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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 5 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



On their way back home, Liliana was smiling all the time and looked like she had much fun and the whole outing was a really pleasurable experience for her. Which only filled Tatsuya with joy and confidence, and his thoughts already started to drift towards what they could do tomorrow.


And it was then when they stopped to get something to eat on their way back that Tatsuya also happened to casually praise Liliana and her swimsuit, which were both extremely beautiful. IT was at that moment that Tatsuya discovered that today’s date was actually far from being over.


“To tell you the truth, I would also like to see you in your other swimsuits again, Liliana-san.” It was after he said that that Liliana told him to wait a moment and then come to the bathroom. And once he got there he was greeted with the image of Liliana who wore one of her other swimsuits just for him. 


「How about this swimsuit, Tatsuya-san? What do you think?」


She said while turning around in place slowly, showing to him the kind of a swimsuit the design of which would make you question the fact that it was a swimsuit in the first place. 


But this time around it was the string swimsuit, but it was a bikini type of string, which made it fundamentally different from the Brazilian-type swimsuit.


However, even though it was supposed to be a bikini-type string, the swimsuit had no cups that would cover and hold Liliana’s chest in place.


Although the swimsuit was surely covering the most crucial part of Liliana’s bust area, both the shape of her perky protrusions as well as the areolas surrounding them were clearly visible to the onlookers. In that sense, it was as if the swimsuit was effectively transparent. 


Needless to say, instead of a calm and composed reply, what got out of Tatsuya’s mouth was a shock-filled scream.


「I cannot really swim around in public while wearing something like this, but it should be just right for a cold bath, which I am in mood for right now……」


It was then that Tatsuya noticed that the water that filled the bathtub was cold and that there was no steam coming off from it.


Liliana then scooped some of the water with her hand in an inviting gesture, and then she gently splashed it over her body.


It was just the droplets of water, nothing more. Just the droplets of water casually dripping down her curvy body –––– but what was reflected in those droplets was an image of a hungry wolf about ready to leap onto its prey.


「Tatsuya-san, what do you say if we were to continue our date just like this?」


「Of course. If that’s what you want, Liliana-san.」


Replying to Liliana in a hurry, Tatsuya started to take off his clothes and soon enough he was ready to dip his feet inside of the bath as well.


Then, once his body got used to the cold sensation of the water, he sat down inside the bathtub and gently hugged Liliana from behind. 


「I think that I have already adjusted to it, but how is the water? Isn’t it too cold?」


「It’s okay, it’s perfectly alright. Umm, but to tell you the truth, it’s still a little bit cold, but I think we can solve this problem by our bodies warming up one another.」


「Ahh, come to think of it, you’re right.」


Said Liliana while giggling slightly. But no matter what the temperature of the water in here would be, both of them were sure that their actions would still be the same and they wouldn’t really change.


Understanding that fact, Liliana’s cheeks became slightly flushed and she lowered her gaze just a little bit.  


「That swimsuit, it really suits you, Liliana-san.」


「Thank you so much for saying that, Tatsuya-san. But as I expected, this type of design takes a whole lot of courage for a person to actually wear and go out in.」


「Hmm, is that so? But wouldn’t you say that this previous swimsuit was also pretty bold to parade in public while wearing it?


「Y-Yes, you are right, but this one is even more……」


It would seem that even if Liliana knew that Tatsuya’s words were true, she was still having a hard time accepting them as such, for her response was really weak and meek.


But even so, Tatsuya was still happy that he was the only one who would get to witness Liliana wearing that swimsuit, that she would not go out wearing it and show it to anyone else. But then again, he remembered just how wild his imagination was running during their pool date and he was overwhelmed with a strange feeling of shame as well.


「But still, I don’t think that this swimsuit is all that embarrassing in the first place? Your body is so beautiful, Liliana-san, so no matter what you wear you are always going to look absolutely stunning to me. Also, I am so lucky that I am the only one who gets to see you like this and do things like that with you.」


Her rich and bountiful curves that form a deep valley of her cleavage. Her narrow and slim waist. Her slender and long legs.


Right about now it was extremely difficult for Tatsuya to keep his eyes off of Liliana’s body, especially since it was this close to him.


「Fufufu…… Oh, Tatsuya-san, just look at you right now! The look in your eyes is so naughty!」


「It’s something that absolutely cannot be helped…… My most beloved person in the entire world is dressed like that right in front of me, and I am the only one who gets to see it.」


Tatsuya then applied some more force into his arms, hugging Liliana even tighter.


「Tatsuya-san’s body…… It’s so warm and pleasant.」


Liliana squinted her eyes and leaned her back backwards slightly.


「I could say the same thing about your body as well, Liliana-san.」


The feeling of his body being in direct contact with Liliana’s skin was a very pleasurable experience in its own right. 


「Tatsuya-san’s chest…… I can feel that something is throbbing inside of it so much.」


「You say that, but the same thing can be said for you as well, right, Liliana-san?」


「I guess that you’re right…… And just being hugged tightly like this by you Tatsuya-san, it’s more than enough to make me feel happy and safe…… But I would like you to hug me even tighter, I want to feel you more and more, Tatsuya-san.」


「…… It’s alright, Liliana-san. Even if you did not told me that just now, that’s what I wanted to right from the start.」


While he was saying that, Tatsuya’s left hand reached out for Liliana’s breast, gently stroking it, kneading it, and stretching it in various directions, pinching and stroking on her already erect nipple. He also gently blew some of his hot breath right into her ear, all the while his right hand was making its way lower and lower down her body, right towards Liliana’s crotch.


「Hyuaah! Nnh, fuuh, nnh…… T-Tatsuya-san, so suddenly…… Nhaah!」


「Liliana-san, surely you must have been holding back all this time, right? And judging by the state of your place down here, I’m right on the money.」


Tatsuya’s fingers did not even hesitate for a single moment out there to just gently crawl their way right inside of Liliana’s nether cavity.


While feeling the traces of thick liquid inside of there the temperature of which was clearly different from that of the cold water from the bathtub, his fingers gradually went deeper and deeper, scooping their way in, penetrating it thoroughly.


And every time his fingers would move back and forth inside of Liliana, her whole body would react to that, jerking strongly.


「Aaahhh!! Tatsuya-san’s fingers are going in and out of me…… Nnnhhh!!」


At first, Liliana’s whole body tensed up in response to a strong stimulus like that, but gradually she started to loosen up, and the sweet moan and shallow sighs she was letting out of her mouth were the proof at as of now Liliana was enjoying it, being completely at Tatsuya’s mercy here.


「I just love hearing your voice, Liliana-san. Let me hear it some more.」


Saying that, Tatsuya’s fingers started to reach even deeper inside of Liliana’s pussy.


「Ahaahn, ahh, aaahh…… Tatsuya-san’s fingers, good…… they feel so good!」


Tatsuya’s fingers continued to rub against the walls of Liliana’s pussy, as well as crawl their way deeper inside, even though Liliana’s flesh started to painfully tighten around them.


「Liliana-san, your pussy is getting tighter and tighter…… And your juices are almost as hot as boiling water.」


With every single move of his fingers, more and more love juice would leak out of Liliana’s cavity and dissolve into the cold water.


「Aaauuhh, nnhhh…… My upper parts are already pretty sensitive…… Hyaah, aahh, if you keep on doing that to me, Tatsuya-san, I’ll end up feeling it way too much……!!」 




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