Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 9 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「. . . . . .Well, well, well, look what we have here. 」

She said, openly mocking them.

「I have to say that this is something even I did not expect, even though I was prepared to cut down anyone who would stand before me, be it Surya, Vayu or even Indra. But never, ever in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I will be facing against Prithvi Mata, the Earth’s great Mother Goddess. Oh just how lucky I can be?! Now that I am standing before you, should I be giving you my respects, oh great Goddess who tore the planet’s placenta apart?」

The bloodied girl looked at Pritt and laughed with a voice filled with hysterical amusement. From those words alone Izayoi concluded that if he showed up here by himself then she wouldn’t have wasted a single moment of her time talking to him and would have gone straight to battling him to the death. Also, apparently she was well aware of who Pritt really was. Noticing that as well, Pritt stepped forward and addressed the girl’s words.

「Tore the planet’s placenta apart, huh? I have to admit that this was quite a way to put it. While it is true that I have taught the art of agriculture to humans and showed them how they can bend the earth to their will, I think that you could have used some less… direct words to describe that act, don’t you think?」

「Maybe I could have, but why would I sugarcoat the matters when that is exactly what happened? That is the truth; cold, hard facts. You are to blame for the suffering this planet is going through now, and yet you have been chosen to act as a proxy of the Celestial Spirits of the Earth that slumber even now as we speak. But I guess that should be expected since you, Prithvi Mata, were the first Celestial Spirit candidate due to the level of Divinity that you have always possessed.」

Pritt listened to the girl’s words, but just by glancing at her face Izayoi could tell that she was clearly displeased. But as much as the words of that girl irritated her, they at the very least allowed her to confirm one thing that might or might not prove to be useful to them depending on the direction this situation was going to escalate.

Whoever got assimilated into this girl’s body, he or she is undoubtedly a member of the Indian Pantheon.

「……Oh? And may I ask where have you heard that? Or to be more direct, who was the one that told you this?」

「No one I particular, since that is something pretty much anyone would realize sooner or later after giving it some serious thought. After all, breaking up, cultivating and nurturing can all be called a type of Gift of the smallest kind, and it would stand t reason to think that once mankind discovered those Gifts and adopted them for their own selfish usage the system of Celestial Spirits would change form them being 「Those who impart their blessings to others」 to 「Those who are being robbed of their blessings by others」. And with that, it is perfectly reasonable to call a sinful Goddess who actively worked towards aiding humans in ripping the source of the Earth’s lifeblood away from it someone who tore the planet’s placenta apart!!! Haha . . . hahaha . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! ! ! ! ! ! !」

The blood-covered girl burst into a loud fit of laugher while wrapping her sides with her hands.

However, that laughter didn’t contain even a trace of happiness. On the contrary, it was a one where clear, unrestrained anger was mixing with traces of self-righteous indignation, creating a mixture that threatened to boil over and explode at any moment without giving any prior warnings.

When she turned her attention away from Pritt and gazed towards Izayoi, the smile on her lips turned from the heated one into the one laced with extreme coldness and indifference.

「Hey, you, boy over there. Child of this current age, would you be interested in hearing what this girl who has become my vessel had gone through at that place where they were keeping her and what horrors did she witnessed with her own eyes? Would you be willing to risk having your mortal ears rot and decay after having them defiled with the filth that her sad story is overflowing with? After all, the torment she has experienced and the despair she was crushed by were vicious enough for me to awaken in her. Though if you asked my personal opinion, that story is not something that a sweet boy like you, barely different from a helpless child born in this peaceful age could possibly hope to withstand without having his fragile soul crushed.」

「. . . . . . . ? Awaken? What do you mean by that?」

The way the possessed girl phrased how she came to inhabit that girl’s body brought an inexplicable sense of discomfort to Izayoi, but the current state of his mind was not something that she was going to pay any mind to. Materializing behind her as an apparition whose features could not have been clearly distinguished even from such a close distance, the unknown entity, whoever it was, leaned forward and embraced the body of its host with all the sorrow and all the love it could muster, before whispering into her ear with a voice that sounded like it was genuinely apologetic:

「Snuffing the flame of this poor girl’s life and falling asleep for all eternity after taking revenge on those present day sorcerers would have been a final act of mercy I could bestow upon her, and do believe me when I say that this is what I originally intended to do. However, now that I have come into contact with the Earth’s Mother Goddess and stand face to face with the hypocrite who still dares to call herself a Mother of Mankind with a peaceful smile on her face after all the crimes she has committed against the planet, I simply cannot stand down and withdraw, not when the enemy whom I must destroy is right I front of me. As the Avatar responsible for obliterating all of the aggression and injustice plaguing the world, every fiber of my being is screaming, telling me that this seething anger of mine has to be vented on you. Which is why I must ask for you to forgive me, girl, but I will be borrowing this body of yours for just a little while longer.」

All this time, her voice was filled with boundless affection, and her eyes with endless compassion. If anyone saw her right now, they would have undoubtedly said that she was the one who was the righteous one in this particular conflict of ideologies. But all of that love and affection disappeared without a trace when the Avatar’s apparition dissolved into the air and it returned to the body it was possessing, raising it as if it was a marionette with its strings reattached to it. The eyes that glared at Pritt and Izayoi once more. Her red eyes, which now began to blow with an ominous light, no longer contained even a shred of positive emotions of any kind. All that was reflected in them was an undying resentment and hatred intense enough emit an aura visible to the naked eye that was so malicious to make any lesser man cower in fear.

She has completely turned into her Avatar form whose only goal was the absolute obliteration of the mortal enemy that was now standing before her. She stretched her slim hand in front of her, and when she did so, she used all of the blood that was staining her clothes and body as a catalyst to summon an enormously large bloody battle axe which she wielded with one hand and placed on her shoulder as if it weighed nothing to her. That action was enough for Pritt to finally understand who was it that they were dealing with, but when that realization dawned upon her, her body started to unconsciously tremble all over.

「A battle axe as red as the blood itself… obliteration of any and all aggression and injustice from the world … don’t tell me… are you Parashurama, the 『Hero Slayer』?!」

「Indeed! That is who I really am! The Sixth Avatar affiliated with 『Avatara』! 『The Sage of Slaughter』 and 『The Axe Wielder』 who annihilates all those who dare to call themselves both royalty and heroes!!!!」

The blood-covered girl, Parashurama, howled with enough force to make even the air itself tremble before her.

Faced with the opponent who could be called anger incarnate, Pritt was overcome with a deadly premonition.



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