Last Embryo Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

She also used some of her own clothes in order to make the bare minimum of garments for the Black Albino girl, but they were nothing fancy, just some hastily prepared rags so that she could also keep herself covered. Oh, and one more thing: even though Pritt made them from the remains of her own clothes, they did not have any kind of Godly blessings or protective spells woven into them.

Part of Izayoi wanted to ask her if parading in such a shameless getup was not unbecoming of her as one of the members of 『Twelve Devas』, but that is an issue that can wait for now. If the circumstances were any different then you can be sure that he would have taken his sweet time to appreciate the feast for the eyes that was right in front of him (being an incorrigible hedonist as he was), but since they have other problems they absolutely have to deal with in the first place, he will simply have to make sure to properly appreciate that oasis for the eyes at a later time.

「So? Where exactly did you manage to find the agricultural traces we were looking for?」

「Most of them are located behind what seemed to be the royal palace, but the traces of waterways, reservoirs and other agricultural areas can be found literally across the entire city. From what I could also observe, the people of this continent were also utilizing a substantial amount of hydraulic technology.」

The irrigation canals, which have been arranged in the shape of a spider’s net, had been designed in a way that allowed the flowing water to reach every corner of the capital city. Would it not be spectacular if all of the water from across the entire continent was also flowing through the city through this very waterway?

「Okay, with that matter out of the way, our next problem would be exactly what kind of Gift Game is going to be conducted in a place such as this. We do know that we are on the Lost Continent of Atlantis, but other than that, I guess pretty much everything is on the table. Now, it would be a different story if we were summoned here in a 『normal』 way, but because it was so abrupt and unexpected there’s no way for us to confirm anything on our end.」

The reason why you should always start from making a map of your own is so that you could start moving as soon as the Game rules will be revealed to all of the Players involved. Knowing the kind of terrain you are going to be operating on is always a good thing, because it will allow you to make up for any holes and delays in your information.

Well, to be honest, if we are talking about the fastest approach to moving on unfamiliar terrain, there are a few more ways involving the people native to the land you found yourself in, but depending on your view of the world they might be. . . a tad bit controversial. You might establish and deepen your friendship with the indigenous people, attack them and extract the information you want from them by force, or make them submit to you and spill the beans themselves after their wills have been broken. Unfortunately, Pritt and Izayoi could employ none of these methods at the moment, because even though the managed to find human-built structures, there were no signs of any human settlements with people anywhere near them.

Pritt placed a wet handkerchief on the girl’s forehead and laughed ironically.

「Izayoi. You knew full well that this girl would only slow us down if we chose to keep her with us, so why did you not just let go of her and moved on?」

「Is it not obvious? If I did chose to leave her to her own devices, that would have been like throwing the Job that I got from Homura to the thrash since she is a valid peace of evidence for us, and by now you should know that one of the things that I hate more than anything in the world is leaving the job half-done.」

「Oh please, do you really think I would buy a cheap reason like that from someone like you? Do not make me laugh. For someone like you, the kind of money we would get for this job would be little more than pocket change. So why did you not dump her onto me so that you could run wild the way you would always do in such situations?」

Sitting in front of Izayoi, Pritt looked at him with unusually stern eyes. Without stopping to fan the girl with the palm leaf, he complained back at her in his mind without letting his thought reflect on his face:

(For such a nice-looking woman, you sure can act like a legitimate demon sometimes. Especially with those eyes of yours.)

It is not that Izayoi had anything against Pritt personally, but she belonged to the one type of women that he always had difficulties dealing with. As if she was reading his mind, Pritt continued to pursue the subject relentlessly by asking another question in quick succession.

「You know, I can more or less guess what you were talking about with Parashurama during your battle in the slums. You have met the ones responsible for the experiments performed on the Black Albinos, and they had something to do with that friend of yours Parashurama mentioned.」

「Yeah, but that was a long time ago.」

「So the right conclusion to be taken from it would be that you have also seen the experimental facility ran by the organization that she mentioned?」

「To be exact it was more like a Black Albino breeding site, but that is not important right now. But the organization we were looking for in the Amazon could not possibly have been the same one from back then.」

「Could not have been the same one? You are not making any sense. Why would you say that? For what reason. . . 」

「The reason is only one, and a very simple one at that. It is because. . . we destroyed that organization. Slaughtered every last one of its members and wiped every proof that they ever existed off the face of the Earth.」

Pritt’s beautiful eyebrows frowned. Based on what she knew and heard about Sakamaki Izayoi, he was not the type of man who would ever engage in something as barbaric as mass murder. However, even if that boy himself was someone who would never stoop so low, she knew that he would probably not shy from it if he had run out of every other alternative option of dealing with his enemies, for example if he was tasked with taking out a group of cannibals who have been confirmed to be engaging in outrageous acts of consumption of human flesh. When faced with enemies like that, who have dedicated themselves to indulging in crimes against humanity and the world itself, a complete and total annihilation would be the only possible way of dealing with them to insure that the stain they had left on the world would not spread any further.

Still skeptical about Izayoi willingly staining his hands with blood, Pritt continued without mentioning it for the time being.

「If what you are saying is true, then we are not dealing with the same organization you encountered in the past. But in that case, the next best thing we can do now is to investigate those who were buying Black Albinos from them and see where that lead takes us. Any thought about that?」

「Yeah, that it would be useless, because Canaria already took care of that. Like I told you already, this incident has nothing to do with the organization I faced before.」

He was saying that in a cold, matter-of-factly voice, which left Pritt surprised once more. He never dared to say it himself, but the exact meaning of his words could not have been more clear. Whatever was the reason behind it, Canaria and Izayoi really must have destroyed that Black Albino breeding organization without leaving even a trace of them left.

「Whatever happened to that organization must have not been a pretty sight, huh?」

「Yeah, you got that right.」

Having no intentions of talking about that story in more detail, Izayoi immersed himself with making a new, more detailed map of the area they were in. And once he is done with that, there are still other things to do and preparations to make that would require his attention, and pointless chatter about the things that did not matter anymore were not among those things.



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