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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 8 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「I’m really sorry, Liliana-san. I should have known that without the sunshine here, the oil would not be warm and that it could come as a shock to you. I should have warmed it up in my hands a little bit first.」


「N-No, it’s alright, Tatsuya-san. I was the one who asked you to do this, so please, don’t worry about it and just carry on.」


「Y-Yeah…… Well then, here I go……」


Tatsuya touched Liliana’s back with his oil-covered hands once again, this time around paying close attention as to not make the same kind of mistake.


「Nhh, hnn……」


Liliana’s shoulders quivered slightly the moment he touched her back. The smooth feeling of her brown skin felt so delicate to the touch that for a moment out there Tatsuya thought that his hand might actually sink into her skin.


「How it is? Is this amount alright to you?」


「Yes, it’s perfect. It’s just right.」


Tatsuya focused on applying the oil all over Liliana’s back while doing his best to ignore the force with which his own heart started to beat inside of his chest for the time being.


Carefully and evenly, so as to not leave any area of Liliana’s beautiful back uncoated with the massage oil, doing his best to stroke it into her supple skin.


「Nhh, haah.」


Liliana’s skin was originally pretty smooth, but now it has become even smoother and more slippery thanks to the slimy texture of the massage oil.


In addition, the oil also managed to increase the shine and luster of Liliana’s skin, and being able to witness that so up-close, Tatsuya’s heart was starting to race more and more as his mind was gradually starting to set into a really peculiar kind of mood.


「The way in which you do it feels really good, Tatsuya-san……」


When Liliana almost moans those words out loud, for Tatsuya it felt as though his heart was about to scream and subsequently burst from all the accumulated excitement.


Now he was actually beginning to understand: if he was asked to do this for her while they were still at the beach, with all those people around them, he would have been in for one hell of a difficult mission when it comes to controlling his own desires.


「I’m glad to hear it. Well then, I shall continue on just like this.」 


At this rate, Tatsuya was seriously becoming afraid that he might actually lose the sense of his original purpose here and do something highly inappropriate. That is why he started to chant this mantra inside of his head: “I’m just applying sunscreen oil onto her, I’m just applying sunscreen oil onto her!” in order to calm himself down.


Chanting that time after time, he continued stroking Liliana’s soft skin carefully and meticulously. And then a really sudden thought occurred in his head?


(But wait…… Liliana-san has a fairly dark skin. Is it even possible for her to get sunburned in the first place?)


Even though he was rubbing the massage oil into her skin right now, he started to wonder just how effective it would really be. And it was that kind of thought that once occurred inside of Tatsuya’s mind, it just wouldn’t leave it.


It’s not even about going to the beach. So far during this summer, Liliana had plenty of opportunities to have a huge portion of her body exposed to the hot rays of scorching sun, but even so, Tatsuya had no memory of actually seeing her skin darkening even in the slightest.


「What’s wrong, Tatsuya-san? Is something the matter?」


「Huh? No, it’s nothing…… Nothing at all……」


Liliana tilted her head ever so slightly, because apparently Tatsuya’s inner conflict was so apparent that it was projected onto his face and even Liliana managed to notice it.


「Is that so? I was wondering…… Could it be that you were perhaps thinking about how effective the sunscreen oil would be on my skin, since it is already so dark-brown? Or is it possible for me to get sunburnt at all?」


「W-Well, this is…… I mean……」


Maybe it was completely because of her womanly intuition, but without even trying, Liliana managed to hit the proverbial bullseye while muttering those words to herself. 


For a moment out there Tatsuya started to panic, but apparently Liliana did not care all that much about that subject, for she proceeded to casually explain to him:


「Fufu…… To make a long story short for you, Tatsuya-san, dark-colored skin can also get sunburnt. You do know why some people have dark or even black skin color, right, Tatsuya-san? It is because of the dense presence of pigment called melanin in the skin, a pigment that serves the purpose of protecting one’s skin from the harmful effects of the sunlight. It also makes it so that the skin is not affected by the sun nearly as much. Actually, it might be somewhat difficult to explain properly.」


「Hmm, is that so?」


While Tatsuya was genuinely impressed with Liliana’s little lecture, because he stopped paying attention to the movements of his hands and the strength that he was putting in those movements, his hands actually managed to slip here.






With that sound, Tatsuya’s fingers groped onto something that was extremely elastic while staying extremely soft.


And it was that kind of lovely softness that actually made Tatsuya to stop doing what he was doing.


「T-Tatsuya-san…… I-I know you might be eager to rub the oil to that place as well, but… there might be no need for it now……」


Because as a matter of fact, the thing that Tatsuya’s fingers managed to sink into her of course, Liliana’s bountiful and protruding breasts.


「W-Whoa!? I-I’m so sorry, Liliana-san! This was not intentional, I swear!」


Realizing what he had done, Tatsuya started to apologize in a hurry, letting go of Liliana’s breasts and withdrawing his hands, already feeling really guilty about this whole situation, even though it was not intentional.


「Umm, i-it’s not that I do not feel happy when you are touching me, Tatsuya-san, but right now it’s a little bit……」


「P-Please believe me! I swear that it was not intentional on my part!」


「Yes, I know. And I believe you, Tatsuya-san. I really do.」


「Umm…… so, does that mean that… I can continue doing what I was doing?」


「Fufu, yes, please. I would really like that.」


Seeing just how much she was trusting him with this, Tatsuya opened up his hands once more and started re-apply the massage oil onto his lovely girlfriend’s back.


However, if he really wanted to properly coat every inch of Liliana’s back with the massage oil, it’s only natural that he would also need to touch the areas around her sides or armpits, which also meant ––––––






Once again, Tatsuya’s fingers happened to slip and end up squeezing Liliana’s boobs.


Their firm tension and elasticity that was trying to push his fingers away was truly brilliant, and it only caused Tatsuya to grip her breasts even firmer to avoid any further slip-ups…


「T-Tatsuya-san? What are you……?」


It was the kind of feeling that Tatsuya happened to have tasted many times now, but now with the addition of the slimy massage oil the incredible softness that was transmitted through the palm of his hands was entirely different from the usual one. But it was still something incredibly unique and indescribable.


And once again: the moment Tatsuya heard Liliana’s voice just now, he hurriedly let go of her boobs and went on to apologize once more.

「I-I’m really sorry!」


「Geez, if you really want to touch them that much, Tatsuya-san, then at the very least you could warn me before you are going to do it.」


「Huh? So, you mean that you don’t mind being touched by me like that, Liliana-san?」


「Yes, I don’t mind at all. Because I belong entirely to you, Tatsuya-san.」




In that very moment, seeing how boundless Liliana’s generosity truly was, Tatsuya would not even be surprised if he was about to witness a halo above her head, or her entire body being wrapped up in a divine light.


「Are you perhaps done with my back for now, Tatsuya-san?」


「Y-Yeah. I think that that about does it for the back area. It’s all nice and oiled up.」


「Thank you so much, Tatsuya-san. I really appreciate it.」


「I’m glad that I could at least do something for you that makes you feel happy, Liliana-san. Well then, I know that I just finished applying it, but since we must both be tired from today, I guess we are going to go straight to sleep, right? In that case, it would do you good to wash the oil off before you go to bed, Liliana-san. So how about you go and take a shower first, and then I’ll go right after you?」


「No, not just yet. I don’t think that we are quite done in here.」 




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