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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 8 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

CHAPTER 8: Liliana-san and the Oil Massage




Today was the long-awaited day.


Tatsuya together with a small group of his friends finally went to the beach.


Right in front of their eyes, as far as they could see there was nothing more but a blue sea and the white sandy beach.


The summer sunshine, usually so scorching hot and merciless, seemed to be somewhat more manageable when you could hear the sound of the reverberating waves crashing against the shoreline.


However –––




「Keima, calm down! You’re being way too noisy!」


「But don’t you actually want to scream out loud when you get to see a beach quite like that?」


「Yeah, we get it. We get it, man. We really do. Just…… Could you be somewhat less noisy about it? Stop acting like a small child, especially in front of other people. You make us all look bad.」




「Tatsuya-san, your friends surely are an interesting bunch.」


「Ahh, you are being so understanding, Liliana-san. Ahhh, how I envy our Tatsuya right here, who can be with such a gentle and beautiful lady such as yourself!」


「You sure have some balls to compliment other women like that, I’ll give you that.」


「GYAAH –––!!!」


–––––– Tatsuya really wished that he could have gone to the beach only with Liliana. Just the two of them.


This whole thing actually started about two days ago.


It was actually Keima who invited Tatsuya to go to the beach together with him.


The members of this excursion were: Keima and his girlfriend China, as well as Tatsuya and Liliana.


Initially Tatsuya was really surprised with this sudden invitation, but their reasoning was more than sound enough. Apparently, it was supposed to be a trip for “those who happen to share the same secret”.


In fact, Keima’s girlfriend is someone who is very popular with men and women alike at their University.


In a sense, China was like that inaccessible flower that was sought after by almost everyone, and someone who acts like a horny clown almost all the time seemed to be a really odd partner for someone as beautiful and popular as her. Their reputations seemed to be way too far apart.


That said, China was actually kind of reluctant to go out alone with her boyfriend to the beach, just the two of them.


And just like that, Tatsuya and Liliana were obviously the best suitable choice here, since they have seen them together before and happened to know what was going on in between them.


Initially confused, Tatsuya quickly understood what it was all about here. After all, he was hiding his relationship with Liliana for the same kind of reason.


Also, he knew it all too well: if Liliana was to walk on the white, sandy beach wearing nothing more but her swimsuit, she would definitely stand out.


And the level of attention she would get would be unlike anything that they have encountered during their pool date. As well as glares and rude comments addressed at Tatsuya.


Yes, it would have been way too distracting and hard to actually enjoy themselves if any of the two pairs were going in their own, and so it was decided that they four of them would go to the beach together.


「Now than, since we have come all this way to the beach like that, there is only one thing left for us to do! Let’s party and have a good time!」


Keima proclaimed out loud like that, and after receiving another earful from China for being way too loud, all four of them went towards the sea.

–––––– After they have swam around in the sea for a little bit, the group decided to take a short break while drying their wet bodies in the sun. It was then that Keima talked to Tatsuya with a beach ball in hand, which he happened to procure all of a sudden from God knows where.


「So hey, one of the mandatory activities that comes to mind during the summer excursion to the beach is playing volleyball in swimsuits, right? And look, they just happen to have a volleyball court right there! So, since we are already here, how about we give it a try?」


「…… I mean yeah, sure. I don’t mind.」


「I actually wanted to do a couple of other things that are available here, but…… I don’t mind as well, but what about you, Liliana-san?」


「If that is what you feel like doing right now, Tatsuya-san, then I’m going to play along and accompany you.」


Once this matter was all settled, Keima led the entire group to the beach volleyball court. 


「Alright then, what do we do about team division?」


Before they were even able to begin playing, Keima spoke up just like that. And right after that his girlfriend went forward with a certain proposition.


「I don’t think that a “boyfriend and girlfriend VS boyfriend and girlfriend” match would be particularly interesting. So how about we do this the old-fashioned way? The good old “Boys VS Girls” team division?」


「––– Excuse me? Umm, no, but then……」


Keima tries to protest to the sudden idea that China proposed, but she would hear none of it.


「That’s because I’m usually only with you when we go out. And sometimes you just wish that you could also meet with others, wouldn’t you agree? Besides, mixing things up like that has its merits.」


At that moment, Tatsuya needed to really give it his all so that he wouldn’t burst out laughing. And so he managed to retain a poker face, with a slight puff of air coming from his nostrils. 


「…… I also think that it’s okay to mix thing up a bit from time to time like that.」


 「You too, Tatsuya!? B-But I’m sure that Liliana-san would like to team up with you and……」


「If Tatsuya-san is okay with a team division like that, then I do not mind it as well.」


「H-Huh? Seriously now!?」


Finding himself to be all alone right now, Keima could only hand his head in utter defeat.


Apparently there was some sort of hidden agenda that he had on his mind here, but with China shooting him down like that, there was nothing that he could actually do about it anymore.


Perhaps he wanted to have some opportunity that would allow him to bong with her some more, or maybe to allow him to look “cool” in front of her.


However, it was probably not the first time that something like that happened, for China only commented on that “I bet that you are thinking about something stupid again, aren’t you?”.


「Alright, let’s get this thing started, shall we?」


「Kuh, I guess that it really cannot be helped. Tatsuya! The least we can do right now is to burn the splendid images of our girlfriends inside of our brains!」


「Speak for yourself, I’m not even going to do such a thing……」


「Gee, you surely are no fun at all, huh, Tatsuya?」


「Well, at the very least, if there is something one could admire about you, it would be your passion. You must really like her very much.」


「I mean, it’s only natural ––– she’s my girlfriend!」


Even though Tatsuya meant those word to be a sort of tease or a mockery, Keima answered him in a straightforward way with a true passion burning in his eyes. Just like that, Tatsuya guessed that he did not really understood what this whole exchange was even about.


Keima’s said those words with pride and looked at China, but on the other side of the volleyball court his girlfriend only rolled her eyes and let out a sigh filled with annoyance, her cheeks at the same time turning slightly red. And then, the expression on her face shifted into that being a mixture of both joy and embarrassment.


「It’s precisely because you’re like this that I…… Goodness……」

And then the beach volleyball match started in earnest, although it could be said that it was more of a one-sided slaughter.


While both Tatsuya and Keima had to struggle to coordinate their actions and score even a single point, Liliana and China both had good motor skills and seem to be very compatible and in sync with one another.


Liliana launches the ball at an outstanding height and timing, and then China immediately follows it with a direct spike, bringing the ball down with such speed and force that it was accompanied with a loud whistle of the air.


As a result of that spike, the bullet-like ball sank right into Keima’s face, and then it just casually fell inside of the boy’s court.


After scoring a direct collision with the ball like that, Keima was blown away and fell to the ground as well, rolling up in the sand and writhing in apparent pain, screaming even more from the friction resulting from the contact of his sunburnt skin and the course sand.




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