Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 8 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Ayato quickly slapped away the devilish hands that tried to grab the hold of her symbols of femininity. And not just once or twice either. Again and again and again and again, she repelled each and every one of You’s attacks no matter how clever or nimble it was, causing her to frown and pout in unspeakable dissatisfaction.

「…So stingy. You have boobies for days, so it wouldn’t hurt you to share some of them with those who are not so blessed in the boobs department now, would it?」

「I don’t have anything for days, and I would definitely appreciate it if you stopped wording your pervy thoughts in ways that are guaranteed to cause misunderstandings with everyone who does not know that you’re not being serious! Geez!」

Hearing that frantic retort, Suzuka swallowed her saliva hard, as if a divine epiphany just came over her.

「Boobies for days… as in, a lot more boobs than she actually needs? *Gasp!* T-Then if it is like that, then the probability of Aya-chan being a milking cow in her previous life is not zero, right? There is at least a tiny sliver of a chance that she was one, right?!」

「There’s absolutely no way for something as ridiculous as that to be true! And you know what, Suzuka? That does it! Either you’re going to drop this sexually harassing topic right this instant, or else I am not going to an all-you-can-eat cake buffet ever again, even if you follow me there and beg on your knees! Enjoy being on a cake-free diet from now on, you big dummy!」

(TL Note: *In Palpatine’s voice* It’s treason then) Ugh, so you think now to betray our sacred Cake Alliance, my dear Aya-chan?! And here I thought that ours was an everlasting bond formed over a Search & Devour oath of mutual understanding! And correct me if I am wrong, but was it not you who begged me oh so many times to act as your escort because you felt uncomfortable with going to those places by yourself? But sure, okay, if that is your decision then by all means, feel free to go through with it, it’s not like I’m going to be the one impacted by it the most. So go right ahead and gain all the more extra weight on your chest by yourself!」

「Huh!? N-No, that’s not what I was trying to…!?」

Starting an argument was not Ayato’s intention in the slightest, but alas, she suddenly found herself at the receiving end of it. As much as she wanted to talk back, there was just no way for this kouhai to win a verbal battle against her senpai, since Suzuka seemed to have lost all of her warmth and cheerfulness whenever she was getting angry. Now that she was in such a state, Ayato had to chose her words extremely carefully if she wanted to defuse the situation and patch things between them up instead of making them even worse.

(I can’t mess this up no matter what!)

In the meanwhile, unaware of the inner turmoil in Ayato’s mind, You put her hand on her chin and muttered to herself while gazing at the sea of stars spreading out high above their heads.

「… An all-you-can-eat cake buffet, huh? Yeah, that sounds lovely alright. When I was still living back in the Outer World before ending up here, it was one of my dreams to check out that kind of establishment at least once in my life.」

「Why not just do it here in Little Garden then? As luck would have it, the cafeteria section of this Panoramic Wagon seems to be an all-you-can-eat buffet! Well, isn’t that convenient? And while we are still on the subject of eating, back in the Outer World Suzuka is actually pretty famous in our hometown’s culinary world under the nickname Cookie Monster!」

「I see. A nickname similar to my own, but at the same time quite different.」

If Suzuka was a Cookie Monster then You was definitely every chef on Earth’s Doom Eternal (TL Note: Sorry, the opportunity was too good to pass up). If the two of them ever decided to have a showdown to see which one could devour the most food, any restaurant or dining establishment unfortunate enough to have been chosen as their battlefield would have its kitchen turned into a desolated wasteland taken straight out of hell itself.

「…Hmm? Wait a second, did you just say 「When I was still living back in the Outer World」? Does that mean that you are from our world as well, Miss You?」

「Yup, I sure am. Izayoi, another girl called Kudou Asuka and I were all summoned here together.」

Hearing You explain that she was also not a native of Little Garden just like them, Suzuka tilted her head in puzzlement when another familiar name besides Izayoi’s has been dropped seemingly out of nowhere.

「Kudou? As in, the same Kudou as our Aya-chan here? Is she someone related to Everything Company?」

「Nope, she never mentioned anything of the sort throughout the years we have spend here together. Besides, if I remember correctly, Everything Company is that big multi-company conglomerate that rose to prominence after World War II? The one with its center of operations based around Europe? Then she is definitely someone different than your kouhai, because the Kudou Asuka I know is a purely Japanese girl. In that case it’s probably that the kanji making out their family names must have different writings but the same meaning.」

「I see. Is that Asuka person going to show up and participate in this Authority War just like you did today, Miss Kasukabe?」

「I’m not sure. She was always a little bit of a tough nut to crack, but knowing her and her personality, it wouldn’t be unlike her not to join in the middle of the competition, but she also might not. It’s hard for me to say for sure, but generally the odds of her appearing are about fifty-fifty.」

「Is that so. So she hasn’t applied yet.」

Ayato made sure not let any emotions show in her voice when she was asking You about that Kudou Asuka girl, and since neither she nor Suzuka heard her muttering those words to herself just now, they simply continued to put their neatly folded clothing onto the shelves in the changing room.

「By the way, Miss Suzuka.」

「Just Suzuka is fine. Both Homura and I would find it very unsettling if Big Bro Iza’s friends addressed us with the usage of honorifics.」

「I see. Then let me ask you this, Suzuka: why were you and Homura summoned to Little Garden in the first place? Are the two of you some kind of renowned competitive eaters?」

「To be perfectly honest with you, Homura was the one who got summoned and Aya-chan and I just kinda followed after him because of some complicated circumstances that were present at the moment of the summoning. I know that Bro might look like he does not have all that much going on for him, but he is actually a scientist researching something super duper amazing right now.」

「Him? A scientist? What kind of thing is he researching?」

「I’m not really sure about the specifics, but it was something something Particle Bodies… uhm, what was it again, Aya-chan?」

When Suzuka asked for her help in explaining the thing that Homura was researching, Ayato was finally able to calm herself down and spoke in a voice filled with pride while puffing out her chest and placing her hand on it in an exaggerated manner:

「Saigo Homura-senpai is researching the Third Perpetual Motion: the 3S Nano Machine Units of the Star Particle Bodies to be exact. His achievements in their development as the entire project’s leading researcher have been recognized even here in Little Garden and hence he has been invited to participate in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority as the chosen champion of Queen Halloween. As for Suzuka and myself, we were probably allowed to tag along with because we are the ones closest to him.」

Already wrapped in her bath towel, You frowned for the first time when she heard that.

「Researcher? Star Particle Bodies? And… you said his family name is 「Saigo」?」

「Yes, that is indeed what I said, Saigo Homura. Is there something wrong with that?」

「No, but… uhh, hold on a second. What are the characters his family name is written with?「Sai」 of the word 「West」 and 「Go」 of the word 「Hometown」? Not the 「Saigo」 that means 「End」, 「Conclusion」 or 「Death」? Not that 「Saigo」?」



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