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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 1 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



After saying that, Liliana flashes Tatsuya a bright and beautiful smile. And looking into her eyes, Tatsuya was certain that Liliana knew that he was going to do something like that, and she did not opposed it in the slightest. Quite the opposite –– it seems that she was glad he did something like that. 






For a moment out there the two of them looks at one another in complete silence. Then, they both laugh ever so slightly.


「I want you to kiss you some more, Liliana-san……」


「And I want you to do that as well, Tatsuya-san.」


And so just like that, their lips interlock with one another once more.


「Nh, nnnhhh…… *chuu*」


「Hamuh…… Nnnuuhh……」


At first it was just a slight tease, merely their lips gently touching one another. But then it shifted into a long and passionate one, with their tongues slipping inside of their mouths, saliva dripping down their faces and them becoming short of breath in an instant.


And once they started to press their lips together like that, they were just unable to separate and stop doing what they were doing.


For a while the only sound reverberating throughout the room was the wet and lewd noise of them kissing. 


「Nnnuuh…… *Chuu*, ahhmuh……」


As the time goes on, Liliana becomes more and more assertive. From time to time she would even shift her position slightly, changing the way in which their lips were pressing against one another, and a hot gasp would slip inside of Tatsuya’s mouth.


「Nhaaahh…… Liliana-san, I want to keep on kissing you some more!」


「Me too, I want to do that, too…… Even though it’s just a kiss, my body feels as light as a feather, and it starts to feel good again…… *Chuu*」


Tatsuya stretched out his tongue and traced it all across Liliana’s lips and the inside of her mouth, only for the woman to respond to that in kind, doing the same with her tongue inside of Tatsuya’s mouth.


Occasionally their tongues would meet, and at that time they would dance around one another, as if playing around. It was all serving the purpose of making their kissing experience that much more enjoyable.


More, just a little bit more. Just a little while longer –––––– even though they should have stopped to catch their breaths at some point, the mood in the room was becoming even more steamy by the minute, and they just couldn’t stop doing what they were doing.


「Aaahh, Tatsuya-san…… *Chuu*, fuuh, nnnhh, nh…… *Chuu*, *chupah*.」


With their lips still pressed tightly together, Tatsuya could hear Liliana’s pleading moan.


Liliana may not have been able to communicate her intentions so well just now, but it was more than enough for Tatsuya to understand what she was going at. 


When Liliana opens up her mouth once more, Tatsuya pushes his tongue inside of her, invading her mouth without a moment’s waste. 


Then he slides it all across Liliana’s lips, her teeth, the inside of her cheeks, her gums, paying close attention as to not miss even a single spot there. 


「*Njuruu*, *chupaahn*, *nchuu*, Tatsuya-san, the way you are kissing me…… It feels so incredibly good……!!」


With only the two of them being present in the room right now, they could focus on enjoying themselves as much as they wanted, without fear of anyone interrupting what they were doing. Wet and obscene noises continued to reverberate inside of their ears all this time.


Their saliva mix with one another and drips down the corners of their mouths, dripping further down their bodies and staining the sheets even more, but it was of no importance to both of them at the current moment. 


The two just continue to devour their mouths without a single care in the world, as if competing who is going to steal more of their precious saliva away. 


「Liliana-san, nnnhh, *chuu*…… Liliana-san……!!」


And every time their tongues intertwine together, Tatsuya could feel that Liliana’s excitement only continued to grow stronger.


Tatsuya intended for them to stay that way a little while longer, just hugging and kissing like that, basking in the afterglow of their climaxes. However, his body was already becoming hot and bothered once more, and he felt that soon enough he would become as stiff as a rock once more.


「T-Tatsuya-san…… nnh!! You’re… *lick*… so rough……! *Chupah*…… *Chuu*, *Nchyuu*……」


From those words and her reactions alone Tatsuya was able to tell that Liliana actually felt the same way. 


However, seeing the light shining through the curtains and windows that was becoming even brighter made him realize something else as well at that very moment.


If they were to continue doing what they were doing as they were now, before they would even release it the sun would have probably already start to set down.


Both of them felt excited and wanted to have another go at it, but they could no longer ignore the amount of fatigue that they have accumulated this morning alone. 


And the truth is that they both understood it. Even if they wanted to go at it all day long, they would simply need to have breaks every now and then so that they would not drop down from exhaustion. 


But even though they understood that all too well, there was just no way that they would stop now. It felt way too good and they both wanted to feel one another even more. That is exactly why they were unable to stop themselves, hugging each other tightly and kissing one another in a greedy fashion.


「Nnh, nkuuh…… Tatsuya-san, your saliva is so delicious…… *Chyururu*, *chuu*, *nguh*……」


Liliana gasps those words while sucking on Tatsuya’s tongue and slurping down his saliva.


As the sticky liquid continued to drip down her throat, her whole body began to quiver and shiver all over.


「Liliana-san…… nnnuuh!」


Every time Tatsuya hears this wet and sticky sound that their bodies are making, it causes his heart to race like crazy. 


At first Tatsuya thought that this should be enough. That this much would be enough to leave him satisfied for a while. However, the swelling pleasure and lust just continued to grow inside of him, making it increasingly harder for him to control himself. 


His head was slowly starting to fill with white and fluffy void, and the more they were kissing the more he started to crave an even stronger stimulus. 


And because of that his penis, which should have already gone limp and flaccid, regained its hardness almost instantly, twitching and shaking as if wanting to let its owner know that it wanted to become one with Liliana’s genitals once more.


At this rate it would only be a matter of time before he would simply push Liliana down and started to grind his nether regions against hers all over again.


And as luck would have it, Tatsuya’s opportunity for doing just that came about surprisingly easy. 




It was a faint sound, low enough to be barely even heard if you were not paying attention. It was also mixing with the sound of dripping saliva, so it was even harder to hear it. But it was there alright.


And at the same time as that sound could be heard, Liliana’s eyes opened wide in shock and surprise, and her chocolate-brown skin flushed red in an instant from all the embarrassment. 


The sweet and lewd aura shattered in an instant, and Liliana pushed her lips from Tatsuya’s her whole body writhing as she tried to get up in a hurry and try to cover the embarrassment that filled her whole in an instant. 


Liliana was desperately trying to make an excuse here, but the sound that Tatsuya kept on hearing was more than enough of the proof that he needed here. So, unable to come up with anything, Liliana could only shake her head in frustration and embarrassment. 


Liliana tried to look into Tatsuya’s eyes, hoping that maybe he did not happen to hear that. However, the look on his face was more than obvious right in this moment. And the fact that he only flashed her a perplexed smile seemed to have only increased Liliana’s agony.


They were about to have sex again. They would make love without a single care in the world, and her own body had to ruin it all with that one nasty sound! As the realization started to sink in, tears began to well up in Liliana’s eyes.


「L-Liliana-san, please try to calm down! Please, don’t worry about it! But more importantly, I’m so sorry! Let’s take a break now! We are both tired, so it’s best not to force those things too much!」


「…… Liliana, -san?」


「Hyuuh! N-No, this is… this is not what you think it is, Tatsuya-san…… Umm, n-no, this is really not what you…… It isn’t……!!」


Seeing Liliana’s troubled and perplexed reaction Tatsuya started to panic a little bit, reassuring the brown-skinned woman that everything was fine and that there was no problem here in the slightest. 


「No, that’s not it…… I will do it, no problem. After all, serving Tatsuya-san should be my duty, not the other way around.」


「No, I mean really, don’t worry about it. It’s not that I mind, you know? Besides, helping you on a daily basis will only lessen your own workload.」


Tatsuya really meant what he was saying, he had no problem with helping Liliana out from time to time. It would only benefit both of them and was without any real demerits to him. 


But still, it seems that even though he had no problem with that, the one who had a problem was none other than Liliana. So it was all on Tatsuya to somehow reassure her.


「B-But, since my stomach was growling so loudly like that just now…… Tatsuya-san, wouldn’t you normally find a woman repulsive if she cannot hold back her feeling of hunger, even in face of her beloved one doing his very best for her? You totally would, wouldn’t you!?」


「I would never think something like that. You have my word.」


「…… Really? Is that really true?」


「On the other hand, seeing you flustered and panicked like that was really refreshing. You were really cute, Liliana-san.」


「Uuuhh…… Tatsuya-san, you can be such a meanie sometimes.」


Truth to be told, Tatsuya thought it was indeed quite a shame that they sexy time together was interrupted like that by Liliana’s growling stomach, but even such a happening was not without a bright side: at least he managed to witness a cute side of Liliana, the likes of which he has never seen before.


And seeing Liliana sulking and embarrassed like that, Tatsuya only smiled at her reassuringly while also gently patting her on the head.


「I think that you have jumped to conclusions way too soon here, Liliana-san.」




「Since it is my long awaited summer vacation, I thought that it would be really great if we could stay together for the whole day and basically do nothing all that important. I’m sorry for basically deciding that all on my own.」


Although those words surely would not be enough to dispel Liliana’s worries and embarrassment, they would be good starting point for her to mellow out a bit and listen to the other words he had to say.


「T-There’s no need for you to apologize at all, Tatsuya-san! You were just thinking about the two of us and how we could spend time together, but I ended up only getting in the way of those plans! In fact, I should be the one who should apologize!」


「No, the blame is clearly mine here, so ––––––」


「No, you’re wrong. It’s mine, so that’s why ––––––」


For the next few moments the two of them continued to back and forth like that, trying to proclaim that the fault for this whole situation was entirely theirs and that the other one had nothing to feel bad about for.


And then they just stopped and cast long looks at one another filled with puzzlement. 


「Fufu, why are we even having this kind of conversation in the first place, I wonder?」


「…… Umm, Ufufu…… Yes, why we were even doing that in the first place, indeed?」


Tatsuya and Liliana both giggled and smiled at one another, apparently coming to the conclusion that thinking too much about unnecessary staff like that was quite pointless of an endeavor. 


As for Liliana, as long as it would make Tatsuya feel happy, she would gladly do anything for him, even if it meant having to hold back on pleasuring him or servicing him throughout their daily routine.


And for as long as they had one another, even if something like fatigue was to get in their way, it would not be nearly enough to extinguish the hot and burning passion that they both held for one another.  


And honestly, what the both of them should be ashamed of is the fact that they got to caught up in having sex first thing in the morning, rather than their stomach growling from hunger resulting from a missing meal.






There was another loud sound of the stomach rumbling. But this time around the sound was not coming from the inside of Lilina’s stomach, but rather from Tatsuya’s. 


「I shall prepare breakfast right away.」


「…… Yeah, I’ll leave it to you. And thank you for all of your hard work.」


Maybe Tatsuya was unable to help Liliana in doing her chores. Maybe there were some things that he could do that she was unable to perform. However, at this very moment one of the things he could do was to at least share a part of her embarrassment. And so Tatsuya did just that. 




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