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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Chapter 3: Liliana-san’s Private Swimsuit Show


Part 1


The time is now: the second day of Summer Vacation. 


At the current moment Tatsuya was well on his own. 


He was sitting on a bench near a fountain inside of a large shopping mall that was located just outside of the train station. And all the time his eyes were wondering around aimlessly.


As to why Tatsuya was all alone at the current moment, the cause for that is what happened this very morning. 


After Tatsuya and Liliana both got up, they ate the breakfast that Liliana prepared while at the same time watching the morning news. Normally Tatsuya would eat his breakfast in a hurry as he needed to rush to University first thing in the morning, but since it was now the period of Summer Vacation he did not needed to go there. And so he decided to use that student privilege to the fullest and enjoy his meal at his own pace, not needing to rush. 


Also, for Tatsuya there was no greater happiness than being able to spend his morning together with Liliana like that, which was a lovely and refreshing change of pace for him. Normally he would never be able to do that on a weekday, so he was beaming with happiness from the early morning.


And seeing Tatsuya happy like that, Liliana could not help it but also smile and feel happy for him.


And because he was smiling and grinning so much from such early in the morning, right now he could still feel the muscles around his cheeks hurt ever so slightly.


It may seem that Tatsuya’s uplifted uplift attitude was due to the fact that he ended up going at it with Liliana almost all night yesterday, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, it was also a huge part of that, but not all of it. There is no way that a whole night of sexual marathon could not make anyone happy.


The main reason for Tatsuya’s happiness was that for today’s activities the two promised to go out somewhere together. However, almost immediately a certain problem arose because of that.


Since the current season was Summer it was only natural that they would want to go either to the beach or the swimming pool. But as it would quickly turn out, Liliana seemed to be lacking the proper wear for such places: the swimsuit.


Upon hearing those dreadful news, Tatsuya was so shocked that he almost ended up falling from his chair and hitting the floor really hard. And it was all after he had spent so much time yesterday imagining Liliana in different kinds of swimsuits, grinning like mad while being at it and even getting and erection over it! 


What’s more, upon witnessing Tatsuya’s clearly over-exaggerated reaction, Liliana said: “Umm, it’s just that I never felt the need to have a swimsuit in the first place, but…… Umm…… If it’s for Tatsuya-san, then I wouldn’t mind getting myself one……” Fortunately enough, adding that she would be delighted if Tatsuya actually helped her pick something that would look good on her was more than enough to stop Tatsuya’s already fading consciousness from going completely dark and bringing him back to reality. 


I want to see it! –––––– Tatsuya wanted to scream that out loud, but ultimately decided not to. Not only it would bother the neighbors, but it would only serve as to spoil all of the fun that was soon to happen. That is why he decided to shake all of the anxieties that were plaguing him and be patient. After all, all patience will be rewarded at some point.


And just like that, their itinerary for the next day was decided for them: before making any further plans, the two would go to a nearby shopping mall (only two stations away) in order for them to find and buy a swimsuit for Liliana.


Just like that, Tatsuya was now waiting for Liliana to join him while reminiscing about how their sudden date came to pass. 


The fact that they were currently not together also happened to be Liliana’s suggestion. 


When it was decided that they would go swimsuit shopping, Tatsuya wanted for them go out early in order to have as much time as they needed to pick something up, but it was then that Liliana asked him to hold on for a moment.


For some bizarre reason, Liliana insisted that they should go out of the house separately and meet inside of the shopping mall, in the previously agreed on place. She insisted that for an event like that, it is a must, and she wouldn’t budge about that idea no matter what.


Even though Tatsuya did not really min such a thing all that much, he remembered seeing scenes like that a lot in dramas and mangas, so he decided that it was no use trying to oppose Liliana on that matter. As long as she would be having fun, anything goes.


Besides, if Liliana said that she wanted to do that, then there was no reason for Tatsuya to decline her request.


First thing first: Tatsuya was to leave the house before Liliana would. It was fine and all, but now that Tatsuya was actually waiting for his partner to arrive at the appointed place he realized that he had nothing to do in order to kill the remaining time. 


However, once he actually got to the proper place, all of that worries quickly dissipated. Because Tatsuya came to realize something really important.


Since this was going to be a date, it was entirely plausible that Liliana’s outfit would be something way cuter or way more elegant than the clothes she would wear around the house on a daily basis.


Of course Liliana would not wear something as bold as a swimsuit in public like that, but Tatsuya was almost one hundred percent sure that she would pick something that would suit his personal tastes.


Before he even realized it, he was already trying to imagine what kind of clothes Liliana would wear, and he was starting to enjoy that little game way more than he should.


As the appointed time grew closer and closer, Tatsuya’s heart was starting to pound in nervous anticipation. He could not wait for the moment when he would finally be able to see her. With something like that waiting just around the corner, there was no time to waste on other pointless stuff around here.


Now, since it was about time for Liliana to show up, Tatsuya turned his gaze towards the ticket gate and continued to watch in anticipation. 


Liliana’s chocolate-brown skin was a characteristic that he could spot even form a mile away. 


However, no matter how long Tatsuya would stare towards the ticket gates, forgetting to blink or even breathe at times, Liliana would simply not appear there. After a while Tatsuya started to cock his head slightly in puzzlement. Could it be that she got the location wrong? Or maybe she mistook the time? Or maybe ––––––


「I-I’m sorry for being late, Tatsuya-san.」


While he was being called out from behind his back all of a sudden, Tatsuya turned around and the person he’s been waiting for all this time was finally here. And she looked so stunning that he even forgot to breathe for a moment out there.


「Huh? L-Liliana-san? Why are…… you……?」


Being sure that Liliana would come to the meeting place from the station’s side, Tatsuya was really confused and did not know what to say here. The words were simply not there and they refused to come to him.


「I’m most terribly sorry for that. I must have taken the wrong exit by accident and ended up at the other side of the station.」


「Ahh…… O-Oh, yeah. Right. So that’s what happened.」


The reason for Liliana being late really turned out to be so simple.


However, whatever that reason would have been, Tatsuya was more than sure that he would not even care about that in that exact moment.


「…… Tatsuya-san? Is there something wrong?」 


Apparently let down by Tatsuya’s lackluster response, Liliana must have thought that there was something wrong with Tatsuya to act the way he did.


(Liliana-san, you look so cute…… Being perfectly honest, I would want to hug you closely right here and right now!)


She must have run her way here all the way from the other exit of the station, because Liliana’s face was ridden with small beads of sweat. Also, her face looked slightly flushed.


And Tatsuya knew exactly why she was in such a hurry. She wanted to get here as soon as possible, to be on time with their meeting.


What’s more, for today’s date she decided to wear a one piece sundress that extended below her knees. 


At home, she usually wore clothes that would emphasize the lines and curves of her beautiful body, but right now her dress was somewhat loose, but also somewhat neat and modest. It was a change of pace that was way more refreshing than Tatsuya could possibly imagine. 




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