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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 7 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Of course, there was no way that Liliana would actually overlook something like that. That is why when she saw Tatsuya exiting the bathroom, she lied on her back on top of the bed and was getting herself ready for what was to come.


「Umm, sorry for making you wait, Liliana-san. And I hope that we can have another pleasant and eventful night together tonight.」


For a moment Tatsuya was taken aback by this entire situation, but then he started to gradually calm down when he realized that actually this was not going to be all that different from all those times they were having sex before.


However, it was rather unusual and unexpected for Liliana to be so assertive and aggressive when it comes to sex. However, he also had to admit that seeing her like this was not actually that bad of a thing. Rather, it was really refreshing.


「Yes. And I’m looking forward to leave myself in your care once again, Tatsuya-san.」


Liliana said while looking at Tatsuya in a shy way. There was a mixture of both shame and expectation written all over her face, most probably because she couldn’t stop thinking about what Tatsuya was going to do to her in the near future.


「W-Well then, please excuse me for a moment.」


With that said, Liliana turned her face towards Tatsuya’s stiff and perky manhood and drew closer towards it. 


And immediately right after that, Tatsuya’s field of vision was blocked by Liliana’s sensual hips.


「It must have been hard for you, right, Tatsuya-san? Having to deal with your precious thing while it is in such a state. But it’s alright now. Because I am going to service a whole lot and make you feel better……」


Then, Liliana blows a trail of hot breath right over Tatsuya’s swollen manhood, which then twitches and hardens even further, so much that its blood vessels were bulging so much that they seemed like they would pop off at any moment now.


Tatsuya then turned his gaze towards Liliana’s wet and sloppy pussy, which was trembling in anticipation while she wriggled her peachy butt in an inviting gesture.


「Liliana-san, I think that the eel’s magic is already working on you pretty well……」


「Yes, it’s also because when I saw you in the state you are now, Tatsuya-san, it just got me so excited! And you are even bigger than usual!」


Tatsuya wasn’t exactly sure to what degree an eel would be responsible for his current state, but he could definitely feel that his body was all hot and swirly inside, so there must have been at least some semblance of truth to it. 


Even when Liliana uttered those words, her hot breath was brushing against Tatsuya’s dick, creating a most ticklish and unique sensation.


「…… Yes, that might be true. After all, I was thinking of nothing else but you this whole time, Liliana-san.」


When Tatsuya confessed obediently to that fact, he could have sworn that Liliana’s whole body twitched slightly. 


「Fufufu, well then…… I guess that I’ll have to do my very best in order to meet your expectations, Tatsuya-san. ……Haamuuh, *chuu*.」


Having said that, Liliana put Tatsuya’s dick inside of her mouth without even a moment of delay.




The sudden stimulus caused Tatsuya to let out a short moan.


Swallowing his glans whole, sprinkling her saliva from her tongue all over him, and squeezing his swelling shaft with her cheeks, the sudden pleasure of this act was too much.


「Nfuuh, haah…… Yes, I knew it. I think you’re slightly bigger than usual tonight, Tatsuya-san.」


「W-Well, that’s, you know……」


Tatsuya could not really deny the beneficial effects of the eels here, but above all else, it was only but a natural reaction if you see a beautiful woman naked right in front of your eyes, her nether lips quivering and opening and closing impatiently, leaking traces of transparent liquid.


「The smell is way stronger than usual. And the way in which it twitches and trembles also feels different somehow?……Hamuuh, *chuu*, just servicing it with my mouth like that makes my whole body tremble and shake!


「Kuh…… I can see that for today, you have become really assertive…… Liliana-san. And the way in which you are blowing me feels so good that it feel as if my legs are about to give up any moment now!」


Tatsuya could not help it but to let out an enthusiastic moan like that when faced with that kind of supple yet intense pleasure. At the same time, Liliana continued to move her head and mouth in a steady rhythm, squeezing his dick with the inside of her mouth while making wet and sticky sounds.


Moreover, the fact that his field of view was currently being blocked by Liliana’s huge butt and wet crotch, he was keenly aware of the fact that he had no idea what Liliana would do next. And not knowing that fact proved to be yet another source of sweet excitement.


「Nguuh, *chuu*, *slurp*, *suck*…… T-That’s because, I only wish to make Tatsuya-san feel really good. And when I think of doing just that, my mouth just moves on its own!」


「Fuuh, uuh…… T-Thank you so much for that, Liliana-san. Well then, I guess I’ll just have to return the favor, won’t I?」


After saying that, Tatsuya stuck out his tongue and drew it closer to the wet and impatient slit that was right in front of his very eyes.




「Now then, let us both feel really good, Liliana-san.」


Tatsuya rolled his tongue so that it became slightly pointed, and with it like that he pressed it forward, inserting it right into Liliana’s hot and wet insides, as if mocking the way in which her mouth was pleasuring his penis at the same time. And in response, even more love juices gushed out of Liliana’s pussy.




When Tatsuya’s tongue started to trace back and forth across Liliana’s honey-drenched slit, her hips jumped up exaggeratedly in response and shook.


Perhaps it was because Liliana felt way more enthusiastic than usual, for the lewd liquids continued to overflow from her nether mouth and flowed down onto Tatsuya’s tongue and entered his mouth like a steady torrent.


「Ahuuh, nnh…… Tatsuya-san, that actually tickles when you do that, nnhhh, uuhhh!」


「Oh wow, you are so sensitive, Liliana-san. Not that I know about how other people are, but still……」


Tatsuya crawled his tongue around Liliana’s genitals, enjoying the sight of her whole body twitching and shivering, as if the pleasure was causing electric shocks to travel all throughout her body.


He then scooped out a huge portion of her love juices with his tongue and spread them evenly all over her hot and bothered entrance.


「Hyaaah! Nnhh, n-not there, Tatsuya-san! T-That place is dirty…… Nhyiiih!? I-If you keep on stimulating it like that, Tatsuya-san…… Aaaaaahhhnnn!!!」


「No way. Liliana-san, there is not a single place on your body that could be considered dirty. And look just how drenched you are down there. I’m really glad that it feels so good for you…… And now, let’s just keep on feeling good together, shall we?」


「Fuuah…… I-I understand…… I-In that case… I’m going to keep servicing you a whole lot, Tatsuya-san…… Nnnhh, and we are going to keep feeling good together.」


Urged by Tatsuya’s word, Liliana gets even more enthusiastic about her servicing and tried to take his manhood inside her mouth even deeper than before.


While writhing in pleasure that arises from the depths of her most sensitive parts, Liliana firmly wraps her mouth around Tatsuya’s shaft and sucks him deep into her mouth, lowering and raising her head in a steady rhythm.


「Ooohhh! T-That feels good! You’re sucking me in so deep!」


Tatsuya involuntarily stopped the movement of his tongue because of this intense stimulation, and almost choked on his own voice as his hips jerked and trembled violently due to the intense suction.


「Nguuh, *sluuurp*, nnh, aahhh, Tatsuya-san! Tatsuya-san……!」


Liliana then puts even more effort into the way in which her head and mouth move around Tatsuya’s cock, mumbling his name in the process as a result of being completely overwhelmed by her own pleasure and being overjoyed that it also felt good for him as well.


She bravely shook her head back and forth, rubbing Tatsuya’s penis with the inside of her mouth and cheeks, trying to taste it from every direction possible. With a stroke motion so deep that his glans could actually reach down her throat, she squeezed down on him tightly, causing him even crazier stimulation.


「U-Uwah, Liliana-san! This feels so intense…… It’s really amazing!」


Liliana’s mouth kept on moving back and forth, giving him the fiercest service possible, and the intense pleasure was more than enough to light Tatsuya abdomen on fire, making him feel as though he was about to cum at any moment now.




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