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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 8 Part 5



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「Huh? Is there something else that you still want to do today –––––– Huh!? What the!? L-Liliana-san!?」


At that exact moment Liliana got up, of course without having her swimsuit to cover up her front or back.


Her two heavy breasts shook and bounced vigorously, and her nipples were already swollen and erect, quivering slightly as if they were silently begging for something.


Also there was something that Tatsuya could clearly see shining in her eyes just now: it was the shine of pure lust and desire.


「Aren’t you forgetting about something, Tatsuya-san? You still haven’t properly coated this place.」


Saying that, Liliana took Tatsuya’s hand in her own hand, which caused him to become quite surprised and stiffen up a little bit, and then she pushed his hand right into her own plump lump of meat and that was protruding from her chest.


And once again, the bountiful breast that was way too big for Tatsuya to be able to cover it whole with the palm of his hand brought his hand the sensation of incredible elasticity combined with unique firmness at the same time.


「B-But this place has nothing to do with applying the sunscreen oil……」


「Yes, that’s right. But that’s not about it at all. From here on out, I want to make up for the quality time that we could have spent with just the two of us today, but we were unable to do so…… The quality time meant only for adults……」


Liliana’s sweet words made her breasts shake up slightly, and she looked like her entire body was about to heat up with desire.


It seems that while Tatsuya was busy applying the massage oil onto Liliana’s back, her imagination must have run pretty wild, because her skin was slightly covered in sweat and her cheeks were burning up like they were on fire all of a sudden.


 「Alright. To be honest, all this time I was touching you just now, Liliana-san, I was trying to be patient and hold myself back. But I can no longer do that.」


Saying so, Tatsuya picked up the bottle with the massage oil, and after covering his hands with a thick layer of oil, he brought his hands closer towards the bountiful boobs that he was so reluctant to touch just a moment ago.


「Ahh, it’s so cold…… Hyuh, nnh……!」


Apaprently Liliana could not bear the cold sensation of slimy oil dripping down her soft skin, which was not slightly dyed in crimson shade, and she leaked out her voice ever so slightly.


Her breasts, which were already amazing and beautiful in their own right, now became even more captivating that they were covered in the massage oil and gained even more smoothness to them.


Their greasy friction was also something entirely different right about now, as when he tried to hold Liliana’s boobs in his own oiled up hands, they just bounced away and became quite difficult for him to cup properly.


「Fuaah, nnh, my chest…… it’s all slimy and slippery right now…… Nnh…….!」


But even so, Tatsuya would continue to smear the massage oil all over Liliana’s soft breasts without stopping, even when it was proving a little bit difficult for him to do so.


And apparently, the already excited Liliana started to writhe and wiggle a little bit under Tatsuya’s touch, the sensation of having the massage oil rubbed into her breasts serving as a new source of excitement fuel for her.


Her soft skin, covered with the mixture of her sweat and the massage oil was all slippery and shiny in the dim light of the room, and right about now it looked even more sensual and lascivious than ever before.


「Uwah, Liliana-san, your boobs are just like a freshly opened pudding. So springy and shiny……」


The sheer look and sensation of those oiled-up boobs of hers was more than enough to light up Tatsuya’s animalistic fire in earnest.


And so he cupped Liliana’s bouncing breasts in his hands as proceeded to squeeze and fondle them as much as he pleased.


Every time he would stimulate the shiny and soft flesh mounds, Liliana’s nipples that were already quite swollen would become even stiffer, igniting her own libido even further.


While closely observing Liliana’s reactions, Tatsuya then brought one of his hands closely towards her crotch, and after he moved one of his fingers around that area for a little bit, it started to make sloppy and wet sounds that echoed throughout the room.


「Ahaaahn, my chest is already feeling so warm … Haah, hauuh, nfuuh…… Uhh, and my pussy is already overflowing with my naughty juices…… making such lewd sounds……」


Tatsuya then steadily slid his hand upwards and grabbed Liliana’s breast, thrusting his fingers into her soft and delicate flesh at the same time as stirring her wet crevice with his other hand.


「Liliana-san’s body…… It’s so wet and slimy and slippery, that’s actually amazing……」


「Ahaah…… I can feel it clearly… Tatsuya-san’s hand as it slips all over my body…… Nhh, aaaaauuhn!!!」


Every time Tatsuya rubs the oil into her body, there would be a high-pitched squeal that would escape from Liliana’s mouth, causing her boobs to shake and her hips to quiver.


「Fuuh, fuuh…… If you keep reacting to it like that, Liliana-san, then I won’t be able to hold myself back any longer, either……」


Said Tatsuya while not stopping to fondle and squeeze Liliana’s huge breast and her wet crotch even for a moment.


And with each passing second Liliana’s face was becoming more and more twisted with the expression of pure pleasure and ecstasy, loud moans and soft screams escaping from her throat more and more often.


「Afuuuah, ahhnh, Tatsuya-san’s hand…… on my breast…… It feels wonderful!」


The dripping massage oil dripping from Liliana’s breasts was slowly accumulating inside of her cleavage, and then smeared all over her breasts again the moment they pressed against one another. And seeing this mixture of oil and her sweat combining together, Tatsuya became even more absorbed into fondling her body with even more vigor.


「Liliana-san…… Your body is getting warmer and warmer……」


「Ahyiiihn!! Ahh, aahh…… I-I feel it, I feel like my head is spinning! Ahh ,nnh, I can feel my pussy getting so hot down there……」


Her body all shivering and twitching from the hot feeling that was spreading around from her breasts all over her body, Liliana’s body writhed and twisted itself so that her private parts would press themselves more firmly against Tatsuya’s hand, further amplifying the flames of pleasure she was feeling right now. And Tatsuya was more than happy to oblige her in her longing. 


Liliana’s body then bounced heavily as yet another scream escaped from her throat.


「Hmm, for some reason, it seems that your body is way more sensitive than usual, Liliana-san.」


「T-That’s because, aaahhh, ahh…… It’s been like that ever since you started to cover my back with that massage oil, Tatsuya-san…… Just the thought of your hands stroking my body like that…… Nhh, kuuh, fuaah…… it was more than enough to send shivers down my spine……」


「Hmm, what a coincidence. Ever since that time, I have also felt quite excited and bothered by it.」


「Auuuhh, nnh, hnnh, nnnhhh, uuh!!」


Hearing that, Liliana shook her face while feeling ashamed. But at the same time she continued to sprinkle her lustrous voice, all thanks to having her crotch stirred and her nipples teased by Tatsuya’s hand.


「Oh, Liliana-san, you are so cute……」


「Hyaaahuuhn! Ahh, aaahhh……  No, don’t do that, Tatsuya-san! If you tell me something like that all of a sudden, my body is going to feel way too happy about that……! Nhyiiih, iiihhhnnn, cumming! I’m feeling so happy that it makes me cum, uuhh!!!」


Feeling that the peak of her pleasure was fast approaching, Tatsuya made sure that the movements of his hands tormenting Liliana’s privates would pick up their pace, in order to give her as much pleasure before she would peak.


「It’s okay. You can cum all you want, Liliana-san.」


And with that in mind, in order to give her as much pleasure as possible, Tatsuya paid special attention to Liliana’s wet nether lips and her enlarged and swollen nipples.


「Cumming! I-I’m cumming! Uuuhh! T-Tatsuya-san, I-I’m…… Cumming! I’m cumming!」


Liliana cried that out loud, but it sounded more like an animalistic roar. 


All that it took to make feel like this was for Tatsuya to tease her a little bit after rubbing the massage oil all over her back. And the result was this: Liliana was already about to cum from the pleasure. And the way in which her body was shivering and writhing, she was unable to bear it any longer. And just a few seconds later, a huge amount of love juices gushed out from inside of her pussy, dripping all over her legs and thighs, and dripping onto the floor. Also, her legs shook and trembled so much that for a moment out there Tatsuya was genuinely afraid that she might actually fall over, unable to stand straight.




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