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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 9 Part 3



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



「Thank you, but why do I feel like all of a sudden I am being treated like a small child?」


 Liliana then gently stroked his head in response, a gesture filled with affection, but also the one with which you would normally calm down a restless baby.


It was really regrettable to be treated that way, but truth to be told, that act alone was more than enough to make Tatsuya feel pretty much at ease. So much that he was about to forget all about not being able to fall asleep.


「Well then, how about we go to bed for now?」


Tatsuya tried to get up and actually go to sleep, but then he was stopped from doing that.


「Umm, Liliana-san?」


Tatsuya tilted his head in puzzlement once more. Looking at Liliana right now, her cheeks were slightly tinged red for some reason.


「I’m glad that you feel relieved right now, Tatsuya-san, but…… I can also feel that something hard of yours is poking my stomach.」


In a natural turn of events, once Tatsuya’s anxiety started to subside, his body started to act on its instincts and it responded to Liliana’s pleasant softness.


「Umm, I mean, this is…… Well……」


Needless to say, that was not his intention here in the slightest. 


However, now that he was burying his face inside of Liliana’s massive cleavage, he realized what was going on with his body and his face went beet-red in an instant here. He also wanted to apologize for his body becoming that way, but in this awkward situation finding the right moment was simply impossible to do.


「Please, don’t worry about it, Tatsuya-san. Actually, I was also feeling rather lonely here, in a sense. And I’m sorry that I did not notice that you were lonely as well. I knew that it was a part of our agreement that we would sleep separately for tonight, but I had no idea that it would actually help you to make your fear go away. In any case, I now know that it would be difficult for you to be able to sleep in such a state, so…… Tonight, let’ make it an exception.」




It would be easy to deny Liliana’s claims just now, but at this moment there was hardly any point of doing something like that.


「I will service you a whole lot tonight, and that should allow you to be able to sleep soundly all the way until the morning.」


After saying that, Liliana’s hands slowly move towards Tatsuya’s crotch, an area that has become completely hard and stiff at the current moment.


「You two, Tatsuya-san. Please allow me to service you. I think right now it would a whole lot safer if I were to do it for you, than if you were to do it yourself.」


With that being said, Liliana unbuttons the shirt part of her pajamas, and reveals her abundant breasts in their full glory. And while Tatsuya was busy being fascinated by their sight, she took out his meat stick from the inside of his pants and gently wrapped her supple hand around it. 




The smooth texture of her palm wrapped around his hardened cock, it was already enough to send sweet electric shock running all throughout Tatsuya’s spine and make his body shiver.


How did it even come to this? Initially, all that Tatsuya wanted was for Liliana to comfort him because he was too scared to sleep alone. But instead of doing that, he ended up with his face stashed inside of Liliana’s cleavage while her hand was gently jerking his dick off. 


The inside of Tatsuya’s head seemed to slowly tinge white, but while fully enjoying the feeling of her soft flesh all over his face, he completely entrusted himself to the sweetness that started to arise from his lower body.


「Tatsuya-san, right now you look like a big, spoiled child.」


He still wanted to deny her words ever so slightly, but when he heard her gentle voice, he felt so much at ease and even felt like he was really back to the early days of his childhood.


However, it wasn’t actually something that made him feel all that bad, surprisingly enough.


「Nnhh, *chuu*…… Liliana-san, your boobs feel so soft and so reassuring.」


Tatsuya then used the occasion to seek out Liliana’s nipple across the suppleness of her breast and once he found it he put it in his mouth.


It was already pretty stiff, and it had a slightly sweet taste to it with a slight marshmallow-like elasticity to it.


Liliana squinted her eyes slightly in response to that, and gradually started to move her hand gripping Tatsuya’s dick up and down.


Perhaps it was a  natural reaction of his body in order to get away from the grip of fear, because the way in which she was rubbing her hand against his dick was bringing Tatsuya that sweet pleasure that was spreading all over his mind, filling him with a sense of inner peace.


「Ahh, nnh, you are so desperate…… You must have been really scared there. But it’s alright. It’s all okay now. I will make you feel really good really fast so that you will forget all about it.」 


Liliana’s hand movements started to pick up its pace little by little. 


With a series of smooth and familiar moves, Liliana’s supple fingers were rubbing out waves of intense pleasure from Tatsuya’s erect and twitching cock, knowing full well what to do in order to make him feel the best way possible.


Tatsuya’s entire body shook and twitched as his most sensitive part right now was entirely at Liliana’s mercy. 


「Nhaah…… Somehow, I feel like I’m more sensitive than usual…… Nhh, haah.」


「Isn’t that because you are hugging your face so tightly against my chest, Tatsuya-san? You are also looking really cute today, if I do say so myself…… And it makes my chest feel all warm and fuzzy. Please, show me more and more of your cute side, Tatsuya-san…… And I’ll make you feel even more at ease in return.」


Liliana’s voice was so soothing right now, and because of that the lower portion of Tatsuya’s body was becoming hotter and hotter by the moment.


And with the more time passing, the harder Liliana’s nipples were becoming, so much that Tatsuya could easily suck on them and roll his tongue around them like a little baby.


「Hyuuhn……Tatsuya-san, you are only focusing on my nipples like that……」


Having mysteriously calmed down, Tatsuya could wholeheartedly become immersed in Liliana’s nipples, and as a result her breath was becoming more rugged and her voice turning sweeter by the minute. 


She originally intended to take care of scared Tatsuya in graceful silence like that, but now that he was responding to her actions in kind, she was finding it increasingly harder to actually keep her voice down. And Tatsuya wanted to her more and more of her cute moans.


「*Chuu*, nnh…… Liliana-san…… Uhh, Liliana-san… Aahh, muh……」


「Fufufu, the purpose of this was so that you could calm down Tatsuya-san, but if are going to become so absorbed into it…… Ahh, nnh…… I going to start wanting you more and more as well.」


Saying that, the movement of Liliana’s hand accelerated even further. 


Every time her hand was rubbing his swollen dick, the pleasure spreading throughout his lower body was leaving Tatsuya short of breath, and before long, every stroke of Liliana’s hand was accompanied by a wet and sticky noise.


「Akuh…… nnh.」


「There is some transparent juice that’s oozing out of your tip, Tatsuya-san. You don’t have to try to hold yourself back right now…… Just relax and let it all out, expel all of your precious semen alongside that feeling of being afraid.」


Liliana’s sweet words were kindly pushing Tatsuya more and more towards the edge. He tried to do just that, relax just like he was told, but that only served to involuntarily strengthen his desire and soon enough even more slimy and transparent liquids sullied Liliana’s hand.


The urge to ejaculate and the desire to enjoy the feeling of Liliana’s hand and breasts for a while were in conflict with each other, and the mixture of both of those emotions was more than enough to urge Tatsuya closer and closer to the edge.


「Guuuhh, uuuhh…… Nhyiiihhh!!」


Liliana, who sensed Tatsuya’s apparent condition, changed the way in which she was stimulating him, by grasping only the tip of his glans so that he could feel even more raw pleasure without being able to resist her.


Her sudden change in stimulus shook his hips to the very core, and the moment her index finger gently pierced his urethra, his body felt so weak as though he was about to collapse on the spot.


「That’s right. Just like that, as you are…… Just let it all out and let me feel your thick and hot semen splashing against my hand, Tatsuya-san.」




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