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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 10 Part 5



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「It feels so good, I can’t think of anything! I can’t think straight anymore! My head turns pure white from the pleasure! Haaahn! Nnnhhh!!! Uuughhn!?」


The incoming waves of pleasure were more than enough to rob Liliana of any shreds of reason that she might have had left inside of her, and she was swallowed by the bottomless abyss of pleasure and came really hard right after that.


「If it really feels so good for you, Liliana-san, I just hope that I can live up to your expectations! You wanted to be marked by me, right? Then I’ll give it to you really soon! And I’ll give you plenty of it!」


「Haaah, y-yes…… Please ejaculate, Tatsuya-san! I want you to ejaculate inside of me and give everything that you have right inside of me! Give it to me a whole lot!!! When I think that this is Tatsuya-san’s love made physical….. I’m feeling so happy that I might even go mad from it! And it looks like you are going to give it to me in just a short while!」


「Nhh, kuuh…… T-That’s right! And if I do just that and something else might happen because of it, then I will take a proper responsibility, Liliana-san!!!」


Tatsuya understood the actions that he was doing right now, as well as their inevitable consequences. 


And he was fully prepared to take responsibility for his own actions. 


Liliana was also seemingly ready to be pushed over the edge when she heard Tatsuya’s words, but this time around it was actually Tatsuya who managed to cum first because of all of the ecstasy and pleasure that he was feeling because of his penis merrily penetrating Liliana’s pussy.


「Guuh!? L-Liliana-san!!!」


「HYIIIHHH!!! T-Tatsuya-san’s sperm, it’s…… It’s coming in……!!! Aaahhh! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!」


Tatsuya then pushed his dick inside of Liliana’s pussy to its very limit, and while pressing the glans against Liliana’s cervix, he released the entirety of the hot and thick semen that he had inside of him in one fell swoop. 


Liliana’s insides then accept all of his pent up lust and desire, mixing it with her own lewd juices as Liliana lets out a tremendous roar from her throat. 


「Ahhh! Ooohhh!!! Aaahhh!!! Nhh, it’s so amazing!! So much of your sperm is flooding into my womb, Tatsuya-san! And it’s coming in so strongly that I don’t think I’ll be able to hold all of it inside of myself!!! Haaahnh!? My womb feels so incredibly happy, Tatsuya-san!」



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Liliana’s womb was filled with Tatsuya’s semen in the blink of an eye, and her whole body was shaken with the impact of her own orgasmic screen.


And being creampied just like that was the final straw that let her reach the peak of her own pleasure, accompanied by the feeling of her womb becoming more and more fileld up.


Liliana, whose womb was shaken with the force of pushing out all of her joy juice that had already accumulated, and receiving Tatsuya’s thick seed,  spewed a tide of her own love juices mixed with Tatsuya’s cloudy spunk.


「Nhyiiihhh!!! Tatsuya-san’s semen, it’s……!!! Ahh, it’s steadily flowing out of me…… Even though I’m getting filled up so much with it, I just can’t do anything to stop it from spilling!!! –––––– AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


 Liliana, who lets out a mighty scream while her insides are getting completely filled with Tatsuya’s love,  bends her back over and over again in a mighty arch, squirming like crazy while her limbs twitch and shake uncontrollably.


Right about now she was drowning in the ocean of pleasure, as lumps of cloudy white liquid continued to mix with her own juices inside of her.


Tatsuya then embraces her soft body powerfully, and then he continues to spit out every last drop that he had inside of her.


「Haah, haah, haaaaaahhhhhh…… Seriously, I just want to keep on doing this with no end in sight……」


Soon after that, the two of them were finally able to relax their bodies, falling onto the bed sheets while being dirty with a mixture of both of their bodily fluids from head to toe.


「……… I completely understand how you feel, but if we don’t take a shower soon, the smell might actually become a big deal, you know? I’ll help you to get up and get there, so let’s take a bath together for the time being, alright?」

「Nhh, haah…… I understand……」


 And that’s how Tatsuya went to the bathroom while holding Liliana who couldn’t move on her own in his arms.


「Hafuuh, nnhhh, aaahhh……」


「The heat of the bath gradually spreading through your body should make you feel better, Liliana-san.」


While soaking in the bathtub, Liliana leaned against Tatsuya as she looked utterly exhausted.


After seeking one another so fiercely as they did, coming to the bath was the only logical conclusion that the two of them could possibly think of, their sweat dripping onto the warm bathwater.


Tatsuya thought that a time like this one was the one during which he could feel the most blissful.


The tiredness of sex seemed to have melted into the hot water, and his face naturally relaxed as a result. He wished he could continue to bask in such a peaceful time forever, but the reality was begging for difference.


「Umm, Tatsuya-san, there seems to be some stiff object that’s been hitting my butt for quite a while now……」


–––––– His wild beasts could not have enjoyed the time of peace in the face of the nakedness of his beloved one being right in front of him.


「I-I’m sorry. I thought I was finally calm down, but after all, when I saw Liliana-san like that, it has become so lively again.」


「…… Goodness gracious, sometimes you can be quite the pervert, you know that, Tatsuya-san?」


「But shouldn’t it be okay because you are the only one who makes me act this way, Liliana-san?」


「Fufu, hmm, let’s see…… Certainly, it has reached a point where it can become rock hard if I just happen to cast a glance at it, so……」


「But the summer vacation is almost over, so it’s a pity that I will have less time to spend together with you, Liliana-san.」


「Everything is best enjoyed in moderation, don’t you know that?」


It was actually really rare for Tatsuya to hear a line that sounded so utterly convincing in a situation like this one, but he was not actually going to admit to it. Especially since he felt that it was kind of right, but also kind of wrong.


「Oh well, at least we can still be together during the weekends and holidays.」


「Yes. And I will serve you as long as it does not interfere with your student life, Tatsuya-san.」


「Alright. If that was to happen, I will have to prepare various things for the next vacation season in advance.」


「The next vacation season?」


「Yes, the winter break. The period of that one is relatively short,  but be prepared for an even more intense schedule that this summer one?」


「In short, I hereby declare that we are going to do something even more amazing this winter!」


「Fufu, If so, I’ll also think about things that would make Tatsuya-san feel really good and happy.」


「Next in line would be the spring holidays, I have to think about next summer for the time being as well.


「Yes, that’s right. I hope things are going to last forever like this……」


From now on, the two of them will be together forever.


「I love you, Liliana-san. I’ve always been and will always be.」


「Yes, and I love you, too, Tatsuya-san…… And thank you in advance for your continued support!」




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