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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 2


No matter if this here was a date or not, right in this moment Tatsuya was simply stunned by the way in which Liliana looked. And even if she decided to wear something else entirely, Tatsuya suspected that his reaction would have been exactly the same here.




「Could it be that…… those clothes perhaps look weird on me? Or that they does not suit me at all?」


While Tatsuya still remained silent, Liliana gathered her courage and decided to ask him that one question, afraid of what he might say.


In reality, Tatsuya was just too busy looking at her and admiring how stunning she looked right now, but it was not an excuse to make her feel uneasy and sad like that.


After the initial shock was finally over, Tatsuya shook his head and hurried with an answer.


「No! That’s not it! That’s absolutely not it, I assure you! In fact, you look just so cute that I actually had no idea what to say, and I could just continue to look at you like this even more, but ––––––」


Everything that Tatsuya was saying was true, but it took him way too long to put that into words, and right now he was actually starting to get lost in his own words.


It was also the first time ever that he was afraid that he might actually bite himself on the tongue for trying to say so much in such a short amount of time.


Liliana’s face turned beet red in an instant, but it was a small price to pay for wiping that saddened expression off of her face. However, there was another matter here that Tatsuya seemed to have completely forgotten about: the fact that this was a public place and that they were not alone in here. Besides them, there was quite a number of passers-by in this place that were looking at them with utmost curiosity at the current moment. 


「For Tatsuya-san to say that I look cute…… Thank you so very much for your kind words.」


「A-Ah, uhm, yeah. I’m also sorry. You know, for being all quiet like that all of a sudden.」


「No, Tatsuya-san, there’s no need for you to apologize for anything…… And besides, for Tatsuya-san to think about me so much, it makes me really happy.」


The moment Liliana said those words, Tatsuya could feel some really sharp glares being send his way (and what’s interesting, he got a feeling that the vast majority of those glares belonged to the male portion of the surrounding passers-by). But it did not really mattered to him in the slightest. What mattered here was the fact that Liliana seemed to be happy and flashed him that sugar-sweet and warm smile of hers. That was more than enough to make Tatsuya feel as though nothing else in the world mattered at the current moment. 


「Alright then, shall we go now?」


「Yes, let’s.」


Said Liliana while smiling brightly at Tatsuya and gently grasping his hand in her own.

* * *

And just like that, Tatsuya and Liliana started to walk around the shopping mall, holding hands the entire time. 


As a side note here, the way in which their hands were connected with one another seemed to be the perfect fit. Such a phenomenon is generally considered to be called a “Lover Connection”.


Normally, the two would always be deeply connected with different parts of their bodies rather than with their hands alone. However, this could all be attributed to the almost magical atmosphere of the outing called “date”. Just the simple action of having their fingers interlocked with one another was more than enough for Tatsuya and Liliana to feel an even stronger and better connection than the ones when they were having sex and their genitals would furiously slam against each other.


Their softness, their smooth and supple texture…… It was a simple connection, but the sensation coming from it was way stronger than usual and far more stimulating than it was supposed to be.


There is also one more thing here. One more difference than their usual skinship behind the closed doors. The two of them were outside right now. So even though they were not doing something that they were not accustomed to, the thought of having so many strangers watching them and maybe even silently judging them was enough to make the pair feel needlessly nervous and anxious.


Because of that the temperature of their bodies started to gradually grow warmer, their faces blushing and the palms of their hands starting to cover in small beads of sticky sweat. Normally they could blame it all on the blazing hotness of the summer sun, but this time around that was not the case.


「I-I’m so sorry. My hands… they must be pretty sweaty…… I-I wonder if it is because I’m feeling nervous right now?」


「Fufu, don’t worry about it, Tatsuya-san. The truth is…… I feel nervous as well.」


Instead of being surprised by his words, Liliana actually admitted that she was the same way as Tatsuya right about now.


「Don’t you feel hot because of that? Isn’t it unpleasant?」


「N-No, not at all. I mean, it is hot, but it is the pleasant kind of hot. But, umm…… How about you, Tatsuya-san? Don’t you find this unpleasant?」


Tatsuya knew that Liliana’s words were the result of her genuine concern and care for her beloved one, but in this exact moment Tatsuya also knew that it was the time for him to show her his manliness and display just how cool he can be.


And then, much to his joy, Liliana also added:


「I must say…… I feel relieved. This heat is Tatsuya-san’s warmth and it makes me feel safe and comfortable.」


To think that she would feel so much joy simply from the act of holding hands alone…… There were times when Liliana’s cuteness was simply too much to handle.


「The truth is, umm…… At first I thought about simply crossing arms and going around that way. But, you know… this season tends to get really hot, so it would be kind of  bad for our arms to get sweaty…… but this way only our hands get like this, which should be way more bearable, so……」


Says Liliana while her whole face instantly becomes even brighter shade of red. It was a really cute and lovely gesture, one that would instantly cause the heart of any man to skip a beat. 


Originally Tatsuya also imagined that they would walk around the shopping mall with their arms locked. And just imagining that his arm would come into contact with Liliana’s soft flesh so casually in public was enough to make his crotch start to awaken from its slumber, even though getting an erection in public like that could put them in a really uncomfortable situation. 


「Haha…… S-Somehow, I think that I have made a mistake of some sort without even realizing it. I’m sorry.」


「No, that’s not it! That’s not it at all, Tatsuya-san!」


When it comes to Liliana, she did not wanted for Tatsuya to force himself for her sake just because he went out together with her. Liliana was herself, and she wanted for Tatsuya to be himself…… Because that was the Tatsuya who Liliana adored so much.


「And besides……」




「B-Besides, t-the reason why we hold hands just like that in public is because I can show off a little bit to the people around us. N-Not that it really matters, but that’s just how it is……」




Sometimes Liliana was acting just like that. Normally quiet and timid, but also capable of displaying her bold and daring side without any reservations. Usually she would prefer to not stand out too much, but right now the desire to show off her lover to the world must have been way stronger than her sense of shame.


「I know that it is unexpected. C-Could it be that you find it displeasing?」


「…… No, not at all.」


Right in this moment Tatsuya wanted to come to a complete stop, take Liliana in his arms and shout out loud just how much he loved her. But it was actually a good thing that he stopped himself from doing that, because it would have certainly be embarrassing beyond any measure.


Instead, the two of them just held their hands even tighter than before, flashing a warm smile at one another at the same time.


“I really adore this person”. “I really love her with all of my heart”. It was the truth here, and there was nothing wrong with feeling proud because of that. There was also no need for both of them to try to hide it any more.

「…… Tatsuya-san?」


Liliana asked while cocking her head slightly to the side.


「Shhhhhhh~~~. Please stay quiet for a moment, Liliana-san……」 


All of a sudden Tatsuya dragged Liliana inside of a lonely photo booth that was installed in front of one of the stores, and then he put his index finger towards his lips, showing that he wanted Liliana to stay quiet for now. He also whispered those words as if he was afraid that someone might hear him.




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