Last Embryo Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1

While making a sharp whistle, The Giant Spirit Train 『Sun Thousand』 descended into the forest in The Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Under any normal circumstances it would be unthinkable for the Giant Spirit Train, with all of the Organizers and Investors for the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority onboard of it, to be making a stop from its intended course along the borders of Atlantis to descend onto the continent’s surface, but this time the circumstances pretty much demanded it and forced the Organizer’s hand. While it was slowly descending down while moving in an arc pattern, Sakamaki Izayoi looked at it with a mysterious face and sighed with discontent.

「They sure are taking their sweet time coming down to us, eh? For fuck’s sake, if only we knew this would be taking so long , it would have been better for us to hear Indra’s explanations over the long-range communications. . . . . . . ! But now that they are already here, I guess it cannot be helped anymore. *Sigh*. . . . that damn bastard, always giving such needless headaches. . . . . . . . . . . 」

Hearing Izayoi’s complaints, Kudou Asuka made a surprised face herself.

「Hmm? Indra? You mean Taishakuten, The Indian King of the Gods, also know as The Strongest God of War? Such an important Deity is making its way to us?」

「Huh? Oh, that is right, I guess you would not know that, huh? Then to answer your question, yes, I do know him, and he is also one of the Organizers of the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority. . . . but never mind that for now. How did you get here in the first place, Miss Rich Lady?」

「Oh, myself? I just won the preliminary round and took the general participation slot for those without Sun Authorities and legends connecting them to the sun in any way. I would have arrived here much earlier, but everything got delayed and thrown into disarray because of 「『The Bull of Heaven』 Incident」, so I only ended up arriving on the opening day along with everyone else, and just barely at that.」

While listening to Asuka’s story, Kasukabe You clapped her hands together as if she just remembered something.

「Ah! Yes, now I remember! Back when the preliminaries were taking place on the giant Spirit Train, the entire venue was throw into absolute chaos when 『The Bull of Heaven』 attacked the train, and I heard that there was a Player who helped with th evacuation until all of the none-combatants have been moved to safety. . . . . . so that was you, Asuka?」

「While it is true that I was among the one who were helping with the evacuation, I was not the only one, apparently. From what I heard, a blonde boy who was dual wielding spears was especially strong. According to what Alma said to me afterwards, there was a total of seven Players participating in the qualifiers who were either on the same rank as the Gods or close to them in terms of power.」

「Heee, that many strong guys participated in the qualifiers, huh?」

After hearing Asuka’s words, Izayoi whistled with great interest. While he did hear that the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority would have slots reserved for the Players without any Sun Authorities to their names or no relation to the sun itself at all, he did not expect that there would be so many would-be opponents worthy of fighting there.

「As expected of The 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority. The overall level of those who wished to take part in it might actually be even higher than I initially anticipated. Who else managed to secure a spot for themselves aside form you, Miss Rich Lady?」

「I took the spot for the aspect of Power, the spot for the aspect of Courage was taken by that spear dual-wielding boy I just mentioned, and the spot for the aspect of Wisdom has been taken by some oriental-looking girl. There were a few more others as well, but the three of us were the most important of the entire bunch.」

Now Izayoi could say that his interest in the people who won the qualifiers was at its peak, but as much as he would love to inquire some more about them, there were more pressing issues that they had to worry themselves with at the current moment. Mainly, the two young men who were tied up together to the tree behind the three problem children. . . . . . . . . . Arjuna and Krishna.

「Arjuna and Krishna. . . . . . . . eh? I thought that it was quite possible that Arjuna was the one who was calling himself Krishna this whole time, but if that was indeed the case then it would have left us with a huge contradiction of who was the one who wrote 「Bhagavadgita」and taught it to Arjuna and his brothers, so I guess it was the right thing to do all along to stick with the belief that the two of them were two separate people.」

Despite all of the information given to them by Lamia Draculea, Izayoi and the others were not at all enthusiastic about the idea of capturing Krishna, but they still chose to go through with it because it seemed like the idea with the biggest chances of success, and what do you know, it turned out that their bet was actually right on the money.

「But it sure was surprising. Kowing him, I never would have thought that Izayoi would be willing to accept and listen to the information obtained from both strangers and enemies and act upon them.」

「I only chose to do that because I was suspicious of Arjuna from the very beginning, because for someone who was supposed to be a part of 『Avatara』, he sure was acting pretty strangely. Therefore, would it not be pretty sus for Krishna, The Eighth Avatar of 『Avatara』 to be cooperating with Arjuna, who is practically unrelated to the rest of them? That was more or less my line of reasoning.」

Seeing how seriously Izayoi approached this subject, Asuka could not help it but feel a little dissatisfied, and so she crossed her arms on her chest.

「You know what? You could have just said that since the information came from us you decided to believe in them unconditionally because I am one of the few people whom you can trust. That way, you could have impressed me a little bit, but instead, all I feel is a little bit of a foul taste in my mouth.」

「But it was definitely your information that gave me the final nudge that I needed, so do know that I am pretty grateful to you for that, yahahahaha!」

Izayoi laughed in his signature way while putting his hands on his waist. At the same time, Saigo Homura and Ayazato Suzuka appeared at the site where Izayoi, Asuka and You were waiting for the Giant Spirit Train while emerging from beyond the woods that were still intact the battle the three problem children waged against Krishna and his dark wind beast.

「We came here to see what was going on because it suddenly became so quiet. . . but from the looks of it I presume that everything went rather well, right, Big Bro Iza?」

「A-Also, are you all right, Miss Asuka, Miss You?! Because I heard a lot of rumbling, and explosions, and there were all those trees and pieces of the earth just flying around in every direction, so I thought that maybe you got hurt and that is why you were not giving us any signals and. . . . ! ! ! ! ! ! !」

「Fufu, we are fine, you do not have to worry.」

「I admit that we had a little more of a tough time than we have initially anticipated, but everyone got out of this mess safe and sound. What about the natives and their village?」

「None of them were harmed, and none of the buildings sustained any damage either.」

「Excellent. I guess that leaves us with only one problem to deal with now: what to do with Arjuna and Krishna?」

Everyone present looked at the two young men tied to the tree.

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