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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 3 Part 6



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Part 6


Tatsuya said in a loud and confident voice while standing up, his eyes firmly locked on Liliana’s abundant breasts. Aside from her cute nipples, her whole breasts were basically exposed for him to see and appreciate.


As soon as she heard him say those words, Liliana got down on her knees as if she was waiting for a command like that, her hands reaching towards Tatsuya’s belt and helping him unfasten it. 


「Aaahhh, Tatsuya-san’s penis…… It has become so big and swollen already……!」


Witnessing Tatsuya’s member already being stiff and rock hard, Liliana was so fascinated by this sight that she was unable to avert her gaze from it. Then she grabbed a hold of her breasts with her arms and squeezed them together while bringing them up a little bit, gently pressing them against Tatsuya’s penis and allowing it to slip inside of the crevice of her cleavage. 


「They are so soft and so warm…… Liliana-san.」


Sensing the elastic and warm softness squeezing him from both sides at once, Tatsuya almost instinctively started to swing his hips in order to wring out as much pleasure as possible from this sensation.


「Ahnnh…… Tatsuya-san’s manhood is so hot and so hard. And it’s so big and long that even though I am enveloping it tightly with my breasts, the tip is still managing to peek its way out……」


Seeing Tatsuya’s dick being already so energetic and being unable to completely bury it under her soft and warm flesh, the excitement in Liliana’s eyes was so great that even Tatsuya thought for a moment out there that he was able to feel the heat coming off from her eyes.


「Liliana-san, your breasts feel way too good…… I feel like I’m about to cum right away because of them……!」


With Liliana’s breasts evenly wrapping themselves around his dick, Tatsuya felt a surge of wild pleasure coursing throughout his nether regions and making his hips shake and tremble uncontrollably. Also, his penis was twitching and jerking violently, buried between Liliana’s boobs.


「Hyuuuh…… It’s twitching and bouncing so much…… It must feel really excited to be buried in between my breasts like that……」


「Y-Yes, it feels really good. I knew it, Liliana-san’s breasts are the best! No matter how much I continue to enjoy them, I just still can’t get enough of them!」


The molds of flesh that were surrounding Tatsuya’s manhood were pleasantly warm to the touch, not too hot and not too cool. This levels of warmness were simply the best in this situation!


The flesh surrounding him was silky smooth and without any bumps or fold, unlike Liliana’s warm and amazing vagina. However, that very same silky smooth texture and the fact that this was not a sexual organ were rising Tatsuya’s lust even further, making him want to ejaculate almost right away. 


「M-Me too…… Me too! Just being able to touch Tatsuya-san in such a way is making me feel so good…… Well then, I’m going to start moving them right away.」


Even though they were right next to one another, Liliana was still exclaiming out loud what she was about to start doing. But being able to know what was about to come soon was serving to excite Tatsuya even more, making his heart race and his crotch twitch nervously in anticipation. 


Tatsuya knew that Liliana would not torture him and force him to wait for long, but just as she was about to start her boob-job for good, Tatsuya stopped her by placing his hands firmly on her shoulders.


「P-Please wait a moment, Liliana-san. I know that you are eager to do this, but please, allow me to be the one to move this time around. That way I can enjoy your boobs to the fullest.」


Every time Tatsuya would usually leave all of the moving to Liliana and enjoy her efforts while drowning in pleasure, but for some reason today he felt as though he wanted to be the one who would do all the moving.


While Liliana still looked slightly surprised from hearing his request, Tatsuya wasted no time to start swinging his hips. He rocked his lower body back and forth, his dick sliding with ease all over Liliana’s breast-pussy.


This behavior of Tatsuya just now was a source of great puzzlement to Liliana. However, the way Tatsuya’s penis was penetrating Liliana’s breast valley was feeling so good that Liliana could not hold back her voice and soon enough she started to pant and breathe heavily in rhythm with Tatsuya’s moves.


「Nhuuuh…… It’s rubbing every inch of my breasts so much, and it’s so hot and slimy…… Tatsuya-san, the way you do it and how big you are… it almost seems like you are trying to violate my breasts……」


「Fuuh, uuh…… Y-You know, you might actually be right about that, Liliana-san. This breasts cavity of your is nothing like your pussy, but somehow the amount of pleasure it is wringing from me is the same, if not even greater!」


「A-Ahh, amazing…… Tatsuya-san, your rod is coming and going inside of my breasts so fast!」


「They just feel so good that I want to do it more and more! And the way in which they are rubbing against me is also heavenly!」


Because of the way in which Liliana’s boobs were squeezing him, Tatsuya’s penis was constantly in full contact with her warm flesh, and the smooth friction was making him feel as though he was about to melt away from all the accumulated pleasure.


Liliana also seemed to enjoy his movements quite a lot, the way in which it was sliding in and out of her breasts so lewd and exciting, its heat burning her delicate skin.


Realizing that, Tatsuya gradually raised the speed of his movements.


「Fuaah, aah! Tatsuya-san, you are moving faster and faster! …… If feels like you are about to devour my breasts whole! And to think that my breasts excite you so much, Tatsuya-san…… I just can’t stop shaking and quivering from the sheer thought of it!」


Liliana’s expression mellowed out significantly as the pleasure and excitement of the act that she was partaking in started to fully settle inside of her mind. And her voice and panting were more than clear indication about that fact.


「It’s alright, Liliana-san…… I will let you feel me more and more! As much as you like!」


「Nhaah…… Yes, please do that, Tatsuya-san! I want to feel you more and more!」


Faced with Tatsuya’s words at the same time as the pleasure his member was giving to her breasts, Liliana who was until that point capable to keeping her dignity together now just gave in to the pleasure and started openly moaning, her cute tongue sticking out of her mouth.


And since there was already plenty of saliva gathered on her tongue, Liliana started to slowly drip it all down onto Tatsuya’s manhood, giving it some much needed extra lubrication in between her breasts.  




This was a move that Tatsuya frankly did not expect coming from Liliana. And because of that, the moment her wet and warm saliva dripped down onto his penis, his whole body shuddered strongly and he let out a loud and uncontrollable moan from his mouth.


「Nhaah, *lick*…… *lick*…… Tatsuya-san, you are becoming so… so big and sturdy…… It can even reach my tongue now…… Nnnhh!」


It was something that was possible mainly because Liliana was holding her breasts steady in one place. And seeing just how energetic Tatsuya was becoming thanks to her efforts at lubrication, Liliana started to put even more effort into this, actively licking and tracing her tongue all over Tatsuya’s tip. 


「Uhh, ahh…… That’s my Liliana-san for you…… Even though I said I would be the one to move, you are trying to please me so feverishly……」


「A-Ah……! I-Is that bad? I shouldn’t have done that, Tatsuya-san?」


This question made Tatsuya’s penis jerk strongly in enthusiasm, as if it was given an independent life all on its own.


However, it was really Tatsuya’s intention to not let Liliana do all the work here, but when she started to do it of her own accord like that, there was really nothing that he could do to prevent her from doing that. 


「No, that’s not it at all here! Please, don’t make such a miserable face, Liliana-san! It’s pretty great that you want me to feel good, Liliana-san, but this time around I thought that I could make you job easier for you and make it more enjoyable for you as well!」


Tatsuya was trying to move his waist in such a way that it would feel good for Liliana as well, but apparently her affection for Tatsuya was so strong that his pleasure was more important to her than her own pleasure. It was honestly quite a moving sight to witness.


And honestly, rather than her tongue alone, Tatsuya would want her to swallow his dick whole inside of her mouth. It would feel even better than what she was doing now. 


「R-Right……! I shall give it my very best for you, Tatsuya-san! I am now going to service you a whole lot……*Nchyuu*, *Lick*, *slurp*……」




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