless Gifts, he was once at the very top of the food chain of the strongest warriors of Indian mythology. And now, Prince Arjuna, the firstborn son of Indra, once again looked at his father with a disgusted expression on his face.



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