Last Embryo Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 5

To refuse such an offer from a God would be tantamount to the worst possible blasphemy that would result with the offending party signing death sentences for themselves by means of the cruelest Divine Retribution possible.

However, for Izayoi and the others, such a reaction was the only reasonable one they could make. After all, the three of them knew Indra mainly from his infamous reputation among all the other Gods of Little Garden who would describe him with many, many negative names, among which {The Heavenly Delinquent} , {Deadbeat Daddy} and {God of the Poor Who is Constantly in Debt} were the three of the very little of his nicknames suitable for being quoted in public.

(Well, I guess it needs to be said that his ability to anticipate how the Game is going to progress and prepare the appropriate countermeasures against any eventuality is indeed praiseworthy. . . . but I cannot shake off the feeling that he is too much like a ticking time bomb to be asked to be anybody’s Investor.)

Even though he acts like a third-rate God and absolute scum most of the time, when push comes to shove he can be said to be an ideal Game Maker capable of coming up with proactive measures against any kind of adversity even though he does not possess any kind of Insight or Future Vision like Krishna, as expected of someone known as the Strongest God of War in all of Indian Mythology with a heroic background to back that claim up.

When he finally recovered from the blow that Izayoi, Asuka and You dealt to him, Mikado Tokuteru cleared his throat once more before turning his attention towards Homura and Suzuka.

「*Ekhem!* *Ekhem!* A-Anyway, putting that matter aside for now. . . Homura, Suzuka, I am glad to see that both of you appear to be safe and sound despite being dragged into such a fierce battle. I trust that neither of you are hurt anywhere?」

「「Screw that! If you are worried about us so much, then give us our five hundred million yen back , you goddamn bastard! ! ! ! ! !」」

「G U H O A A A R R R R G G G G G H H H H H H . . . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !」

Receiving another Critical Hit that was even more deadly than the previous one, Mikado Tokuteru raised another strange noise from the depths of his throat as he grabbed his heart, which was in severe pain.

Is that really the only thing that these two can remember and associate with him?!
Since it was the first time ever when they were hearing about it, Asuka, You and Kuro Usagi tilted their heads to the side in confusion, not understanding what does five hundred million yen had to do with their current situation at all.

「 . . . Eh? Five hundred million yen? What about five hundred million yen?」

「Is it about that matter with Indra’s debt that you had to help him settle? But I thought that issue has already been resolved?」

「Umumu? Five hundred million yen? Kuro Usagi is not all that well-versed in the currencies of the Outer World, so how much would that five hundred million yen be when converted to Little Garden currency, Lord Taishakuten?」

「Uhm, well. . . . five hundred thousand yen of the Outer World would be. . . give or take seven hundred thousand gold coons issued by {Thousand Eyes}?」


Kuro Usagi got so angry that her Rabbit ears were standing perfectly straight while twitching in anger, but Tokuteru simply turned his face away from her while the waves of cold sweat were running down his back all the way onto the ground below him. No one had any doubts that The Strongest God of War was well on his way to becoming the The Most Obnixious God of Shame at top speed without the possibility of hitting the brakes. And the reactions to that were. . . . varied, to say the least. Kudou Asuka was looking at Tokuteru as if he was the worst kind of human trash possible, while Kasukabe You was not looking at him at all anymore, preoccupied more with the realization that it has been a while since she last ate anything and that she was getting hungry as a result. The only one who has come into his defense, but only after he finished laughing his ass of at his expense, was, quite surprisingly, Izayoi.

「All right now, both of you, give the guy some slack, why don’t you? What he has done to Homura and Suzuka was definitely scummy, and despicable, and it deserves to be pointed out, but in the end, the gadgets and gizmos that he bought with that money came to be pretty handy, you know? Two lives have already been saved because of them, so at the very least wait until we go back to the Outer World before you start beating the absolute crap out of him for it, okay? And besides, I am sure he is going to give all of that money to you eventually, right?」

「Hey, now wait just a goddamn moment! I thought you were actually going to defend me and what I did, so why are you not doing it?!」

Tokuteru felt more betrayed than ever before by Izayoi’s words just now. Of course he meant to give all of the money that he embezzled back to Homura, but if he were to do so with only the income he was receiving from his job in the Outer World, then this is not going to take just a day or two.

. . . . That is definitely how most humans would have reacted if they were is a similar situation to his own, but since he is a God and not a mortal, he cannot allow himself to whine and complain about every such minor setback.

「Fu, fufun! We are definitely going to come back to that matter later, but for the time being, I would like to discuss something else. Mainly: the results of your group, Izayoi.」

「Our results? What about them?」

「Do you even need to ask? Although you had quite a lot of unexpected trouble to deal with, You and Kasukabe were extremely close to clearing out the first trial yourselves. . . but alas, that did not happen, and you only have yourself and your own short-sightedness to blame. So yes indeed, what about your results, or rather, a lack of thereof? Go on, tell me, I will gladly wait to hear your explanations.」

Izayoi and You, who got hit with Tokuteru’s counterattack right where it hurt, could do little else but to shut up and avert their eyes. Asuka, however, combed her hair with her hand in a triumphant gesture.

「Fufu, looks like my Community is one step ahead of you for the time being~~.」

「Yeah, yeah, do go on and gloat about it as much as you like. After all, you did pass the first trial, so just this once you definitely earned the bragging rights. However, this does not change the fact that the Game is still far from over, since the mystery of Atlantis is still unsolved.」
「You are definitely right about that. Not to mention that your battles, both against Krishna and Heracles must have been pretty harsh. . . . . but you definitely cannot proceed further in a state in which you currently are now, the one in which you are misunderstanding the very purpose of this Game.

(. . . Misunderstanding the purpose of the Game? What does that even mean?)

Izayoi thought to himself while tilting his head. But before he got the chance to ask about that in greater detail, Tokuteru noticed the wounds that Izayoi had sustained and commented upon them.

「. . . In any case, those are some pretty horrible wounds, Izayoi. I also think that you are about to hit the limit of your endurance, am I right?」

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