Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 8 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Giant Spirit Train 『Sun Thousand’s』 Panoramic Wagon, the large public bath area with a scenic view of the Ley Lines.

This particular part of the Giant Spirit Train’s diverse set of wagons was created with the express purpose of serving as a spot where the passengers could relax while enjoying the view of the scenery passing outside. Currently the train had only just departed from the station so the only thing they could see outside was still just the great river and its surroundings, but once it will travel far enough to reach the earth and sea veins, anyone who will be soaking in the baths will be able to take in the breathtaking sights of the Ley Lines simply by looking through the big panoramic windows etched into the wagon’s walls. Aside from the large baths, the Panoramic Wagon was also equipped with the dining hall serving various exclusive, high-class foods, all for the purpose of providing Players taking part in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority and other guests with VIP status the best relaxation experience possible.

When they learned about this place, Homura & Company decided to hit it up to wash away the fatigue they were suffering from ever since the end of their Exhibition Match and stay there until the time to get in touch with Izayoi came, and they had every right to do so, considering how this day has been filled with a barrage of surprises coming at them one after the other. The stealing of Homura’s money that was meant to ensure the continued existence of the Canaria Family Home? That was Tokuteru’s fault. Them being forced to be a part of a Gift Game they personally had nothing to do with? Tokuteru’s L as well. And then, just to top it all off, they were also tricked into taking care of not only Tokuteru’s debts, but the one made by his son Arjuna as well.

Yes, this day has certainly been, without the shadow of a doubt, all too eventful for everyone’s liking, once again, because of the stunt Tokuteru pulled off. If they were still back in the Outer World, he definitely would have been found guilty of every crime Homura and Suzuka were accusing him of and then swiftly executed by the decree of the Supreme Judge Asterios because let’s face it: useless Gods who only cause trouble for those around them deserve no compassion whatsoever.

Thankfully, all of those unpleasantries were behind them now as their turbulent day was finally coming to an end. Now that the veil of darkness was slowly descending upon the world, they could finally forget about everything that was troubling them and kick back and relax. After all, it might have been under dire circumstances, but this was still something that did not happen every day: a trip to a genuine other world, so now that the “business” part of it was over for the day, surely they would be allowed to have some fun while not being disturbed by anyone, right?

「Wow, this is great.」

That one simple phrase void of any particular strong emotions was enough to perfectly sum up Homura’s first impressions of the Panoramic Wagon when they arrived inside of it. Such a plain reaction was perfectly understandable of him since he was not a poet but a hard-boiled scientist, and as you’re probably well aware that type of people never minces their words, but even with that taken into account, his reaction was too bleak to be deemed even remotely acceptable. They were in different world, for crying out loud! If there was ever a time to be acting outside of his usual character, it definitely was now, but still, Homura refused to take that chance.

On the other hand, the girl’s group was wasting no time with devouring each and every detail of a splendidly decorated room and the sceneries outside of the windows with their eyes sparkling from excitement.

The glass candle lamps hanging from the walls were decorated with the engravings so intricate that it was clear with but a single glance that the one who made them must have been an artisan possessing an exquisite amount of skill. The stunning craftsmanship was leaving such a strong impression on them that they began to worry that it might lessen the beauty of everything that was flashing by from beyond the glass of the windows. The light they were giving of was pretty dim and didn’t contain any heat, most likely so that they wouldn’t obstruct the light given of by the stars in the night sky. From time to time, tiny spirits were gathering around those lamps, ad if they wanted to fill the entire wagon with every possible color of the rainbow, and they could only achieve that because they were pure beings with pure souls who knew nothing of malice.

When she saw that colorful spectacle, Suzuka’s weary expression vanished in an instant, replaced with the best, most cheerful smile she has shown to anyone today.

「Uwaahhh, that’s so pretty!!! A lot has happened today, that’s for sure. But now things finally start to look like they should be from the start. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, this is how a proper trip to another world should look like.」

「Yeah, couldn’t have said that better myself. We really went through an awful lot of things in such a short time that it’s almost unbelievable… just like the fact that it was all thanks to the debt Tokuteru made.」

「N-Now, now, let’s stop with the blame game for now, shall we? I am sure it will be extremely beneficial to us in the future to remain on Mr. Tokuteru’s good side instead of making him dislike us, but enough about that. Let us head to the bathing area now. Will you be coming along with us, Miss Kasukabe?」

「Yup, you bet I will. There is nothing better for digestion than a nice, long, hot bath before a meal.」

You nodded her head vigorously while her eyes were being firmly fixed on the dining hall in the distance. Ayato responded to that with a somewhat awkward smile and then proceeded to go through the curtain leading to the female section of the public bath.

「Well then, Senpai. See you in a bit.」

「Yeah, have fun and enjoy yourself, Lady Ayato. We have more than enough time on our hands, so be sure to soak to your heart’s content.」

Leaving those words behind him, Homura disappeared behind the curtain leading to the male portion of the baths. Together with the rest of the girls, Ayato went further into the bathhouse and reached the changing room. As she began to undress herself, she was reminded about the harsh weather she was complaining about to Uesugi only a few hours ago.

「In the Outer World it is already the middle of the summer, so I have to admit that the current climate here in Little Garden is a welcomed change. It feels nice not being all sticky all the time.」

「You are right, but summer is actually not that bad. After all, it is a season of love and seduction during which Aya’s pink bra becomes faintly visible through her shirt which get all see-through because of all the sweat…!」

「…Uhm, could you please stop with these kinds of jokes, Suzuka? You know I’m not good with them and don’t know whether I should laugh at them with you or get angry at you.」

Ayato said with a slightly embarrassed voice while trying to cover her chest up with her hands.

「Well, I was trying to hold back with these kinds of jokes around you, but in the end I decided that I should be gradually increasing their dosage and intensity in order to help you develop a resistance to them! It’s going to be of great help to you somewhere down the line, I promise! No! I guarantee it!」

Suzuka replied with a suggestive smile. You, who was just about getting finished with undressing herself next to them, nodded her head slightly after giving Ayato’s chest a pretty long and intent stare.

「Yes… looking at you now, it is clear as day that the only thing that you two have in common is your last name.」

「W-Wait a minute, Miss Kasukabe! I’m not going to ask who exactly were you comparing me to just now, but even a blind man could see that you did so based on the size of my chest, didn’t you?!」

「Having a big one is a good thing. Not that I would know how it feels like, hahaha…」

「That’s not what I’m asking about! And don’t try to change the subject!」

「Yould you mind if I touched them?」

「Yes I would! Quite a lot actually!」



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