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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 6 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



But even though this sensation was so sudden, Tatsuya did not actually find that to be uncomfortable at all.


Quite the contrary, actually. He rather thought that it was really warm and strangely comforting in a certain way.


(…… Is my face being stroked by someone right now?)


When he realized that fact, even though he really did not want to do it, Tatsuya decided to reluctantly open his eyes and see what was actually going on.


Then, the first thing that he witnessed after opening his eyes was Liliana’s face, and his own face reflected in her big eyes.


She seemed to lie down on the floor as well, face to face with Tatsuya, gently stroking his cheek with her hand while looking at him like a benevolent mother would look at her child.




When she also noticed that Tatsuya woke up, she turned her eyes away with a scream, wondering if she couldn’t think of what she was talking about.


It was the kind of reaction like a small child whose mischief was exposed would have.




For a while, there was nothing but silence in the room.


It’s not like Liliana did not see Tatsuya’s sleeping face before, so usually she would let him rest undisturbed like a good girlfriend would do, but apparently seeing him just lying there so defenseless and unprotected made Liliana feel a little bit mischievous.


In the first place, the feeling of Liliana’s hands caressing his skin was comfortable rather than unpleasant, and there is no reason for her to stop doing what she was doing at all.


 So without saying a single word, Tatsuya closed his eyes and just let Liliana continue doing what she was doing.


「Ah, huh? Umm, this is……」


 As Tatsuya tried to go back to sleep, Liliana’s big eyes widened with both shock and surprise.


Apparently she thought that he might scold her or at least say something to her in this strange situation. However, his silent reaction has left Liliana pondering what was going on and it was completely unexpected to her.


Tatsuya decided that he would much rather have Liliana keep on stroking his cheek than have her stop doing that, but after a moment of silent confusion Liliana seemed to have arrived at her own answer to this situation, which was the total opposite of Tatsuya’s wish.


「Tatsuya-san, you can’t do that! You mustn’t sleep on the hard floor like that, even if it’s cool……」


She must have completely misinterpreted Tatsuya’s silence as something else entirely, and apparently expected that he would scold her for doing something like that without his permission. And because of that she exclaimed something like that in a loud and sweet voice. She then grabbed Tatsuya’s head and gently placed it in between her arms.


It was a really sudden sensation, switching from the hardness and coolness of the floor to the feeling of being wrapped in Liliana’s soft and warm embrace.


Just like that, Tatsuya’s head was placed right on top of Liliana’s chest, being pressed so close and tight to it that he could even clearly hear Liliana’s increased heartbeat.


Even though his head was wrapped in the pleasant warmness that was hot enough to make him sweat intensely, he didn’t feel any kind of discomfort from it, especially since it was an opportunity to have such a close contact with Liliana’s body.


If there was any remnant of drowsiness that was still present inside of Tatsuya until now, there was nothing left of it right now, all gone in a blink of an eye.


「How about it, Tatsuya-san? How does it feel? My chest pillow?」


 「It’s the best. Let me tell you that, without a doubt.」


Unexpectedly, those were the first words that came out of Tatsuya’s mouth right after his consciousness cleared enough for him to speak up. 


Realizing that he had no chance against the warmness and softness of Liliana’s body he raised the figurative white flag in face of Liliana’s small mischief and just let her get away with it.


And then in order for her to pamper him even more, he crawled his hands around Liliana’s back and hips, clinging onto her tightly and burying his head even deeper inside of her cleavage.


「Ahnnh…… Tatsuya-san, now you just treat me like a genuine pillow. Hnnh…… Please. Don’t rub your face against my chest like that! Please don’t rub it……! I’m still a little sweaty, so it might cling onto you……」


Liliana’s body squirmed a little bit, trying to make Tatsuya to back off as she pleaded with a lustrous voice, but he had no intention of stopping this pleasant experience halfway through, and he wanted to make sure that she would understand it.


And as he continued to bury his face between Liliana’s breasts, he could feel that Liliana was also starting to get excited from this as well.


Because the two protrusions at the tips of her breasts started to swell and poke through her tank top’s fabric, their shape is easy to distinct now.


Right about now, the comfort of being able to nap while being wrapped in the softness peculiar to a woman’s body was the ultimate form of bliss that Tatsuya could ever hope to experience.


However, if someone asked Tatsuya about being able to relax while being in such a blissful position, he would have to shake his head in vigorous denial. Because being wrapped in the warmth and sweet scent of his beloved one, Tatsuya’s little one-eyed monster was slowly starting to wake from its slumber and making its presence known.


While Liliana was able to realize that fact as well and was looking at him with wet and glittering eyes, Tatsuya decided to take immediate action.


「Hyaah!? T-Tatsuya-san!? W-What are you……!? Aaahn!?」


Tatsuya then grabbed the edge of Liliana’s loose tank top and rolled it up carelessly, gaining access to Liliana’s swollen nipples. And with her top all rolled up, there was nothing that would stand in the way of Liliana’s nipples and Tatsuya’s tongue.


Liliana, visibly confused by Tatsuya’s sudden rough treatment, raised her sensual voice while her eyes were becoming rounder and bigger by the moment.


Tatsuya then started to suck on Liliana’s swollen nipples while squeezing her breasts, while his other hand slowly found its way down towards Liliana’s panties, his fingers seeking the hidden entrance that was already nice and moist.


「Ahnnh, Tatsuya-san…… Y-You’re being so rough all of a sudden…… So suddenly, if you do that… Nnnhhh!!!」


While Liliana screamed firmly, her confusion grew even greater. After all, Tatsuya was never before someone who would jump right into action before setting the right mood beforehand.


「I think it would be even greater of a problem if I were not showing any reaction when being placed in a situation quite like this one. Besides, a pillow is something that is just right for touching and squeezing, right? But even so, I cannot relax and sleep well with this one. Besides, who needs sleep when I am wrapped in your boobs like that, Liliana-san? That is why…… I couldn’t stand it any longer.」


「Nnnhh, fuuh…… I-I think you’re kind of right, but that you’re also kind of wrong…… Nhh, ah!」


「Liliana-san, I trust that you already know what it is that you must do, right?」


Tatsuya did not hesitate even for a moment to keep playing with Liliana’s body, even though Liliana herself seemed to be really shocked and confused by his sudden aggressive behavior.


「Aaahn, Tatsuya-san, no, don’t…… If you keep being so rough, my breasts, they will……」


Lifting and squeezing her soft and tender flesh instantly caused Liliana to raise her voice in a moan of pleasure. In response to that, Tatsuya kept on playing with her heavy breasts, squeezing them and kneading them in his fingers, all the while sucking on her nipples while rolling his tongue around them.


「If you keep doing things like that to me in such a way…… Aaahn, nnh…… Even my nipples, they will…… Aaahhn, haaahn…… start feeling all tingly, aaahhh!!!」


But no matter what words she would try to say, the sweet and hot signs that she was letting out in between those words were speaking more than any words could. And truth to be told, she had no reason to actually stop Tatsuya from doing what he was doing.


「You were actually expecting something like this to happen, right, Liliana-san? Even though your nipples became so big and swollen, so much that they were poking through the fabric of your top!」


While carefully rolling his tongue around her nipples, Tatsuya spoke to Liliana, carefully agitating her sense of shame, which made Liliana’s whole body become even more sensitive.


「Ahyiih, iiihhh, nnh…… T-Tatsuya-san, please! A-At least be more gentle…… Iiihhhn!!!」


While feeling the exhilaration born from hearing her pleased voice, Tatsuya pick up the pace and intensity with which he was caressing Liliana’s breasts, so that his fingertips were now properly sinking into the soft yet springy flesh, and enjoyed this feeling to the fullest.




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