Last Embryo Volume 4 Chapter 8 Part 6

「Hell if I know. I have never succeeded in this procedure so far. Maybe something akin to 『The Bull of Heaven』 will appear, or maybe something entirely different will be born. The only thing I can say for sure is. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .」

But then Homura stopped himself mid-sentence. While not strictly a weapon in itself, B.D.A’s performance was greatly affected by the physical condition and natural abilities of the subject it was meant to be used on. So if Izayoi’s physical condition ends up exceeding that of the previous experiment with the E.R.A, then they might just end up creating the strongest B.D.A-based weapon.

(Now, if we assume that the B.D.A is going to work exactly the way it was intended to and nothing will go towards any unexpected direction. . . . . . . . . . .)

Homura gathered all f the information he knew about the Star Particle Bodies and went through them in his head, before finally arriving at the most probable answer to the question of what would happen, and he shared it with Izayoi.

「Maybe. . . . . . . this is just a hypothesis, but most likely. . . . . . the result would be a surge of explosive power that would be incomparable even to yours, Big Bro Iza.」

Izayoi was so surprised that he looked at Homura with widely opened eyes, to which Homura simply nodded his head while inhaling the air around him nervously. Izayoi still has enough power to be able to destroy even the stars themselves, but it is because of the {Origin} of the Third Perpetual Motion discovered in the planet’s placenta. His power is not accelerating, but rather it is already in its supernatant state. If they really want to combine such a treasure created from the stars with the wisdom of humanity. . . . . . . then how powerful is the end result going to be? Or maybe instead of the power to save humankind, it will instead give birth to a power that will effortlessly destroy it?

(. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

Inside of his head, Homura could clearly hear the wicked laughter of the three-headed dragon that was devouring him whole in his nightmares, almost as if his own mind was trying to ask him that one, final question: Are you sure that what you are about to do is the correct decision to make? But on the contrary, it was that three-headed dragon’s laughter that helped Homura make his final decision.

「All right, Big Bro Iza. Let us do this thing.」

「Are you really, truly sure about this? There will be no backing down once you get this ball rolling, you know?」

「Yeah. Because I believe in your being in the right more than anything else, Big Bro Iza. {Blood Accelerator} . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . activate!!!」

And then their surroundings have been bathed in a flood of blinding light.

* * *

Once again, he was dreaming about a world drowned in the sea of flames, and that was by no metaphor by any means.

The flames of the fires burning all around the city which has been set ablaze in an instant reached all the way to the heavens, dying the clear blue sky black with the masses of dark smoke which hurt the eyes and dried the throat. Not satisfied with only claiming the lives of the living, the flames continued to burn for seven days and seven nights without stopping as they swallowed more and more in their raging inferno, turning even the buildings of steel and solid concrete into dust and puddles of molten metal.

Thunder and lightning rained down like a waterfall on mountains and rivers from the clouds high above, flattening everything that protruded from the ground, and breaking the dams, turning the water all muddy and not fit for consumption anymore. Having nothing that would stop them anymore, the violent currents have burst forward, swallowing everything that stood in their way, making the screaming pleas of the people whose houses were getting flooded die down as they were getting dragged under the water’s surface, never to emerge back again.

The earthquakes that continued to rumble ceaselessly for hours cracked the ground and coated the cityscape with debris and ash, turning it into an uninhabitable wasteland so fast that it was terrifying. Nothing could have prepared the city’s authorities for a disaster of such an unprecedented scale. All of the lifelines were destroyed in an instant, and the once proud metropolis changed into a ruin of fallen concrete towers in a blink of an eye.

Hell… that’s right, what sprawled before him was undeniably a hellish landscape, because the scenes that were unfolding before his eyes could be described as nothing but hellish.

The infants who lost their parents cried for them, but even as they cried their throats until they were all bloody, there was no one there who would come to console them, so they just died on the ground where they lied as their bodies were being devoured by the flames that couldn’t wait to claim the souls of the innocent children. Their tears were vanishing from the unbearable heat before they went down their cheeks, without even getting the chance to hit the ground, and blood was changing from red to black and coagulated the moment it started to drip from their open, gaping wounds.

In the chaos that inevitably ensued, some people tried to run for their lives, trampling the ones who had no strength to move forward to death without remorse. Under such extreme conditions which threatened their lives, everyone was trying to save themselves first and foremost, without showing compassion to anyone else. Now was simply not the time for that, they concluded. And since they have abandoned their humanity along with their dignity, the were no different than a crowd of animals, running away from the incoming calamity without paying attention to anything that happened around them.

「. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .」

Unable to bear it any longer, he looked up at the sky.

The sea of clouds that has been dyed black by the smoke swirled like a living being, sending lightning strikes that sounded just like the hooves of the stampeding artiodactyls. As it grew and changed its shape, it really started to look like a magnificently terrifying bull that scratched the atmosphere with its hooved limbs, tearing it open with each and every step it took. However, that was not the only great terror that appeared in this city, which was now levelled to the ground and became nothing more but a devastated ruin.

「The King of Artiodactyls」 wriggling in the sky.

「Giant of the Death Eye」 laughing as he looked at the destruction he has caused.

「Dragon King」 creating chaos with his numerous jaws, claws and wings.

「Monkey God」 hiding his face in shame as his golden fur fluttered, slashing everything around him to ribbons.

All of those Demon Lords roared in triumph as they trampled the Outer World beneath their boots, raising clouds of dust and leaving nothing but senseless destruction in their wake.

It has been said that even if one of the Demon Lords, who were the avatars of death and destruction incarnate appeared in the Outer World he would be enough to drive the entirety of the human race to near-extinction, and now there was several of them wrecking absolute havoc wherever they stood. If that was not a pure nightmare come to life, then I don’t know what else could it be.

They were all baring their fangs and claws and evil intentions towards the entire world indiscriminately, and unlike the natural disasters that they embodied, like tempests, tsunamis or thunderstorms, there was no one who could stop them now…. Aside from a single beast that stood on the sidelines of this nightmarish hell that held no hope for those who were still unlucky enough to be alive and had no other choice but to break down in tears and cover their scorched faces. That one beast alone roared vigoruously towards the darkened heavens as if it wanted to communicate to them that it will not allow it to end like that.

「! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 」

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