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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 8 Part 8



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



It did not actually look like Liliana was moving her hips consciously right now. But her pussy was still gripping tight onto Tatsuya’s dick, not letting him go and letting him experience a really intense kind of pleasure from this.


「Please, Tatsuya-san, move some more, I want you to not stop until you are going to give my womb a fresh and huge helping of your precious thick semen!」


The movements of her waist might have been weak in and out of themselves, but at least the strong feelings behind those movements were easily conveyed to Tatsuya.


「Haha…… It makes me happy, Liliana-san. It really does. The fact that you think so dearly of me, even in a situation quite like this……」


She had an option to just stop right here and have a well-earned rest after cumming twice in such a grand fashion. But now it was obvious that she cast that option away in favor of servicing her beloved one. To reward her feelings and devotion, Tatsuya also steeled his resolve, ready to work extra hard for her sake.


「I’m going to bathe your womb in my semen until you are going to be fully satisfied, Liliana-san.」


Tatsuya re-adjusts the position of his legs and begins to piston Liliana’s pussy with even greater power and momentum as much as he can.


「Ahyiiihn!!! Nnh, aaahhh!!! It feels so good when you do that, Tatsuya-san, going in and out like that…… Aaaahhhh!!!」


In the wake of Tatsuya’s ejaculation drawing closer and closer, Liliana’s slimy body bounces back and forth on his dick, sometimes drawing sensual circles in order to grant him even more pleasure before he would reach his peak.


But even if he was left all alone to do it, Tatsuya would still mercilessly assault Liliana’s body, not in order to give pleasure to himself, but rather so that he could make her feel even better.


「It’s okay, Liliana-san. You look so excited right now that I just can’t help it. It looks so wonderful that I just want to see more and more of that expression of yours.」


In order to respond to Liliana’s feeling, the face of whom was twisted in the most lovely expression of sheer ecstasy, Tatsuya started to move his hips even more vigorously.


The huge quantities of love juices that were spilling out of her drenched pussy were making a wet and squeaky sound when they were being pounded by Tatsuya’s dick so much that it foamed and bubbled.


「Aaah, aah, aahn, nnnh! Every time you are pounding me, Tatsuya-san, I can her your penis smacking into my body and it makes a really lewd sound!」


「It’s only a given that your body would react that away, especially after cumming so much and your love juices overflow so much, Liliana-san.」


Those words might not have been the most correct ones in this situation or especially accurate, but at the current moment there was really no need for Tatsuya to correct himself.


He just continued to shake his hips and make lots of shameful sounds through repeated pounding of Liliana’s soaked pussy with his swollen cock.


「Nhyiiih, I-I can feel it in my womb! Tatsuya-san is pounding me so hard that the inside of my womb is able to feel it properly…… Aaahhh!! Just thinking that you are about to ejaculate so hard inside of me, it makes my head turn all white inside!!」


Liliana whose uterus started to violently shake as she urged Tatsuya to cum as soon as possible, lets out another loud scream.


As her hot flesh was no longer able to stand the increasing pleasure, squeezed down on his dick and started to bounce on it even more intensely.


Tatsuya’s crotch was also becoming swallowed by the hot and muddy pleasure so much that he was no longer able to stand it.


「Yeah, I can feel it clearly as well. And I’m about to cum, too…… I’m going to let it all out inside of your hot and drenched pussy just like that…… So let’s cum together one more time, Liliana-san!」


While he was pressing his penis right into Liliana’s cervix with all the force he could muster, Liliana could feel shivers running across her entire back, which in turn made her urge Tatsuya towards his own ejaculation even faster.


「Fuaaahhh! My head is starting to turn pure-white again! Please, Tatsuya-san! I beg of you! Let me cum! Please let me cum one more time!!!」


「Yeah, I understand, Liliana-san! I’m going to do it, too! I’m going to give it to you a whole lot, the white stuff you love so much! Aaahhh!!!」


Just as Liliana desired, Tatsuya pushed the tip of his meat stick against her cervix and he reached his peak right there, starting to spit out as much as white, cloudy and thick sperm as he possibly could release.


「Higuuh!? Ahyiiiiiihhhhhh!? I-It’s coming, it’s coming out! Tatsuya-san’s hot and thick semen is flooding my womb! And I can tell it all too clearly right now, making splashing noises as it comes out!!」


The white and thick cloudiness he released from inside of him pierced Liliana’s insides and started to flood her uterus in a blink of an eye, and she could clearly tell that the inside of her stomach was being stuffed with a hot and sticky wave.


Liliana’s whole body started to twitch and shake to the rhythm of Tatsuya’s expelling his lust from inside of his dick, as it twitched and pulsated strongly inside of her.


「Haah, ahh, I’m getting pumped full of…… Haah, Tatsuya-san’s precious semen, my stomach feels like it’s about to burst. Ahh, haah, I’m so happy that Tatsuya-san was able to feels so good with my body……」


Liliana, who received the entirety of Tatsuya’s intense ejaculation right inside of her womb, finally collapsed on top of the bed in the overwhelming afterglow of her third climax today.


「Haah, haah…… That felt really good to me, Liliana-san. Thank you so much for that.」


Breathing heavily, Tatsuya also collapsed on top of the bed right next to his beloved Liliana.


Seeing her also short of breath and her chest going up and down in a frantic rhythm, Tatsuya’s heart was all of a sudden filled with a strange but warm sense of fulfillment.


Then, when he finally decided to get up slightly and pull himself out of Liliana’s insides, the moment his penis disconnected from her pussy, the excess semen that flooded her womb started to violently spill out.


「P-Please wait a moment, Tatsuya-san……」


As Tatsuya tried to move away from Liliana in order to let her rest for a while, she stopped him from doing that. Then, for a short while she gazed in a daze at the cloudy trail of semen that was gushing out of her pussy.


「Umm, Liliana-san?」


「Not yet. I can still service you some more, Tatsuya-san……」




While Tatsuya could only muster a surprised sound from his throat in response to that bold statement, Liliana used her dexterity to slip her body forward and bring herself, or rather her face, right in front of the still semen-dripping meat stick of her beloved Tatsuya.


「If it’s for you, Tatsuya-san…… I can do it as many times as you want…… Nhh, hamuh!」


「…… Uwah!?」


Liliana says that, and then she pushes her still shivering body forward still, opening her mouth and swallowing Tatsuya’s still erect, semen and love juice-coated dick inside of it completely in one go.


「Nhh, nnnhhh, uuuhh..…. *Nchuu*, *bubuh*」


Her warm and slimy tongue entwines itself around Tatsuya’s shaft, vigorously licking it all the way towards the root like that.


Tatsuya’s eyes got big and round in response to Liliana’s sudden action, but having the place where the afterglow of his powerful ejaculation still remained all wrapped in the slimy warmness of Liliana’s mouth was a little bit overstimulating for him at the current moment, and his hips shook and twitched strongly as if he was unable to handle the sudden surge of pleasure.


「Nfuuh, nnh…… Puhaah, I’m going to clean it up for you nice and fast, Tatsuya-san…… *Chuu*, *lick*, nnh!」


Liliana squinted her eyes when she felt Tatsuya’s huge dick twitch inside of her mouth, traces of remaining semen and her own love juices dripping down her throat. And once she managed to get used to this feeling, she gradually started to move her head up and down in a steady rhythm.


「Kuhh, ahh, nnh…… L-Liliana-san, you’re going to make me all hard and stiff once again if you’ll do it like that……」


「Aahn, nnh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to overdo it, Tatsuya-san…… But I’ll make sure that it feels good to you, Tatsuya-san……  Nmuuh, *chuu*…… Your penis is so delicious, and the smell is so strong, Tatsuya-san……」


 Liliana smiles brightly as if it was only a matter of course, and then she starts to scoop out the remaining threads of both Tatsuya’s semen and her love nectar from his dick.


「Aahh…… Liliana-san’s mouth, it feels so incredibly good……!!」


At first he was slightly worried about Liliana, since he thought she might be needlessly pushing herself a little bit too hard, but once he saw that her intentions were nothing but genuine, he decided to just leave himself in her care and let her do what she wanted to do.


The feeling of her soft and warm tongue rubbing itself against him and the piston-like movement of her mouth, which felt completely different from the feeling of the inside of her pussy, strongly resonate with the nerves around Tatsuya’s dick, which were already pretty hypersensitive since he ejaculated not even a moment ago.


Tatsuya thought that after cumming inside of Liliana’s pussy so much he would be completely satisfied, but when she was giving him a sloppy blowjob like that, he could feel a whole new sense of pleasure and lust starting to build up inside of him.


「Nhaah, *chuu*, *lick*, *lick*, nnh, Tatsuya-san…… even though you came just a moment ago, you are still so full of energy…… *Sluurp*, *lick*, *suuck*!!」


The way in which Liliana was sucking him off so enthusiastically was making Tatsuya’s dick twitch and shiver inside of Liliana’s mouth, sending electric shocks throughout his abdomen.


And that feeling of electric shock running through the lower half of his body was only becoming stronger when Liliana’s supple lips would gently wrap themselves even tighter around his shaft, creating a unique and sensual sense of pleasure. It was also more than enough to make him feel like he was about to cum again, him being so over-sensitive.


「Fuuh, uuh, nnh…… L-Like this, even if you’re cleaning it up so nice and good, it might get all dirty all over again.」


Once she happened to hear that, Liliana’s eyes shone with a bright and enthusiastic light, and then she picked up her pace after muttering:


「Please, go right ahead, nguuh, uuh, no matter how many times you get dirty, Tatsuya-san…… I’ll be sure to clean you up right away…… Nmuuh, guuh, *slurp*, *suuck*, nnh!!!」


The way in which Liliana was moving her head right now was pressing Tatsuya’s dick hard against her throat, and she would even tighten her cheeks in order to narrow her mouth cavity and squeeze Tatsuya even more. 


He found the pleasure created that way to be quite suffocating, so much that he was about to let out a pathetic moan of pleasure. 


「Uuuhh…… Even though I came just a moment ago, I already feel like I’m about to do it again!」


Excited by Liliana’s devoted service that apparently wasn’t even making her feel tired even though she herself came three times already, Tatsuya could feel that his lust was already about to peak once more.


「Nfuuh, uuh, nnnhh!? Tatsuya-san, you’re swelling so much inside of my mouth! Nhaah…… are you about to let it all out again? Please, Tatsuya-san, cum! Cum just like that!…… Let it all out inside of my mouth…… Nnhh!!」


Liliana shook her head enthusiastically, acting like she couldn’t wait to see Tatsuya cum way more than he wanted to let it all out now. And faced with such an intense suction and tongue service, there was no way that Tatsuya was able to resist her efforts any longer


「Guuh……!? I’m cumming! A whole lot is going to come out, so be sure to drink it all up, Liliana-san!」


Tatsuya at that point in time was almost suffocating from the accumulated pleasure, and he thrusted his hips forward strongly after moaning those words.


「Nbuh, uuuhhh! Nguuhnmuh, uuuhh…… uuhh, nnh, uuh, nnnh, uuugh!?」


When the glans of his penis pierced Liliana’s throat, they swelled to the maximum and spat out a large amount of semen. Its sheer volume was so large that Liliana felt like her throat was about to become clogged up because of it, and let out a muffled scream. But then she quickly adapted to this extreme situation and she started to make sure that she would swallow every single drop of Tatsuya’s precious liquid, not spilling any of it and letting it go to waste. And every time she would swallow another huge helping of semen, her throat would contract greatly, and her esophagus would press against Tatsuya’s cock.


「T-This way too intense, Liliana-san!」


His legs trembled in the pleasure of continuous ejaculations, and at one point Tatsuya started to panic that they might just give up and completely and just fold under him.


「Fufufu, I’m glad that it felt so good for you, Tatsuya-san. It means that I managed to service you really well.」


After she was finally done with sucking him clean, Liliana said those words with a beaming smile, as if they were the most natural of a thing for her to say at a time like this.


There was also one thing that Tatsuya was having trouble comprehending: every time she was swallowing his precious seed, Liliana was always very quick to recover and be ready to serve him some more. Could it be that…… His semen actually possessed some nourishing effect?


Or maybe it was just some sort of a quirky peculiarity that was Liliana’s, and Liliana’s alone?




Then, like she just remembered or realized something important, even though Tatsuya’s ejaculation already subsided, Liliana put his penis inside of her mouth once more, and then she squeezed her lips really tight, pulling her face back, clearly trying to suck out ever last drop of Tatsuya’s sperm that could have still been left inside of his urethra at this moment.


「Uwaah, aahh…… L-Liliana-san, t-this is just……!!」


Hearing his weak words of protest, Liliana only smiled brightly at him, and Tatsuya was pretty much forced to just accept it and let himself be taken away by the sudden wave of pleasure that started to wash over him, taking him away completely. 




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