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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 5



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 5

The original purpose of their excursion today, buying a swimsuit for Liliana, has been accomplished relatively fast, but it wasn’t before the late afternoon when the sun was already starting to set and the sky was dyed orange and red that the two of them returned home. 

After they ate a quick meal, it was the time for tonight’s main event. Liliana went to the bathroom to get changed, and when she came back to the living room her cheeks and ears were dyed beet red.

「H-How do I look……? W-What do you think, Tatsuya-san……?」

Just as Liliana promised, she was wearing the swimsuit that she promised to show to Tatsuya.

Because of the nature of their relationship, the two had seen one another naked many times now and there was almost nothing that they did not know about one another’s bodies. But seeing Liliana wearing clothes that were new and unknown to him made Tatsuya so infatuated with her that he simply could not peel his eyes away from her.

It must have been tremendously embarrassing for her to do, but Liliana started to slowly turn around on the spot, so that Tatsuya could have a good look at her from every possible angle and direction. 

Seeing Liliana dressed like that, Tatsuya’s reaction could only be one: an incoherent noise that was unlike anything that a normal human being could make.

Right about now, Liliana was wearing a so-called Brazilian swimsuit.

This swimsuit was made out of so little fabric that it barely even covered anything, leaving the chest and the crotch areas almost completely exposed. It was also shaped in the shape of the letter “V”. Also, the back of the swimsuit was tightly digging in between Liliana’s butt, making her round hips even more exposed than usual.

Then a certain thought occurred to Tatsuya: with a swimsuit like that and Liliana’s huge, twin hills-like breasts, it would have been quite easy for the swimsuit to just casually slip off her nipples with even the slightest of movements. At the same time, Tatsuya felt a strange and intoxicating urge to just approach Liliana and shift the swimsuit off of her breasts himself.

「A-And the next is ––––––」

Saying that, Liliana prepared the next swimsuit that she wanted to try on. Then, after confirming that Tatsuya was watching her closely she left the room and got changed in the bathroom.

「Is that…… Is that also a swimsuit?」

Tatsuya wondered out loud, swallowing a huge portion of saliva while waiting with his heart beating fast in anticipation. 

The next swimsuit that Liliana wore was a micro-bikini that covered even less skin than the regular bikini. As for the color, it was almost see-through, with the added effect of the color of Liliana’s nipples and crotch area being wonderfully underlined under the cover of the thin cloth.

And rather than wearing something, this particular bikini was giving off the impression as if Liliana was fully naked, with nothing more but a few pieces of string wrapped around her curvaceous body, her breasts and butt erotically distorted.

「T-The next one is going to be the last one……」

「Umm, that’s great, but…… I might sound like a broken record here, but is this really considered a swimsuit?」

Liliana went to the bathroom to get changed for the third time now. And once she got changed and got back, she was wearing a bikini that looked as though it was made entirely out of loosely connected strings. 

However, this time around the strings were all tied up on small rings here and there, and the way in which the strings were covering both Liliana’s nipples and crotch was that these parts were only partially covered, being mostly exposed for the greater part. 

There was no doubt about it: this particular swimsuit was made to be provocative and revealing, made especially for people who were not ashamed of their bodies and had nothing about them that they would want to keep hidden.

While it was truly impressive that there were so many types of swimsuits originating from all over the world, Tatsuya was in quite a bind here. On one hand, he really liked all of the designs that Liliana has showed him. But on the other hand, his mind was telling him that the Brazilian one would be the best possible choice in here common sense-wise. It was still a revealing swimsuit, but at least it was covering the most out of all three of them.

「Those three are all the swimsuits that I have prepared. That being said, Tatsuya-san…… Which one strikes your fancy the most? Which one of them you would like to see me wearing the most?」

「W-Which one? I-If you ask me that……」


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Truth to be told, all of the designs chosen by Liliana were oscillating on the very thin line of being a swimsuit and actually being something completely different instead. However, there was a thing that all of those swimsuits had in common. They were all underlining Liliana’s beauty and they were making her look even more attractive than she was in reality.

For a simple piece of cloth to be able to do such a thing, it was already quite marvelous achievement indeed. 

Seeing that Tatsuya’s facial expression was looking quite puzzled by that sudden question of hers just now, Liliana smiled mischievously, giggled and slightly rephrased her question: 

「Which one of those swimsuit would you like to see me wearing tonight, Tatsuya-san?」

So it was actually not about which swimsuit Liliana would wear to the beach or the pool, but which one she would wear for Tatsuya for tonight.

So technically, if Tatsuya only desired that, Liliana would probably wear those swimsuits for him around the house tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on and so forth. 

Liliana just now was not asking about which swimsuit was better and which was worse. She was simply asking about the preferred order in which she would be wearing them.

That being said, for Tatsuya it was actually not at all that great of a matter to deliberate. Almost right away he pointed towards the Brazilian-style one, simply because it was the one amongst the three that resembled the traditional swimsuit the most. 

「–––––– Thank you for the wait, Tatsuya-san. I am all ready now.」

Once again, Liliana went back to wearing the Brazilian-style swimsuit. 

Perhaps she was already imagining the things that Tatsuya would be doing with her in the near future, because Liliana was standing shyly in front of him, fidgeting in place and her face all flushed. Even though she already showed this swimsuit to Tatsuya once, she was now acting all embarrassed because of being seen wearing that. 

In a sense, the effect of the swimsuit that was technically covering every important place while also almost completely revealing it to the viewers was extremely stimulating. It felt as though Liliana was standing in front of Tatsuya practically naked, and she could feel his eyes gobbling her up, just like a hungry wolf would do with a sheep. 

Seeing Liliana standing like that right in front of him, Tatsuya was staring with his mouth left wide open.

Because of the swimsuit’s design, the majority of Liliana’s plump breasts and alluring hips were laid bare for Tatsuya to see. He could also see her pubic hair with almost no form of obstruction. 

Just looking at her like that was more than enough to make Tatsuya’s heart race like crazy. He could also feel his crotch becoming all hot and bothered inside of his pants. 


「Yes, please. It’s alright. If it pleases you, Tatsuya-san, please have a closer look. You can look at me as much as you want.」

It must have been really embarrassing for her to say those words, but even so, Liliana slowly approached Tatsuya of her own volition.


While he was gazing at Liliana’s almost completely naked body, his heartbeat picked its pace so much that he was more than sure that being so close Liliana was able to hear it as well.

There was something else here as well. Liliana’s body was smelling really sweet for some reason. Could it be that this was the sweet fragrance of shame?

「H-How is it? What do you think, Tatsuya-san?」

「Y-Yes. It’s simply wonderful. Honestly, I would love to have an even closer look at you right now, Liliana-san, but I’m afraid that if I were to do that, I would no longer be able to hold myself back anymore.」

「Please, there is no need for you to hold anything back, Tatsuya-san. You can do whatever you want with me……」

From the way in which Liliana’s throat shook and moved slightly, Tatsuya was able to tell that Liliana must have summoned up all of her courage to be able to say those words, and after that she even had to swallow a huge portion of saliva.

 Right about now it was more than clear to him that Liliana was actually expecting him to approach her with indecent intentions and have his way with her. After that realization hit him it was simply a manner of responding properly to Liliana’s honest feelings.

「Well, in that case, I would like you to get me off with those hug breasts of yours, Liliana-san.」



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