Last Embryo Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「However, Parashurama’s {Brahmastra Origin} and Kuro-chan’s {Brahmastra Replica} should not be the only 「Astras」 that you have come into contact with during your long journey through Little Garden. 「The Astral Gates」that enable travel from the location of one Astral Gate to the other across Little Garden is one of them, and {Brahma Astra}, the spear released by Tat Tvam Asi would be the other one. When brought together, all of those「Astras」 are 「The instruments necessary in order for humanity to avoid the ultimate ruin」.」

「Heee~~ So what, maybe the next thing you will tell me is that Star Particle Bodies. . .  or 「Astral Nanomachines」that Homura is developing also count among the 「Astras」?」

「But of course. Moreover, I would say that the research that that boy is conducting is the most important thing of all, seeing how it is a key to everything else. A key born of the miraculous union of the hellish kiln and the star cauldron. Fictitious particles that should not even exist, the most efficient energy particles capable of generating the multi-momentum required for the manifestation of the Ether. Third Perpetual Motion that humanity has always dreamed of achieving. That is what the 「Astral Nanomachines」 created by your father truly are!」

With shining eyes, Izayoi examined the meaning of the man’s words. The key to everything. . . certainly, he felt as though that statement was accurate to an almost painful degree. If everything goes exactly like Homura planned and the Star Particle Bodies will be introduced to the genera public and then implemented into various aspects of humanity’s daily lives, then this could mean the new era of humanity that the Gods of the Little Garden often spoke about will be the one brought about by the artificial energy particles, marking another turning point in the human history of energy revolutions, the Third Energy Revolution caused by the Third Perpetual Motion.

The First Energy Revolution was when humans discovered fire, and learned to harness its power for the first time. The Second Energy Revolution was when humans learned to use heat and force to change the shape of metals and other natural resources however they saw fit. And as for the Third Energy Revolution, it is speculated that humanity is going to reach it the moment it will become able to conquer concepts such as light, destruction and possibility.

Paradigm Shift, 「A turning point in human history」. It sounds grand, but in reality it is a very simple thing: an event of happening that is indispensable for humanity to evolve and elevate its existence to a whole new, never before seen level. And that id the point of convergence of the 「Energy Revolution」 engraved deeply into human history. If not the third one, then perhaps the development of the Star Particle Bodies is going to be remembered as the very last Energy Revolution mankind will ever go through.

Normally, such things are much more luck dependent, but Star Particles Bodies have been prepared and developed with one purpose in mind: to be a real game-changer. If only thet were allowed to spread all over the entire world, they would surely enable humanity as a whole to easily reach the heights that they previously could only dream of.

The potential behind them was so great that they might just be the things that technological evolution needed in order to enable humans to travel into the far reaches of space, way beyond their current limitations or mark the beginning of the new era in the calendars. But the thing is. . . even while being aware of all those amazing things that Star Particle Bodies could do, there was a part of Izayoi that was clearly not convinced about them.

「I do not know about that, and I would advise you to take extreme caution when talking about them in such a way. I really do think that they possess the power to change reality as we know it, and I also think that the advantage od such a scale has that right kind of male romance to it, but since they are meant for the Outer World, I will let Homura deal with them since that is undoubtedly his field of expertise. As for myself, there are still some things and unfinished businesses that I have to take care off in the Outer World before I will be able to enjoy what it has to offer, but since I have chosen to leave that world behind and come to Little Garden of my won will, I probably will not be staying long, even after wrapping all of the messes up. On that account, there is something that I would have very much like you to tell me, oh poet Orpheus.」

The man called Orpheus simply nodded at Izayoi’s request without saying anything.

Although he is the most famous for his works as a poet and singer and his adventures as one of the members of the Argonauts, in Little Garden he is more famous because of the other legend that involved him. In the past, Izayoi heard about that legend from Kuro Usagi.

He was a hero of the Dystopian War. One of the founder of the Grand Arcadian Federation. And Canaria’s teacher and one of the foster parents who helped raise Izayoi.

「That damn La Croix disappeared without saying as much as a word of explanation. I was greatly indignant towards him at the time, but now I have no intentions of blaming him. It was inevitable that he will not be able to overlook this case, since it was the result of the desperate wishes of the Black Albino slaves who desperately pleaded for liberation. Was that the case?」

「. . . . . . . That is right. Knowing that tailcoated Demon Lord, of course he would stand up and rush to help them faster than anyone else, because if it meant that he could save even one more person used as a guinea pig in the Star Particle Bodies experiments, he would definitely take that chance.」

「Reaper in a Tailcoat」, Baron La Croix. A God of Death who might have kept his intentions hidden behind that sneaky laughter of his, but in truth he had a passion and love for freedom stronger than anyone else. What Orpheus said sounded exactly like something that man would do, since helping those who desired freedom above all else was like the essence of his being.

If Orpheus said something like that about him, then it must mean that he has not forgotten the bond between himself and his comrade who both confronted the Giant Demon Lord together. In that case, Izayoi could probably believe the answer to the next question he was going to ask him. While keeping a tense expression, he adjusted his breathing.

There was a clear contradiction in what Orpheus said before. He said that 「Astras」were weapons meant to save humanity from the 「Ultimate Ruin」, but the problem here was that the Energy Revolution brought by the Star Particle Bodies and their Third Perpetual Motion could potentially bring that ruin instead. That is why Izayoi and the others had to fight the Great Demon Lord, who embodied the very possibility of that ruin, three years ago.

But if Star Particle Bodies were so dangerous, then perhaps it would be better not to leave such a dangerous tool in the hands of humanity? Especially since the core of that miraculous invention was not a man-made object, but a living creature. If it was something created either by the world itself or as a work of the Gods, then the best way of utilizing it would be to find a method that would not require it being handed away to the humankind, or pick a better time to give it to them, but the Gods were not well-known for their mindfulness of both time and circumstances of mortals.

But something like that cannot be done now. And to top it all off, Orpheus used the phrases 「Hell’s Kiln」 and 「Star Cauldron」. These phrases sounded like polar opposites at first glance, but with the context of the Star Particle Bodies they were probably one and the same thing, or something that worked in similar ways.

Izayoi did not know if their mention was Orpheus’s intentional doing or if that hint was a genuine accidental slip of the tongue, but nevertheless he decided that these words were definitely worth remembering, because he recalled hearing those words being sang during their battle with Azi Dahaka, The Demonic Dragon and The Evil God of Zoroastranism.

「The Hell’s Kiln」 shall be opened. And that was not a metaphor. 「Hell’s Kiln」 was an actual giant cauldron in which the Great Demon Lord was sealed. So if something like 「Hell’s Kiln」 existed in Little Garden, then it a guess that the 「Star Cauldron」 existed somewhere in the Outer World would not be all that far from the truth.

And so, if one of those possible 「Ultimate Ruins」 is a future in which the Great Demon Lord would be resurrected back onto the world, then that would mean that prior to the rebirth of this 「Ultimate Evil」, mankind would have to be struck with a great catastrophe on an unimaginable scale.

「. . . . . . . . .」

But before they could continue their conversation, a high-pitched sound of the whistle of the Great Spirit Train could be heard from afar. That sound, echoing throughout the entire Lost Continent of Atlantis was the signal marking the true beginning of the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority. And in the next moment, his own Geass Roll scattered to the wind before his very eyes. This is where the first Gift Game of the war was going to begin.

Now, all the pieces are finally in their rightful places.

The time has come. . . to welcome the latest era of myths!



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