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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 2 Part 3



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「How do you feel, Tatsuya-san? Am I doing it right? Is there some place in particular you would like me to focus on or maybe omit……?」


「N-No, it’s okay, it’s alright…… The way you do it feels really good, Liliana-san. Please, just keep at it for now.」


Even though there was no trace of a lie in his words, for some reason Tatsuya’s male instincts were now starting to go rampant and he found it hard to calm down.


As for Liliana, right now she was gently scrubbing the soap-soaked sponge across Tatsuya’s back, and then she slowly shifted her focus, moving on towards his neck, shoulders and arms.


The way that the sponge was moving all over his back and arms felt so incredibly pleasant, it was something completely different from when he would do it himself. There was simply no comparison here.


On the other hand, the stimulation that this experience was giving him was making Tatsuya’s flesh rod twitch and jerk violently in between his legs. 


(Since we have gone at it so much until not so long ago, I do not suppose that Liliana has any of THOSE intentions on her mind right now…… But why am I getting so excited over something as trivial as having my back washed?)


Unfortunately for Tatsuya, his dick already managed to grow quite firm and stiff, raising so much that its presence was sure to be known, a mere thing bath towel unable to neither hide nor contain it.


Besides, their relationship was already on such a level that seeing one another naked would not be a cause for concern. Or at least they would not panic or scream if that was to happen.


And since they have been going at it before for so long that the sun almost started to come down, Tatsuya hoped that it would be enough to make him feel fully satisfied.


However, when Liliana’s soft hands touched his back like that, Tatsuya could feel the new waves of lust starting to take a firm hold of him, refusing to let go.


At this rate it might even end up in a scenario where Tatsuya would not be able to hold his lust in, and would end up attacking Liliana, wanting to blow some steam off!


「Next, I would like to also wash you up front, Tatsuya-san. Please excuse me for a moment.」


However, before Tatsuya could even think about calming himself down, Liliana already started to crawl towards the front of his body, completely oblivious the man’s predicament.


「Wha……!? N-No, please! Wait just a……!? Fuaaah!?」


At that moment Tatsuya was at a loss what he should do. If he would forcefully try to hide his raging erection, it would only look more suspicious. However, his voice right at this moment might have been a dead giveaway already. Especially with that loud moan that came out of his mouth at the end of his previous sentence.


Needless to say, when Liliana tried to lean forward in order to have a better access to Tatsuya’s front, her breasts started to press against his back firmly, their softness and elasticity spilling all over the place. 


With Liliana’s breasts pressing so tightly against his back, Tatsuya was unable to hold himself back and his manhood jerked strongly in response to that soft and elastic feeling.


Unfortunately, the stimulation proved to be too great for Tatsuya to handle on his own, and his erection got even sturdier than before, at the current moment standing straight way above the level of his abdomen, creating a huge bulge with the bath towel still resting atop of it.




Finally noticing Tatsuya’s bulging manhood, looking so magnificently even after having repeatedly ejaculated so many times today, her eyes widened with both shock and surprise. 


「Ah……!! Y-You see, this is…… I-It’s not what you think Liliana…… H-Huh!? L-Liliana-san!?」


However, the one who was even more surprised at that moment was Tatsuya himself.


Instead of misunderstanding the situation, thinking that even after all of that sexual marathon they had earlier Tatsuya was still unsatisfied and she failed to please him, Liliana stared at his erect rod as if entranced. Then, as if it was the most natural thing to do in the entire world, she let go of the sponge and her slender, smooth and supple fingers reached out towards his dick.


And once all of her fingers wrapped themselves around Tatsuya’s shaft, they started to move up and down in a steady rhythm, tracing alongside his bulging blood vessels.


Then Liliana reached out with her other hand for the sponge and picked it up from the floor, applying the warm soap and bubbles to Tatsuya’s crotch while keeping her hand on moving up and down his genitals.


「For this area to have swollen so much…… Tatsuya-san, why did you not tell me about this sooner?」


Now this was an unexpected reaction. Instead of acting surprised or taken aback, Liliana seemed to be curious as to why Tatsuya would try to conceal the fact that he got an erection yet another time. 


「Huh…… Umm, I mean, because that would surely…… upset you? At least I thought it would?」


「Me, being upset…… with Tatsuya-san?」


Liliana cocked her head slightly, as if she failed to understand the meaning behind Tatsuya’s words. 


「Even though we were having a whole lot of sex not so long ago, I am still erect like that right now…… Could it be that you did not think it was because I was dissatisfied with you, Liliana-san?」


Tatsuya struggled a little bit with his words out there, even though his dick continued to pulsate and twitch happily while still being in Liliana’s soft grasp.


Then, after a brief moment of silence, Liliana giggled slightly as if she has finally come to understand something. 


「Fufufu, of course I would never do that. Besides, I know that you were fully satisfied with what we were doing earlier, Tatsuya-san. But yes…… ever since I have entered the bathroom you have been growing bigger, haven’t you?」


While saying that, Liliana started to move her soap-covered hand up and down Tatsuya’s dick at a slightly faster pace.



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「Ah……! I-I mean… t-that’s true, but……!」


「In that case, there should be no problem at all. We have done it so many times today and after all this time, for you to become like that just from seeing me alone, there is no woman out there in the world who wouldn’t become interested after witnessing that.」」


Unlike Tatsuya who was really troubled and perplexed with this whole situation, there was not even a trace of doubt to be seen in Liliana’s eyes. Quite the opposite, she looked full of confidence and determined to address this matter properly. Realizing that, Tatsuya could feel a hot wave starting to fill up his chest and spread around his whole body. 




「There is absolutely no need to overthink matters in here, Tatsuya-san. You just have to leave everything in my capable hands and just focus on feeling good. Because you know…… It is my role to serve you with everything I have!」


When Liliana smiled at him gracefully, Tatsuya realized that he’s been a fool for thinking she would detest him for getting a sudden erection like that. Thinking like that was indeed quite selfish of him and he felt deeply ashamed about it.


Being freed from feeling ashamed about it, Tatsuya could now fully focus on the soft and elastic feeling that was spilling all over his back. And as soon as he did just that, the soft sensation turned out to be so strong that his whole body started to shake and tremble uncontrollably.


The intense feeling of pleasure ran all across his spine, and at that moment Tatsuya started to feel extremely light-headed. It felt as if his mind was about to drift away on a puffy cloud.


「Uwaah, it’s amazing. It’s twitching so much, as if it was really happy…… Seeing Tatsuya-san being this pleased with my body, it makes me really happy myself.」 


At that moment Liliana was so close to him that Tatsuya could feel her breath gently tingling his ear. 


Feeling the stiffness of Tatsuya’s manhood and sensing the heat radiating off of it, Liliana’s eyes became moist and her breath gradually grew rougher and deeper.


Then, as if she wanted to make sure that Tatsuya’s penis would not jump out of her grasp, Liliana pressed her chest even tighter against Tatsuya’s back, grasping a more firm hold over his meat pole. 


Lilaina’s hand moving up and down in a steady rhythm, she kept on rubbing her skin against Tatsuya’s turtle head and tracing alongside his bulging blood vessels, as well as switching the angles and the pressure around various parts of Tatsuya’s penis to see what kind of reaction it would get out of him. 


「Liliana-san, t-this…… This feels really good……!」 


He managed to squeal those words, while his breathing started to become rough as well and his nostrils were filled with Liliana’s sweet and soft smell.




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