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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 4 Part 8



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



With that all said and done, Tatsuya lifted Liliana’s legs slightly, and then he just lay his back on top of the bed. 


Then, Tatsuya started to put strength into his lower back, shaking his hips and causing his still hard and twitching cock to sway provocatively, tempting Liliana to make an action of her own volition.


「Tatsuya-san, you are…… Are you seriously not going to move yourself?」


Even though it was Liliana who was begging Tatsuya to put it inside of her not even a moment ago, she simply could not help it but to be honest with her own desires. Which is why she immediately straddled Tatsuya, placing her fingers onto his body and shifting her crotch slightly, preparing herself for the moment when Tatsuya’s dick would finally be inserted inside of her. 


When Liliana thought about it, it must have surely been rare for Succubi to be gentle, docile and obedient, but since usually when they would have sex Liliana would entrust herself to Tatsuya, there was a part of her that wanted to act just like a real succubus a little bit and be on the dominant side of things for once.


Perhaps it was also because she was already halfway there towards reaching her own climax when they came to such an abrupt stop, because Liliana then adjusted Tatsuya’s cock without actually waiting for his reply and she just sat down on it, taking it all the way to the base in one go.


「Aaahhh! Tatsuya-sa––––––nnnnnn!!! AAAHHH!!!」


It looked like she initially wanted to insert Tatsuya’s dick inside of her slowly and gradually, but feeling the shape and heat of her beloved meat stick going inside of her caused Liliana’s body to spasm and react accordingly. It resulted in Liliana’s hips losing all of their strength and slamming their way down onto Tatsuya’s dick, sliding it into her pussy all the way to the back in one fell swoop. 


Thanks to that pleasant surprise attack, Tatsuya’s dick was assaulted by pleasure as he slid all the way to the back of Liliana’s warm cavity, which caused his knees to shake. At the same time surprised Liliana also let out a cute and loud moan of pleasure.


「Kuuh…… As one might expect of a little Succubus-san here! Gobbling it all up in one go, just how impatient that pussy of yours really is……」


The pleasure of sliding all the way inside of her pussy sure was strong, but it was not enough to make him cum just from inserting it. Especially since this was what he was craving for all this time, so he was going to properly enjoy it. Liliana’s pussy also tightened considerably in response, leaking out tremendous amounts of love juices.


「Ahaah…… Nnnh, that’s because Tatsuya-san’s dick is so hard and sturdy, it’s hard for me not to want to gobble it all up…… T-This feeling, this is…… This feeling of being spread apart by you is so wonderful, Tatsuya-san.」


「And I must say, the feeling of your pussy is the best as well. The pervious thing cannot even begin to compare.」


「T-That’s because, those are completely different things……! Rubbing the inside of my pussy feels a whole lot better than just rubbing the outside of my body like that…… Hyuuh, nnnhh…… I’m feeling so good from that, that I think my hips are going to give up any moment now! Why is it that Tatsuya-san’s hard thing rubbing my insides feel so good……? I just can’t get enough of it……!」


As soon as Liliana accidentally inserted Tatsuya’s cock all the way inside of herself, her voice became even mellower than before.


While shaking her head and writhing her whole body, she made sure that her hips would continue to keep on moving up and down in a steady rhythm. 


The movements of her hips not stopping or slowing down even for a moment, Liliana’s pussy was constantly gripping tightly onto Tatsuya, conveying to him just how happy Liliana was right now from their union.


「F-For you to become so good at riding dick all of a sudden…… D-Does that mean it’s true? I knew that Succubi lived only to feed off the seed of men, but to change so drastically because of a dick? That’s a first!」


「I-I just couldn’t help! My insides kept on itching so much, so I had to do something about it! Haah, aaahn! B-But doing things like this sure feels way different…… Nfuuh, yes, it’s a completely different sensation…… The way in which you were rubbing yourself against me previously was also nice, Tatsuya-san, but it was also so frustrating…… But this way, being penetrated by Tatsuya-san’s dick, I can feel all of your love coming right into me…… Hyuuh, uuuhn!」


Although Liliana managed to respond to Tatsuya’s words, right about now she was so captivated by his dick piercing her pussy that it was the only thing that she could properly focus on for the time being.


「Hmm, I wonder if I should take it as a compliment? After all, it’s not every day that little naught Succubus tells you something like that.」


「T-That’s, that’s right! It’s so long and so thick…… Hyuuh, kuh…… It rubs all of my insides so evenly, I can’t even think about anything else!! And it feel even better and better and I just can’t stop moving my hips!!」


Every time Tatsuya’s dick slammed itself deep inside of her, both Liliana’s pleasure and urges grew even stronger. Her hips even started to move even faster, to match the momentum of his movements. Perhaps she was so tired of waiting for Tatsuya’s dick, that she was not going to stop her movement anytime soon, or even slow down for that matter.


As for Tatsuya, he was actually far from being satisfied with something like this alone. But the way in which Liliana was desperately trying to milk his semen out of his dick was so erotic that he simply couldn’t get enough.


「You are so naughty and erotic, Liliana-san…… Oh well, I guess you can only expect so much out of a Succubus, huh…… And judging just how enthusiastically you are shaking those hips of yours, you must really want my semen badly, huh?」


Even though Tatsuya’s words were supposed to sound in a mocking manner, the truth was that seeing Liliana shaking her hips so desperately was only making him want to give her what she wanted soon as a reward. 


Every time Tatsuya’s dick was going in and out of her cavity, Tatsuya could feel a sweet electric current running through his whole body, and despite the fact that he already ejaculated twice today, Tatsuya started to feel the wave of ecstatic heat gathering up in his lower abdomen once more.


「Rest assured, Tatsuya-san…… I won’t suck up your life force! We can continue to have sex as many times as you want, for as long as you want! Fuuh, uuhh, fuuh…… With you, Tatsuya-san…… Aaahhh!! I can just keep on doing it forever……!!」


Tatsuya’s whole body was becoming hot, not only because of the pleasure of having his dick wrapped up in Liliana’s hot insides, but also because of the tears of joy that he could see flowing from her eyes and dripping down her cheeks. The combination of those two pleasures made Tatsuya realize that the new urge to ejaculate has been rising up within him extremely fast. 


In addition to that, the sight of Liliana’s curvy body bouncing on his cock while being covered in his hot and sticky semen proved to be yet another source of stimulus. Seeing her like that was literally unbearable for Tatsuya.


More. Just a little bit more. At this rate, at this rate he was going to ––– However, because of how tight and slimy Liliana’s pussy was, Tatsuya’s dick grew even harder and even more impatient than ever before. 


「Uhyaah, nnnhhh!! T-Tatsuya-san, you’re getting even bigger again…… It’s filling me up more and more, nhaah, aahhh……!! T-Tatsuya-san, you’re so good, so good at this……!! I can’t, you look like you’re about to cum, don’t you? Ahh, haah, haah, please! Together! L-Let’s cum together now! Nothing would make me happier than cumming together……!!」 


As Tatsuya’s dick grew larger and harder inside of Liliana’s pussy, her eyes filled with more and more desire.


At the same time, Liliana was completely drowned in the pleasure of having sex, not only moving her hips up and down, but also twisting them to the sides and drawing circles with them, desperate to find new angles which would let her experience even more pleasure than ever before. 


Right now she was moving her hips completely on instinct, allowing Tatsuya’s cock to penetrate her deep and in a rough manner, giving him pleasure while at the same time squeezing as much out of him as she possibly could for her own ecstasy.  



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「Fuooh! A-All of a sudden the movements of your waist have become faster!? Nnnhh……!!」


As if sensing that Tatsuya was slowly approaching his climax, Liliana picked up the pace of her movements and even started fondling her breasts herself, working hard to push them both well over their limits.


「T-This time around, I really want Tatsuya-san to cum inside of me! If you won’t splurt it all in me, I will lose my mind! I can’t stand it anymore! I can also feel that you are twitching so much and can’t stand it anymore either, Tatsuya-san! Just thinking of you giving me that cumshot is making my womb all restless! I’m cumming, at this rate…… I’m going to cum while you’re going to spray the inside of my pussy white with your precious seed and pump it full to the brim, Tatsuya-san! Aaahhh!!!」


「W-Whoa! L-Liliana-san, all of a sudden you started to act like a genuine Succubus! Guh!!」


「My hips! I can no longer stop my hips from moving! They are moving all on their own! Hyaah, aah!! I’m going to cum!! Nhh, uuuhh, I’m feeling it so much that it feels like my whole body is going to go crazy from the pleasure!!」


As Liliana was nearing her own climax, her mind was clouded by the pleasure and the only thing she could clearly think about was milking Tatsuya out of his semen.


「W-Wait! Wait just a moment, Liliana-san! You are being way too rough…… Nuuuooohhh!!!」


Right in this very moment, Liliana looked and behaved like a genuine Succubus. And that was the last coherent thought that Tatsuya had before the urge to ejaculate completely overwhelmed him and he managed to reach his own climax as well.


「Kuuhyiih!? Good, aah…… It’s coming out, so deep inside of me, right to the very back……!! No, it’s no use! I can’t! I can’t anymore! Nhaaahhh!! AAAAHHHH!!!」


After a moment or two, a huge amount of semen started to overflow from the place where Liliana and Tatsuya were connected, only going to show just how huge of a load Tatsuya managed to let out and how excited the Succubus Liliana made him feel.


As Tatsuya continued to pump his seed deep into Liliana’s womb, she arched her back strongly, her whole body shivering as she let out a loud scream filled with pure ecstasy. 


Her body, shook and rocked by the waves of overwhelming pleasure, spasmed over and over again as more and more cloudy liquids overflowed from her quivering pussy.


「Y-You’re squeezing me out so much……!!」


In response to those words, Liliana only squeezed harder on Tatsuya’s dick, as if she was really trying to milk him out of every single drop of semen, just like a true Succubus would do.


「Good! It feels so good! It feels amazing! There’s so much of it and it’s so hot that it feels as though the back of my womb is burning! It feels so good for Tatsuya-san’s sperm to fill my womb so much!!」


Even though Tatsuya’s ejaculation slowly started to die down now, Liliana’s insides were still gripping onto him tightly, refusing to let him go just yet. 


In response to that, Tatsuya’s whole body trembled violently, releasing every last drop of sperm that he could give to Liliana, even though the pleasure of letting it all out was slowly vanishing. 


At the current moment, having both the inside and the outside of her body completely smeared with Tatsuya’s warm and cloudy semen, Liliana smiled brightly as a strange sense of accomplishment settled within her.


「Haaah, haa…… Nhh, fuuh, nnh…… My insides, they are overflowing with Tatsuya-san’s semen…… I knew it, having it shot inside of me feels way better than having it sprinkled all over my body, even though my belly and my thighs felt so good from it as well…… Nhaah, aaah, it’s like I have actually gone to Heaven, ahh!」


Having finally received a creampie that she was so looking forward to, Liliana’s eyes looked towards the ceiling, a look of pure bliss painted across her face as she basked in the afterglow of her climax. 


For Tatsuya, it actually took him a good moment or two to actually realize what has said just now.


「A-Are Succubi even supposed to go to Heaven like that……?」


He did not actually want to say that out loud, but that thought just sort of happened to slip out of his mouth like that. But just then, Liliana’s body collapsed on top of Tatsuya, utterly exhausted and unable to balance straight on top of him any longer.


「Naah, haah, afuuh, nnh, nnnhh…… I’m just genuinely happy that I could have serviced Tatsuya-san so thoroughly……」 


Collapsing right on top of Tatsuya, Liliana managed to gasp those words with a tinge of satisfaction to them.


For a moment out there Tatsuya thought that she might have actually overexerted herself too much, but then he saw just how blissful her expression was. That kind of expression was not something that someone who was exhausted or in pain could ever make.


It was quite the opposite.



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