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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 10 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「That’s one hell of a way to get excited from someone touching you, you know? Oh well ,but that being said, if there is anything you would like me to do to you, Liliana-san, I won’t be able to do it unless you tell me what it is. That way it can be even more exciting for the both of us, wouldn’t you agree?」


「H-Huh? Ahh, umm…… I-s that…… really okay?」


「…… Yeah. Yes, it is.」


「Umm…… Well then, I want you to fill my inside up with your hot and sturdy penis, Tatsuya-san. I don’t want to feel good with just your fingers alone……」


Clearly ashamed with her own words, Liliana still managed to say them out loud while casting her gaze downwards.


「Alright. I understand, Liliana-san.」


Just like that, Tatsuya collapsed on top of the bed together with Liliana while still hugging her tightly from behind. 


He then lowered his pants with one swift move and pulled out his stiff meat stick, lifted Liliana’s hips upwards in order to have a better angle at which he could insert himself into her, and pressed his glans against her juices-covered pussy.


「Aaahh…… Yes, please! Take me, Tatsuya-san!」


「As you wish. Here we go!」


Tatsuya then thrusted his hips forward, kissing the nape of Liliana’s neck, while he whispered those words right into her ear.


「Y-Yeees! Please, Tatsuya-san! Make me feel good a whole lot! Nuuuaaahhh!?」


He pushed his meat stick into Liliana’s pussy that was already swollen and packed full of hot and thick love juices that were overflowing with the slightest of touch, and then he continued to press himself inside of her to the point that their hips med contact with one another.


「Nhaah, aaahh……! You’re reaching so deep inside of me right away, Tatsuya-san! All the way back! Nhaah, uuuhhh, nhhh……! Tatsuya-san is coming inside of me…… And you’re so big and thick…… Haah, nhaah!?」


Liliana turned towards the place where the two of them were deeply connected right now, and she squirmed strongly as the expression of pure ecstasy ran across her face.


At the same moment, a whole lot of her lewd liquids overflown from her pussy and started to drip down her legs.


「Want me to go at it a little bit faster, Liliana-san? Your pussy is so hot and wet, it’s like it is urging me to do just that!」


「Yes, I want you to love me a whole lot, Tatsuya-san…… Nhhh, aaahh…… Please, do as you wish with my body…… Nuaah!? If you move so suddenly, I’ll…… I’ll…… Haaauh!!」


Once again, without even letting her finish her sentence, Tatsuya started to pump his hips inside of her in a rough and fast manner.


Liliana immediately raised her lustrous voice in response as his dick rubbed her moistened fleshy insides evenly, screwing her pussy while making loud and wet obscene noises.


The way in which her pussy was clinging onto his dick was still relatively loose, but the friction and hotness of her insides shook his instincts to their very core, urging him to screw her more and more  as deeply as possible, causing his spine to tremble.


「It’s okay, Liliana-san! No matter how many times I stick it in your pussy, it just keeps on getting better and better! That’s just how good it feels for me!」


「Haah, aaahn…… Being able to please you like that, Tatsuya-san, nothing could possibly make me feel happier…… Nhh, fuuh, aahn…… Me too, the way in which you are screwing me, Tatsuya-san, feels just so good, no matter how many times you do it!」


In order to express her joy of being penetrated by Tatsuya, Liliana’s pussy tightened around him as her love juices gushed out of her in great quantity, inviting Tatsuya’s dick to enter her even further. And the way in which she was gripping at him at the current moment was so strong, as if she was not going to let go of him.


「Is this for real? Kuuh, aah…… I have only inserted it in you a moment ago, and the way in which you suck me in all the way inside of you makes me want to ejaculate already.」


「Nhh, haah…… I-Isn’t that a given? For Tatsuya-san’s sake, I will let you do it as much as you want, as many times as you desire…… Ooohhh, nhhh…… Tatsuya-san’s precious semen… I want you to shoot it out inside of me as much as you can, to color me completely with your color…… Make it so that it will be known that I belong to you, Tatsuya-san!」


Those words right now…… It was basically Liliana begging Tatsuya for a huge creampie delivered as deeply inside of her as possible. 


When he realized just how serious she really was about it, just how much she wanted his sperm inside of her, his dick picked up its pace and began to screw her in a rough and violent fashion, all so that it could spit out it baby-making juice sooner.


「Well then, I have to make sure that I mark you so good and so permanently that no nasty pest is ever going to come close to you!」


Tatsuya was actually really simple when it comes to things like that. If Liliana was telling him that she wanted him to cum as fast as possible and give her his white spunk, it was precisely that he was going to do here.


So he started thrusting inside her so fast that the sensation quickly became unbearable.


「Ahhh, ahhh, amazing, you’re so amazing, Tatsuya-san! The way you are rubbing yourself against me… I can clearly feel it in my stomach! And it’s hitting all the right places that feel so good……!!!」


「When you are making me feel so good like that, Liliana-san, you know that there is no way that I can refuse a request like that!」


Leave himself to the urges that just continued to grow inside of him, Tatsuya began to shake his hips faster and in a more uncontrollable way, driving his pistoning as deeply inside of Liliana as he possibly could. Carving her insides in the shape of his dick.


 「Fuuuaaahhh!!! Nhaah, aaahh! Tatsuya-san, the way in which you are pounding me is so rough and fierce! …… Nhyiiih, Deep inside of my pussy, it feels so incredibly good that I can’t stand it! Akuuuh! Nnh!!! Uuuhh!?」


「Your insides are so incredibly wet, Liliana-san. And your juices are just continuing to flow out, one after another…… Kuuh, it feels so good that I feel like my dick is going to melt!」


The way in which Tatsuya was moving inside of Liliana was making sure that his cock would scrape every possible nook and cranny inside of her pussy, with long and powerful strokes that were sending sweet shivers down his spine as well, and in response her pussy would cling onto his meat stick even tighter. 


And while they were splashing all over the place while making loud and wet sounds, Liliana’s juices just continued to flow with seemingly no end in sight.


「Hauuuh. nnh, we’re making such embarrassing noises here…… Nhh, uuh, my insides get stirred so much, and they make such lewd noises…… Nhh, aah, and it just won’t stop!」


While feeling ashamed from her own lewd remarks, Liliana entrusted herself to Tatsuya and was doing her best to make him feel as good as possible.


「And the way in which you are squeezing my penis is so incredibly lewd as well, Liliana-san!」


Before they started going at it, he wanted to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of Liliana’s pussy for as long as possible, but in order to please Tatsuya in front of her, Liliana would just continue to squeeze him and cling to him forcefully, urging him to ejaculate as fast as possible. Just staring her right now, it was already more than enough to make his blood and lower body boil tremendously.


「Kuh…… Me too! Lilaiana-san, you don’t have to say another word anymore!」


「Nhaah, aaahh……!! T-Tatsuya-san?」


「Nfuuh~…… Your pussy feels so good, Liliana-san, I really can’t stand it anymore…… I’m going to mark your entire insides white before long!!!」


Invited by the way in which her pussy was contracting  around his dick, trying to pull it deeper into itself, Tatsuya shook his hips with lust gradually beginning to overwhelm him, about ready to let it all out.


His pounding right now was so powerful that he was actually scared that he might hurt Lilian if things were to be kept that way.


「Hyauuhn!? T-Tatsuya-san!? You are so fierce all of a sudden……!? Nhhh, it feels so amazing!?」


Now even Liliana was shakes her hips so violently that the squeezed lewd nectar was bubbling and foaming a whole lot, amplifying the pleasure that Tatsuya was feeling from screwing her insides. 


Knowing full well that Tatsuya’s semen was about to be shot all inside of her in just a short moment, Liliana’s pussy started to violently contract around his dick, seeking to guide it properly into her deepest recesses where it rightfully belonged.




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