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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 5



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



And because Liliana’s swimsuits were so bold just the other day, unless he was specifically told that this was in fact a cosplay, Tatsuya was unable to make that distinction on his own.


In addition to it all, a role of a Succubus was to cause sexual mischief and rob the men of their vitality. So in retrospect, there was no real reason for Liliana to want to roleplay as a Succubus if she was the one who wanted to be punished by Tatsuya. However, since he could see that she was dead serious about this, Tatsuya could not bring himself to point that fact out to her.


He even shook his head quite vigorously, to the point where he was even afraid that he might have pulled a muscle or hurt himself by accident. But there was no real reason for him to actually go and deny Liliana’s request here.


Liliana wanted Tatsuya to punish her, no matter what –––––– And it took him less than two seconds to reach a conclusion here. Now that he managed to come to terms with that, Tatsuya stopped thinking needless thoughts and his body sprang into action instantly.


「Eh, umm…… I-I guess that if you really want me to punish you this badly, I need to punish this lewd and naughty Succubus firmly and thoroughly,  so that it won’t even think about doing something bad ever again!」


Then, before she could react to his words in any way, Tatsuya raised Liliana up, held her up in his arms and carried her into the bed, where he laid her on her back.


Once Liliana was on the bed, Tatsuya turned towards her long and slender legs, grabbing one of them and lifting it up in the air, so at the current moment Liliana’s legs were forming an “L” shape. Then Tatsuya reached towards the zipper of his pants with his free hand.


Ever since he witnessed Liliana’s erotic body wrapped in those sensual clothes and kneeling apologetically on the ground, he could feel his manhood springing up to life and hardening on the spot. And now, a sturdy and rock-hard meat rod emerged from the inside of his pants, like a wild beast emerging from its lair.



「A-Are you…… Are you going to put it in just like that, Tatsuya-san……? S-Since this is my punishment, I…… I don’t mind if it is going to hurt a little bit……」


For the first time now, there was a trace of anxiety that could be seen in Liliana’s eyes, and her voice was also trembling slightly.


「W-We both know that I cannot do something like that to you, even as punishment!」


Even if it was supposed to be the element of their “play” here, there was no way that Tatsuya would be able to comply with that request of Liliana’s and hurt her. He cherished her way too much to be able to do that.


But apparently in Liliana’s mind, she thought that during this “play” only by being hurt by him would she be able to achieve the peace of mind that she was looking for. Otherwise, the guilt of what she did would not stop eating away at her.


Honestly speaking, Tatsuya was not all that comfortable with doing this and playing along here, especially since Liliana was going to such length as to show just how much she wanted to be punished by him for some reason, but he would not want to deny here as well. So he would try to play along here as much as he possibly could while making sure that he would not cross certain lines. After all, this was something that Liliana wanted.


「So now what? What are you going to do to me in this position, Tatsuya—sa –––––– Hyaah!?」


Before she could finish that sentence, Tatsuya shifted his body and pressed his erect prick against the tight opening in between Liliana’s thighs, piercing her all the way through in one go and allowing her lewd pussy to clamp down on him tightly.


With the pleasant heat of her beloved man invading her insides just like that, Liliana’s whole body shuddered pleasantly as her insides contracted and clamped down on Tatsuya’s rod.


「Ooohhh…… The suppleness of your thighs feels incredible, Liliana-san! And the way in which your pussy is coiling around me is not all that half-bad, either……」


Even though Tatsuya should be feeling really bad about this, the tightness and moisture of Liliana’s pussy made him start shaking his hips almost right away. For some inexplicable reason, saying those words to her as well made him feel even better than ever before, reaching a completely new heights of pleasure.


「F-For Tatsuya-san to be sandwiched between my legs like that…… Is that even considered a punishment for me? Are you sure that this is enough?」


「Ah, Ahaha…… A-Actually, I was thinking about wanting to this kind of thing with you for a while now, Liliana-san……」 


For a moment out there Tatsuya seemed to have forgotten that right now they were engaging in a “play”, and just gave Liliana an honest and short answer.


But then he pulled himself out from inside of Liliana’s warm embrace and pressed himself against her squeezed legs, pumping his penis against the plumpness of her suit-clad thighs.


「Hyuuh……! Nnhh, T-Tatsuya-san…… you are rubbing against me so intensely!」


Hearing that, Tatsuya started to swing his hips back and forth once more, enveloped by the entirely new stimulation.


Rubbing himself against such a soft and elastic feeling, the pleasure and stimulation were that much more intense thanks to the smooth texture of the suit that Liliana was wearing. It was a somewhat familiar, but at the same time completely different sensation.


「This sensation feels so good…… It’s a tightness that is completely different from being sandwiched between your boobs or being squeezed by your pussy, Liliana-san! And the contrast between your crotch and the smoothness of the suit is the best!」


「Fuaah, aahn…… Because the fabric of this suit is really thin, I can clearly feel Tatsuya-san’s warmth rubbing against my skin…… It feels so weird, but also so good…… Nnh!」


Being subjected to a thigh job for the first time ever made Liliana really confused about the purpose of this particular act, but soon enough the warmth and sturdiness of Tatsuya’s rod rubbing itself against her made her squirm a little bit, and sweet moans started to escape from her mouth.


「As expected of the naughty Miss Succubus. I only did something like this to you, and you ended up feeling it so much.」


And the stronger he was rubbing himself against her thighs, the louder and more erotic Liliana’s voice was becoming.


Saying things like that to her in the heat of the moment, Tatsuya was able to invoke a  feeling on inferiority in Liliana, causing her embarrassment that would soon turn into the most sinful of pleasures. Then he would simply leave himself to the waves of pleasure that were washing over him, shaking his hips like an animal in heat.


「Aaahhh…… Tatsuya-san, you are getting increasingly hotter and harder…… It makes even my legs feel good…… Nhuuh!!」 


The more Liliana’s thighs were being rubbed by Tatsuya, the more she could feel her crotch becoming moist, with her insides twitching and squirming. 


And as one might have expected, Liliana’s voice was growing sweeter and more mellow in proportion to the pleasure she was feeling.


「Hmm? Oho? What’s this? I can feel something wet down there, Liliana-san? Not to mention…… Could it be that you are so excited now that your clitoris is becoming erect?」


「Nhyiii! N-No, aah, p-please don’ do it, I’m so sensitive right now…… Nhh, nnnhhh!! T-Tatsuya-san is causing my whole body to twitch and jump in pleasure! This feels way too good!」


As Tatsuya’s excitement kept on rising, Liliana must have felt the same way. With every passing moment, the wet stain around her crotch was growing wider and wetter.


Also, her whole body started to writhe and squirm, and the sudden movement of her waist was making Tatsuya press against her thighs with more strength from different angles, giving him even greater pleasure than before.


「Kuuh…… Look at how lewd you are, Liliana-san! Your legs are pressing against me so tightly that I can’t back away…… Nh, but now that I think about it, I really want to go back inside of your pussy. You want me to do that as well, don’t you?」


「Nhh, ahh, haah, aahn…… T-This is……」


「Oh well, you may try to hide it, but you won’t be able to hide it for long! Your Succubus body is being honest to a fault here! I can understand right away what is it that you really want!」


「B—But it’s just that I cannot help it…… T-Tatsuya-san, no matter what I try to do to comfort myself, my body just keep on craving more and more…… Hyii, aah, nnh. Aaahn……! I-If you keep on rubbing me like that, I…… I can’t……!」




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