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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 5 Part 3



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Faced with that kind of a difficult situation, Tatsuya and Liliana decided to get out of that pool and then leave that place entirely.


And even when they have successfully managed to find someplace that was tranquil and quiet, away from the prying eyes, Tatsuya was sure that the heat of shame and embarrassment would not be leaving his face anytime soon.


Liliana’s face was also red with embarrassment, but nearly as much as Tatsuya’s.


But for the time being, in order to distract themselves from that less than pleasurable experience, the two decided to sit down and have something to eat for the time being.


However, once the series of unfortunate events was put into motion, it would not go away or die down anytime soon.


For one of the first things they saw when they went up to the poolside was none other than Saito Keima, Tatsuya’s friend with whom he had a run-in at the shopping mall the other day, casually holding hands with some random girl.


「––– Huh?」


「––– Ah?」


Keima also noticed Tatsuya right away and just came to a sudden halt, completely dumbstruck.


At the time Tatsuya did not want Keima to know about his relationship with Liliana and how intimate they were with one another, because he knew that he would see no end of the merciless teasing about in the foreseeable future. And he was sure that this worked the other way around as well.


But what was an even bigger surprise for Tatsuya, was the fact that Keima’s partner was not actually some random girl at all. He noticed it really late, but it was exactly someone that he knew personally. 


Her name was Umizawa China –––– and just like Keima, she was one of Tatsuya’s classmates back at the University.


Her hair was long and glossy, with a deep jet-black color to them. Her eyes were slightly droopy, but the look in them was strong as ever, making it her most characteristic trait. She was also someone who was constantly on the lips of the entire University, a top pick for every male student if they had to pick someone with whom they would like to go on a date with.


And the fact that they were sticking so close to one another and their hands were locked so tightly was a dead giveaway that they must have been in a boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship. So it was only understandable why Keima was so shocked being seen right here and right now.


If the word got around that he was in fact dating one of the top beauties of the entire University, it is more than certain that the rest of their classmates, as well as all other male students, would give him hell for it, and that the teasing and other things would see no end for a really long time.


But realizing that fact, it actually made Tatsuya let out a discreet sigh of relief.


「Oh, Keima. Fancy meeting you here.」


「Y-Yes, yeaaah. If it isn’t T-T-Tatsuya, huh?」


Tatsuya intended to say that to Keima as a casual greeting, but it would seem that Keima never actually expected to encounter any of his acquaintances here, and he seemed to be rather upset and distressed about it.


(I mean, if I was busted like that completely out of the blue, I would have been pretty upset as well.)


And since Tatsuya knew exactly how much distress a situation like that could cause someone, he decided that the best possible course of action here would be to simply try to be calm about it.


「Hey, T-Tatsuya, you see, this is, umm…… Ahh ––––」


「First of all, try to calm down a little bit, Keima. Besides, you are not the only one who was having a secret or two, you know?」


But it was only because Tatsuya made sure that no one would know about himself and Liliana. But Keima did not need to know that.


「Huh? What are you even talking about……」


「Tatsuya-san? Is something the matter?」


It was at this moment that Liliana rejoined Tatsuya at the poolside and came right by his side once more. This action surely would be more than enough of an explanation right here, which would save Tatsuya a whole lot of hard work.


「––– Huh? You…… HAAAAAAHHHHH!?」


And surely enough, just the fact that a swimsuit-clad, brown-skinned beauty clung to Tatsuya like that and called out to him by his first name caused Keima to first let out a noise that was most probably an expression of pure shock, and then he started to glare daggers at Tatsuya.


But he seemed to be not the only one who was shocked by this sudden revelation. Right next to him, Umisawa China also stared at the two of them in complete shock, her mouth wide open. 


「Umm, for the time being, this place is rather, so…… how about we…… right?」


Sure, there were a whole lot of things that the two couples would like to talk about to one another, but it did not have to be right now. And most certainly not in a crowded place like this.


And all it took for them to completely understand one another was the fact that they shared the same kind of secret from their classmates and friends.


「Y-Yeah, right…… For the time being, we know that each of us had a relationship that we wanted to keep hidden from one another.」


「Y-Yeah, you got that right.」


After they said that, the two men reached out towards one another and firmly shook their hands in affirmation of that statement.


At the same time, Liliana tilted her head slightly because she clearly did not understand what this situation was all about, while Umisawa China let out a deep sigh as if she could not believe what she was seeing.


「But still, this girlfriend of yours…… She’s nothing short of amazing, let me tell you.」


Way to state the obvious here. Tatsuya knew that Liliana was simply amazing without the need of someone having to say that right to his face.


Tatsuya also noticed the fact that for a moment out there Keima’s eyes stopped right at Liliana’s chest area, where her two small mountains have been pushing against the fabric of the swimsuit, stretching the material to its utmost limits.


Of course, doing something like that in public is an inexcusable act. And if it was just the two of them, Tatsuya would surely speak up and say something to Keima. But fortunately enough, right now it was not his role to be the one to scold him. That right belonged to someone else.


「And where exactly do you think you’re looking, huh?」


It was the job of Umisawa-san, who was standing right next to Keima and whose gaze at the current moment was so cold that it could easily turn the surrounding atmosphere into ice in a matter of seconds.


When it comes to Umisawa-san, she was tall and had a slender body. She was just like a top model who was way cuter than any other girl at the University.


So when her boyfriend Keima started to ogle other women with his eyes, especially breasts of someone other than herself, it was only a matter of course that she would get really angry with him. 


「N-No, t-that’s not what you this! It’s not like that…… It was not on purpose! It was just that…… you know, a male instinct! After all, men are but slaves to their instincts and libido!」


「Hmm…… Well? Is that all that you wanted to say here?」


「But it’s the truth! Please, believe me! I’m yours and yours alone!」


It would seem that even though Keima’s apology was sincere and coming straight from his heart, it fell onto deaf ears and as his rightful punishment he was hit with an elbow strike right to the middle of his chest, ultimately bringing him down to his knees.


「I’m sorry for disturbing you two.」


「N-No, it’s nothing! If anything, I should be the one to apologize to you!」


While Keima was still visibly struggling to regain the lost breath that escaped from his lungs after that elbow strike, Umisawa-san grabbed him by the arm and started to forcefully drag him away.


As they say, you reap what you sow. And this time it was Keima who was completely to blame for this. So while he was being dragged away by Umisawa-san, Tatsuya could only smile dryly while pitying his poor friend.

Although they had an unexpected occurrence like that in the form of running into Tatsuya’s classmate, because they both shared the same secret of dating beautiful women it was just that, and nothing bad ended up happening.


After that encounter, both Tatsuya and Liliana went to the pool again and after basically floating around in the water and relaxing for a while longer, they decided to finally call it a day and go back home. 




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