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Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 4




Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

The story goes back several days in time.

This was the day when Nadja woke up in the prison, in other words, it was one day after Alan’s party was captured by Aur. The Priestess Sharl also woke up in prison.

「Have you woken up?」

Sharl raised half her body off the bed and seeing a man sitting with his legs crossed on the chair in the same room as her, she reflexively put herself on guard. Although she didn’t recognize his face because he wore a mask in their previous encounter, she could still tell that it was him instantly because of his physique and his amber colored hair. This man was the “Evil Magician Aur”.

「Do not panic. I don’t have any intention to hurt you. If that was what I wanted, you would be dead by now」

Aur spoke in a calm manner. Although it wasn’t like she completely believed in his words, her body did ease some of its tension. After all, she understood that resisting at this point would be useless.

A magic sealing ring was stuck to her right hand index finger (Although it’s a bit off tangent, the explanation Aur gave to Nadja was a big lie. Not everyone had a curse of magic sealing placed on them).

As long as this ring was on her finger, she would be unable to remove it herself nor cast any form of magic. Because her race is that of a White Elf, her strength is actually weaker than a normal human being and her body physique is small. So even though Aur was a Magician, his strength as a man would easily overpower her.

「What is it that you want?」

「Getting straight to the point are we?」

Aur rearranged his crossed legs and a callous smile floats across his face. He put his hands to his chin in order to think for a little while.

「Well then, let’s have you start by dedicating your body to me」

Aur spoke to her like he was at a bar ordering some sake to drink. While she didn’t have much experience in those types of matters, Sharl was not that naïve that she wouldn’t understand his implied meaning. Her lily-white skin instantly turned red as she scowled at Aur.

「Don’t joke around with me. Rather than being polluted by an evil and vulgar man like you, I would rather bite my own tongue right now and just die」

「You hate it so much that you would risk your life?」

「Of course」

Sharl answered very promptly and as if he understood Aur nodded.

「In that case, would you still be able to say the same, if the life is not yours but your companions life?」

Sharl’s complexion instantly changes from red to pale white.

「Your three friends are safe. ……At least for now」

「………You, shameless person!」

Her lovely expression warped into hatred, and grinding the molars of her teeth together, she glared at Aur. If blades were attached to her eyes, she would no doubt chop Aur into tiny little pieces, but to the thick-skinned Aur, this type of menacing look didn’t even phase him.

After hesitating for a long time, Sharl went towards the bed to lay herself down, firmly shutting her eyes.

「……Do whatever you like」

White elves can live many times longer than a human being. And during their long life, it is normal for them to spend the majority of that time to love only one partner. To a white elf, love is something they view as supreme, and the proof of their purity is something that is extremely valued above all else.

And for her to be ready to throw this away for her companions… you can only imagine how much determination she would require. Not to mention her beloved Alan, even Nadja and Wikia who were a different race from her was without a doubt an irreplaceable existence to her akin to being her own family. Trembling at the cruel fate that awaited her life from now on, she could only grit her teeth. She never wanted to show her tears in front of this man. That’s what she swore to herself.

「Apparently, you seem to be misunderstanding something」

But, against this tragic and heroic display of determination by the small girl…..

「I do not care nor crave for your body. It is you that is requesting this favor from me. You need to be the one to ask me “Please Aur-sama I beg of you to violate this body of mine”」

Aur thoughtlessly trampled on her dignity.

Experiencing such an excessive amount of humiliation, so much anger in her heart, Sharl could not even retort his words let alone breathe properly. She was supposed to be one of the peace loving white elves, added to the fact that her job class was a priestess that is supposed to serve the gods for the purpose of spreading good to the world. She was usually full of affections, caring about her friends and her thoughts was normally unrelated to anger.

This hatred that goes through her body… It was the first time she had tasted such raw emotions before and Sharl lost her way.


Jumping up from the bed, she raised her fists and charged towards Aur. She was swinging her arms in fury letting out her violent emotions, but her thin arms were easily caught by Aur.

「I see, I think I understand how you want to do things」

Speaking in a dreadfully calm tone of voice, Aur let go of Sharl’s arms and turned his back on her.

「First of all, your right arm」

Although she wasn’t able to completely understand the meaning behind Aur’s words, Sharl’s pulse started to throb faster as she felt this ominous sign.

「Next, your left arm, right leg and then left leg. After that I will slice off your ears, gouge out your eyes and cut out your tongue. Don’t worry, I will take it nice and slow and use healing magic so that you won’t die. Once you’ve become just lump of flesh that is incapable of doing anything, I will let you meet him. That man that you adore so much」


Sharl clung on to Aur. All her anger and hatred immediately vanishes, instead, fear completely rules over her mind and heart.

「Please, stop….. Please, I’m begging you. I’ll do, anything so…..」

Tears overflowed from both of her eyes. The girl’s weak oath to herself, virtually amounted to nothing, when faced against such a cunning magician like Aur.

「Hou? Then you know what to say to me, don’t you?」

Sharl found herself at a loss for words. But if she hesitated any longer, Aur may lose interest in her. Aur was watching Sharl with a child-like expression, as if he was observing a trivial insect to play around with. It was like he was holding on to a rhinoceros beetle or butterfly, and after letting it go he would briefly observe it frantically flying away…… That was the kind of expression he had right now.

「P…Please, Aur…..-sama. I beg of you…… please….. Uuuuu…… violate this body of mine……!」

Finally, this virtuous and chaste white elf priestess yielded.

「Fumu…… Good enough. Lie down on the bed, roll of your clothes and spread your legs」

Aur gave her an order, without showing any deep emotion. Trembling with fear Sharl timidly moved her body towards the bed laying herself down, and using her shaking hands she rolled up her clothes.

「Show me everything」

Aur makes a complaint as Sharl had only raised her clothes so that her lower half of the body was exposed. With tears streaming down her face, Sharl listens to his commands. Tucking her clothes just above her armpits, almost everything was bare for Aur to see.

Compared to the sensual body of a black elf, the body of a white elven girl was quite scanty and meagre. Her breasts were small and her vagina was a simple slit without any hair nor creases. Aur was scanning her body with presumptuous eyes and Sharl’s body shirked.

Aur leans over her without saying a single word and then just plunges his own thing into her unprepared vagina with overbearing force.


Sharl screamed, as she felt the pain of her hymen being torn apart. Because the pain was too excessive for her, tears ran down her eyes like large rain drops. There was no time to even feel a sense of loss.

Writhing her body in pain, Aur didn’t pay attention to her suffering as he just repeatedly thrust his hips.

「Uuu…….! Kuu, Ahh…….! ii……. Uu, Guuuuu…….!」

Gripping on to the bed sheets like she was going to rip them apart, tears were dropping down from her face, even so, Sharl did not speak the words “stop it” or “don’t” in front of Aur. The only thing leaking from her mouth was pain and agony. If she showed even an ounce of refusal, she was concerned that her companions would fall into trouble.

Although Aur did not show it in his own expression and neither did he explicitly mention it, he actually felt admirations for her strength of will. Well, I suppose it’s about time? Muttering in his own mind, Aur started to chant out a small incantation which was drowned out by her loud screams. His purpose was to first strike fear into her heart, but his real intention was not to break her.

「Uu, Aahhh….. Ah?」

Sharl blinks her eyes as if she was perplexed, little by little her pain softens.

「You’ve gotten quite wet. No matter how much you hate it, women are these types of creatures after all…」

「……..That, can’t be…..」

「Then what do you call this?」

Aur purposely moves around his body so lewd sounds came out, he was stirring around Sharl’s insides with a *guchu guchu*.

Sharl’s expression was stained with despair. Even though being defiled against her will was more painful and more unbearable than just simply dying, it was possible for her to endure it if she thought that she was doing this for her companions. However, her maximum tolerance seemed to be exceeded when she thought that her mind was also defiled.

This expression of hers is indeed bad, thinking this Aur changed his methods.

「There is nothing to be ashamed about. This is a natural thing; it is the natural providence that God has established」

「God…. did….?」

Yeah, Aur nodded.

「I defeated the four of you alone. Although I used various strategies, it is still a fact that I am stronger than the four of you combined. And a woman’s body is made to be attracted to a strong man. No matter how your mind may think, your body cannot lie. If your body was given to you by the heavens, then it is the same as saying that God created it to be like so」

Naturally, Aur was spouting a big lie.

The fact that her intimate place was now getting wet, was merely a protective response of her own body to defend against Aur’s forcible thrusts. If any woman was able to feel pleasure from being forcibly violated without any foreplay, and be naturally attracted to strong men, then all the men in this world would have it way too easy.

But because this was the first time she had ever experienced anything with a man, and added to the fact that indeed her nether regions were wet and the pain had disappeared, Sharl was not able to doubt his words. If she was to doubt his words, the alternative would be to believe that her mind had become impure and defiled. She would not be able to accept nor endure such a thing. Therefore, Sharl clung to Aur’s lie and believed in it.

「You will immediately….. Feel a lot better」

While still piercing her, Aur smeared the aphrodisiac that he prepared beforehand on to her clitoris. Some time ago, when Spina was making her slime, Aur made use of the raw materials and added some improvements to the mix. If it is smeared against the skin or ingested orally, the subject will gradually experience more and more intense sexual feelings and arousal.

「Nn…. Fu,aa….」

Before long Sharl began to raise a sweet voice.

「No, this is…..a lie…. no way…..」

Bewildered at the sensations running through her body, she was desperately denying it.

「This is no lie. Didn’t I tell you? Your body is drawn to mine, and has already accepted me. ………However, your heart is different」

Because he said such an unusual thing, Sharl unintentionally looked at Aur’s face.

「Your mind is yours alone. All you need to offer me is your body. Allow yourself to fully enjoy the taste of Gods work」

While saying so, Aur was playing around with her lewd clit as he pierced deep inside of her. Her wounds were completely cured and her body which was feverish due to the aphrodisiac accepted the pleasure obediently.

「Fuuah……Ahhhh! Fua, Haahnn…..」

She did not have to yield her heart. Hearing these words, the pain that Sharl felt reduced considerably.

The thing called realization is very sensitive to change. This principle applied to more than just the five senses.

Nadja was deceived by slowly changing what she saw and altering her memories. but on the other hand, Sharl’s emotions was pushed down to the depths of despair in an instant, and from there Aur was giving her gradually more pleasure and release. It gave the illusion that Aur was saving her from her despair and was awarding her with happiness.

「Now, here I come. Being able to receive the semen of a strong man in her womb, is a woman’s greatest delight. Joy and pleasure will run throughout your body; I will guide you to your to happiness. …….I’m cumming…..!」

Plunging himself into the deepest part of her, Aur released his semen deep inside of her. At the same time, a different kind of aphrodisiac was painted across her intimate place. This time the power of the drug took immediate effect but it’s duration was short.

「Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~!!」

Sharl grasps the bed sheets with all her strength, and she bent her body backwards like a bridge and shouted out. Sparks and electricity was running through her eyes and her vision was flickering. Since she lived her calm and gentle life, she had never experienced such an intense amount of pleasure like this.

Sharl eased her mind as she lost her consciousness to darkness. She had a completely melted expression on her face that was filled with gratification.




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