Volume 4 Chapter 97

「Merdie, I’m going to ask you once again. You’ll do anything for me, won’t you?」
I checked Merdie’s determination once again.
In order to save the Beastman King, I’ll have to break my own rules.
That’s why I thought I could ask for a bit of reward.
「Y, yeah… If it’s what Haruto says, then I would listen to anything.」
Okay, I’ve got Merdie’s word.
Hmmm, now I’m kind of excited.
Alright, first, I had to convince the king of the beastmen.
「Your Majesty, I can break that curse.」
「W, what?」
「Nonsense! It’s the Black Death Curse cast by the Majin, you know!?」
「What is that inexperienced human saying!」
「Do you have a way to break the curse other than defeating the Majin?」
The doctors’ and ministers’ tone became rough.
「It is possible. It’s because I am a sage.」
With that, I showed only the occupation statement on my status board to them.
「S, sage, you say!?」
「Even though you are so young… Are you sure you’re a human?」

「Can you save the king?」
They softened their attitude towards me just by knowing I was a sage.
「…What do you want?」
The king of the beastmen stared at my eyes as he asked that.
「I will be receiving Merdie, so please do not worry.」
「Eh, w, what are you saying?!」
The king’s rage was now visible, and Merdie’s face turned bright red.
I was just saying that I will be receiving the reward “from” Merdie, so there was no need for this country to prepare anything….
Why was it like this?
I got the feeling that I made a huge mistake.
Ah, no matter.
We don’t have much time, so we have to proceed with the conversation.
「The curse will likely spread throughout the entire body after two more times, and the king will end up dead. So how about this? Would you listen to my proposal, at the very least?」
「…if you are a sage strong enough to be able to cure me, then I will entrust my beloved daughter to you.」
「F, Father, what are you saying!?」
Really, what was he saying?

It would seem as if I’m breaking the curse just so I can ask for Merdie’s hand.
As my reward for breaking the curse, I was content with simply touching Merdie’s paw pads.
「So, how do you plan to break the curse?」
「I will be using holy magic to extinguish the curse’s factor within Your Majesty’s body.」
The king was dumbfounded.
Merdie, the doctors, and the ministers were completely perplexed by what I said, and they remained still.
「I’ll cut a portion of the finger that hasn’t been cursed yet, and then regenerate His Majesty’s body from there. Because Holy Magic cannot harm a person’s soul, the curse will be eliminated completely once the body is regenerated.」
Yes, this is the method that can forcibly lift most curses placed on the body.
However, if the curse has been placed on the whole body, or on the soul, then it cannot be lifted.
「N, nonsense! Are you telling His Majesty to die once!?」
「No, he won’t die. It’s because his soul is safe.」
In this world, as long as the soul is safe, it could be revived using restoration magic such as [Resurrection].
The body was more than just a vessel for the soul.
In that vein, annihilating the soul would mean a true death.
Regardless, I dislike destroying someone’s body.
Holy magic won’t hurt a person’s soul, so it would not be killing, but in the perspective of my previous world, the body’s annihilation was equivalent to death.
That’s why, It was the last thing I wanted to do if I could help it.
「…You said you would regenerate my body from a finger. But isn’t that impossible?」
「I, indeed. There are no healers in our beloved country who could regenerate an entire body from a finger using healing magic, and we do not possess any elixirs.」
One of the doctors bitterly said.
「Can you do resurrection magic?」
「No, I cannot.」
Being a sage did not mean one could use any kind of magic. Healing and regenerating body flesh could be done, but no matter what, anchoring the soul in the body required
「So, your proposal is doomed to fail right from the start.」

He has a point, I can’t use Resurrection magic.
「I cannot use resurrection magic, but I have an elixir made from The World Tree.」
So saying, I took a small bottle containing the elixir out of my bag.
I made it using the leaves of The World Tree that I got from Sylph and carried it with me at all times, in case something happened.
「What? What did you say just now?」
「E, elixir, he said!?」
「And it was made from the leaves of The World Tree!?」
The doctors and the ministers stared at the small bottle I held.
In fact, elixirs had several manufacturing methods.
Its efficacy will vary from best to worst depending on the manufacturing process. Poor quality elixirs, in other words, could only heal partially broken flesh.
Even if that were true, it would still be considered a rare item.
My elixir, on the other hand, was made using the most difficult recipe, so it is of the highest quality.
「Y, you are willing to use such a precious thing for me?」
「Yes, it is Merdie’s request, after all.」
Merdie hugged me.
「Haruto… Thank you.」
「It’s okay to say your thanks after His Majesty’s curse is broken. Alright, sorry, but there’s no more time.」
I pulled Merdie off me while saying that.
「Your Majesty, I would like to get one of your fingers that is unaffected by the curse but… Would that be alright?」
It was my first time making this request.
I also thought it’s weird.
「It’s fine. The Majin cut off my right hand, so it’s the left hand.」
So saying, the king of the beastmen extended his left hand to me.
「Ah, before that, shall we prove if that elixir is real?」
I don’t think anybody would believe it if they were suddenly told, “Let me cut your finger, you don’t need to worry, it’ll be good as new with an elixir.”
I didn’t want to do this, but I planned to cut my own finger, and right before the king and the ministers, I would regenerate it. To show them that it works.
「No need. You have already shown us your status board. That cannot be faked. It is also difficult to think that a sage as you are would tell a lie like that.」
「Is that so? Thank you very much」
I was relieved I didn’t have to cut my finger.
Now that I think about it, since being reincarnated, I haven’t got wounds except for small cuts; can I cut my own finger?
While my mind wandered, I wrapped my right hand with [Heal] and the left hand with wind magic.
I would use a karate chop strengthened with wind magic to sever the king’s finger, and then I would use my right hand’s [Heal] to stop the bleeding immediately.
Perhaps it will be less painful if I do it quickly.
I also wore my magic suit to strengthen my physical ability.
「You can begin anytime. Do it for me.」
Even though his finger was about to be severed, the king managed to remain fearless.
As expected of the beastmen’s king.
Just as I was about to sever the finger—a piece of certain information came flowing inside me.
The magic I had activated since we left the checkpoint till we reached the royal palace brought information to me.
「Your Majesty, I have one question.」
「What is it?」
「What did the Majin you fought with looked like, Your Majesty?」
「Why are you concerned about that now?…No matter, I’ll tell you. He was –」
The Majin who attacked this country was “a male Majin who had two large horns protruding from both sides of his head, and he had a tanned skin color.”


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