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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



But even if Liliana was depressed by her own shameless actions here, she did not have the luxury of actually slacking off and leaving her household chores unfinished. She wanted to clean the room, and that’s what she needed to do right now. And aside from that, there were also other things she needed to get done before Tatsuya would be back. And that sudden delay would certainly not make her work any easier now.


After sh managed to get everything down, she sat down in the living room, letting out a long and deep sigh.


「Tatsuya-san, I am once more oh so very sorry for what I have done…… I’m sorry for being such a naughty woman.」


She would apologize over and over again into the otherwise empty room.


Of course, right away she replaced the dirty bedsheets with fresh ones, and she made absolutely sure that those new ones would not get stained in any sort of way, no matter what. Then she started to clean the dirty sheets, with the intention of making them spotless once again, hoping that not even a single dirty spot would remain on them for Tatsuya to find out.


But even so, there was still the feeling of shame and guilt swirling in Liliana’s heart. After all, she did something she shouldn’t have done in Tatsuya’s absence, and right now she was desperately trying to hide that fact from him.


Now, unless she would do something that would allow her to make up for that shameless blunder, she knew that she would probably never forgive herself for doing something like that.


Certainly, Liliana remembered that when Tatsuya was leaving the house this morning, he said that he should be back in the afternoon or maybe shortly before the evening. 


When Liliana looked at the clock, it was showing just past noon.


So fortunately for her, she still had some time before Tatsuya gets back home from the University.


It was the first time ever that Liliana felt so lonely without Tatsuya being around. He used to go out for an entire day before, but it was just today that Liliana kept on wishing that he would come back home as soon as possible.


After she was finally done with all of her household chores for the day, it was time for Liliana to start thinking about a good service method that would allow her to make it up to Tatsuya for what she did today.


Most of the time, Liliana would conduct research onto things that would be useful to the both of them on a daily basis, such as nutritious menus that would be good for Tatsuya’s health and effective ways with which she could clean better. But today was an entirely different matter. For today, she was wondering if there was anything that she could do for Tatsuya directly.


However, after thinking and thinking some more, Liliana was unable to come up with anything that would seem good enough for her. And so, being in quite the pickle here, she reached out to the TV’s remote control, hoping to find some useful information there.


At this time of the day many of the programs being broadcasted were aimed specifically at housewives and housekeepers, and since they were filled with tons of useful information, Liliana would watch them quite often with great interest. 


At first she started to watch those programs simply out of curiosity, but before she realized it, she was so hooked on watching them that it gradually developed into a habit.


However, the thing that was being featured on the screen right now was not the everyday goods and appliances or commercials for home improvement stores or restaurants with good reviews and reputations. It was about the Comicket that was happening right now, a kind of a staple event taking place every midsummer.   


Normally Liliana would never take any particular interest in the otaku culture, but this time around there was one thing that happened to catch her attention. It was the segment about the cosplayers that happened to be shown on the screen right now.


It then occurred to her. Liliana happened to remember that one time when she decided to dress up in a maid outfit, and it made Tatsuya incredibly happy for some reason.


「Speaking of which, I seem to recall that there was something similar in the package that the Brother-In-Law sent Tatsuya-san before ––––––」


With that single ray of hope shining onto Liliana, she got up and decided to take action right away. 

「I’m home~!」


With the beads of sweat dripping down his neck and forehead thanks to the summer heat, Tatsuya returned home where his beloved Liliana would wait for him.


The coolness of the air-conditioned room was pleasant and refreshing, nicely cooling off his sunburnt-skin.


But Tatsuya paid that fact no mind at all. For he knew that the moment that his beloved Liliana would welcome him back home, all of his fatigue from this annoying midsummer sun would be blown away. However, even though Liliana would welcome him back home right away, today she was nowhere to be found.


「Huh? Liliana-san? She’s not here? Could it be that she went shopping while I was gone……?」


After he managed to get all of the things that needed to be taken care of done, Tatsuya came right back home in a time that could only be described as record. However, upon discovering that there was no one home to greet him, he could hardly even hide his disappointment. 


It seems that being greeted by the smiling Liliana when he would be coming back home became too much of a habit for Tatsuya. But now that she was not here, Tatsuya realized just how much he was missing that part of his daily routine and he could only smile bitterly upon that realization.


「I guess that it’s not all that weird that she would want to go out somewhere without me, huh? Guess I’ll be the one to greet her this time around.」


Tatsuya decided to wait for Liliana to come back home, but then a certain thought occurred to him: it would be incredibly rude to greet her while being drenched in sweat. 


So, it would be best for him to take a shower and change his clothes. He opened the door to his room and…… He froze in place, dumbstruck.


「W-Welcome home…… Tatsuya-san.」


He thought that he was out of the house, but it turned out that Liliana was actually home all this time.


Moreover, she was kneeling on the floor for some reason.


Her voice seemed to be incredibly meek and bashful, but more than anything, he appearance……


(…… A black, swimsuit……?)


At first glance, this outfit looked almost exactly like the monokini that Liliana showed him just the other day. However, this outfit had the chest area almost completely exposed, to the point where Liliana’s areolas were almost completely visible. Also, the bottom part of the outfit was opened so deep that it almost reached Liliana’s pubic bone area.


In addition to that really deep cut in the lower parts of the outfit, Tatsuya could see a clear outline of Liliana’s private area through the material, followed by a slight wet streak spilling out from that place.


Liliana’s body was already brutally attractive as it was, but an outfit like that was making it even more stimulating and erotic than it was.


What’s more, for some strange reason this outfit had feathered wings on its back and feather ornaments around Liliana’s head. 


Tatsuya remembered that Liliana told him that she had some more swimsuit that she has bought at that time, so his first impression was that she wanted to show him some of them right now. However, the atmosphere about this outfit seemed to be fundamentally different from that of a regular swimsuit.


Tatsuya wanted to ask her about it, but it was then that Liliana rose her head and opened her mouth to speak up.


「Tatsuya-san, please, I beg of you…… I want you to punish me.」


「…… Huh? Excuse me?」


Faced with that sudden request coming from Liliana, Tatsuya’s mind had real trouble with actually keeping up with the nature of that request.


But even so, with the light of determination glowing in her eyes, Liliana pressed on with her explanation, not even waiting for Tatsuya to speak up.


「At the current moment I have turned into a Succubus…… And it’s because this here lewd and naughty Liliana did something wrong, I want Tatsuya-san to punish me for that.」


「Umm…… Liliana-san? What’s gotten into you all of a sudden? Is everything al –––––– HAH!?」 


Hearing that far-fetched explanation, Tatsuya’s eyes widened with surprise. But then again, his mind went back to that time when Liliana greeted him back home while wearing a maid outfit and he connected those two events together. And then there was this outfit, accompanied by the wings and feathers on her head. In just a short moment, Tatsuya was able to understand.




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