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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Chapter 4: Liliana-san Turns Into a Succubus and Goes to Heaven




The sky was clear and there was not a single trace of clouds to be seen on it. The weather was the best as it could possibly be right now. 


And since it was Summer and the temperature was nice and pleasant, it was also the perfect day for making all sorts of laundry. 


After washing the dishes that they were using for eating breakfast, Liliana went to the bathroom and took the laundry from the washing machine which was already previously dehydrated to a certain extent. Then she placed the laundry onto the string stretched all across the balcony of their apartment, paying close attention so that the clothes would not overlap with one another and could dry in the Summer sun.


Up until now she has performed that task so many times that right now she was practically a natural at it.


Of course, she learned to do that so that she could be of use to Tatsuya and so that she could help him in any possible way she could.


Because for Liliana, her greatest pleasure and aspiration in life was for Tatsuya to be able to live a comfortable and worry-free life. 


And ever since his summer vacation has begun, Tatsuya tried to help Liliana out in her chores and everyday matters as much as possible. 


Since it was a holiday period for Tatsuya, more often than not the two of them would spend the entire day and night in bed having sex without stopping even for a moment. Because of that, Liliana would often be tired afterwards, so she was really in no position to decline Tatsuya’s help when he offered it to her. It was the least he could do in a situation like that.


At first, it was pretty weird for Tatsuya to have a person around who would do every single household chore for him so willingly, never complaining about anything. But ever since he started to help her out, his mindset gradually started to change as well. It was no longer that Liliana was serving him alone. Now it was more like a joint effort of two people in their everyday life and matters. 


Besides, doing household chores together with someone else was a fresh and new experience for Tatsuya, and he enjoyed those times greatly. That way, he felt as though his connection with Liliana was only growing stronger.


But today was a rare exception from their usual routine. For Tatsuya got a sudden call this morning and had to go to the University to take care of some urgent business. As a result, Liliana was the only one currently at home.


Before it was a part of her daily routine, but ever since the summer vacation started and she could be with Tatsuya from morning to evening, being suddenly all alone like that felt really lonely for her. Perhaps it was all because she managed to get used to the two of them being together for those couple of days.


But regardless of her current circumstances, Liliana did not wanted something like that to impede her daily routine too much. So after she finished setting up the laundry to dry in the sun, she went to Tatsuya’s room to clean it as a next part of her daily schedule. Still, all this time she could not stop remembering the way in which the two of them used to spend time in this room not so long ago.


That being said, Tatsuya’s room was always spotless and in order, so there was really nothing here that Liliana could clean, as a matter of fact. And just as she was about to exit the room and go back to her other chores, Liliana could smell a faint scent of Tatsuya gently wafting its way into her nose. 


It could be because she was alone for the first time since a few days now, but inhaling that scent right now made it feel as though it was a whole lot stronger than usual.


Realizing that fact, Liliana came to a halt and took a long and deep breath. Sh intended that to be the end of it, but before she even knew it, her hand was already reaching out for the sheets laying on top of Tatsuya’s bed. 




When Liliana took Tatsuya’s bedsheets in her hands and unveiled the mattress that was underneath them, his scent became so strong that she became dizzy and nearly lost her balance.


It was a really pleasant scent, one that was filled with warmth and tenderness. It permeated Liliana’s nose and made her chest tingle in a pleasant way, reminding her of her beloved Tatsuya.


And with each moment when she was inhaling that familiar scent, it was growing more and more intense.


At that moment Liliana could even feel as if Tatsuya was right here beside her, embracing her gently and whispering sweet words right into her ear. This sensation was truly realistic. Frighteningly so.


Liliana’s cheeks naturally started to turn red. Not really realizing what she was doing, she pressed the sheets against her face and started to inhale their scent deeply. 


「Oh no…… Just now, what was I thinking about……!?」


At the same time as Liliana remembered Tatsuya’s warm embrace and how it made her feel safe, it also reminded her of all the times he would fiercely pierce her insides as he made love to her on that very same bed.


She was remembering the pleasure of being deeply connected through their genitals, working up quite a bit of sweat and exchanging body fluids. 


Before Liliana could even realize, her cheeks were scorching hot, as she swallowed heavily, driven by the desire awakened by her memories. It was more than enough to cause her to become flustered and embarrassed on the spot.


「And we even did something like that together just yesterday!」


As the memories of their recent passionate activities began to flood Liliana’s mind, this time around it was her body that started to become increasingly hot. There was also a strange feeling of tightness in her chest.


She knew that she should not be doing something like this, that it was shameless and unbecoming. However, the flames of desire have already been ignited deep inside of her, as if to fight of the suffocating feeling of loneliness. Just now, she felt as though she would go crazy if she did not surrender to that desire.


Faced with that kind of predicament, Liliana’s self-control and sense of reason slowly started to erode.


The burning sensation spreading all over her body was driving her crazy even more now.


She was doing her very best in order to resist those urges, but she also knew that in such a state she would be unable to grant Tatsuya the best service possible.


So there was no helping it. Yes, there was absolutely nothing that could be done about it –––––– It was with such reasoning that Liliana was suppressing her increasing anxiety. 


Before long, her breathing became heavy and ragged, and she could clearly hear the sound of her own heart beating strongly in her ample chest.




The scent of her beloved Tatsuya was robbing Liliana of all her reason, going straight to her head.


Even though she knew that what she was about to do was immoral, filthy and wrong, she could not let go of Tatsuya’s bedsheets. 


Instead, feeling strangely elated by the thought of doing this, she started to deeply inhale the scent of the sheets, wiggling her butt like a dog in heat while she was at it.


Her head was filled with all sorts of different alarm bells going off at the same time, telling her that she should stop what she was doing this instant. That soon there would be no turning back. However, Liliana’s body was already trembling with pleasure and she was no longer able to stop herself. 


「I shouldn’t be doing this…… I shouldn’t be doing something like this on my own, while Tatsuya-san is not here!」


Although she said those things out loud, her expression was purely ecstatic, and her body showed no signs of stopping what she was doing anytime soon.


She knew that what she was doing was unbecoming. She knew that by indulging in those desires she was admitting that she was a hopeless pervert. But all of that shame was unable to stop her in her tracks. Quite the opposite –– it was only sparking up the flames of desire that were burning in her chest.


And her crotch…… No, even Liliana’s womb was now aching with an itch that absolutely had to be quelled.


「Please forgive me for doing this, Tatsuya-san……」


Unable to resist the urge any longer, Liliana fell right on top of Tatsuya’s bed, wrapping herself in his sheets.


Wrapped in Tatsuya’s scent, feeling comfortable and secured, Liliana slowly spread her legs apart, her slender fingers reaching under her skirt. 




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