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My Household`s Liliana-san Chapter 9 Part 4



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Faced with the overflowing ejaculation urge that was spreading all over his body like a huge tidal wave, Tatsuya could only let out his pathetic voice as he would declare that he was almost there.


「Nhaah, Ahh, I’m cumming! Liliana-san, I-I’m about to cum! Uhh…… Uuuaaahhh!!!」


With a strong jerk, his penis then started spewing out sticky threads of white semen all over Liliana’s hand, just as she wanted him to do.


The strength of Tatsuya’s ejaculation just now was so strong that eventually the white, hot and cloudy spunk soon traced a parabola in the air and poured down all over Liliana’s hand and heavy chest.


And as he continued to strongly expel all of his desire, he was unable to take his eyes off of Liliana’s beautiful appearance, seeing her supple and smooth brown skin slowly being dyed in the color of his own desire and lust.


「Aahh, there’s so much of it coming out…… I was originally planning to have Tatsuya-san take a nice and long rest today, not to mention that I was thinking it might be bad for your performance to be so scared…… But I’m glad to see that Tatsuya-san as energetic and as vigorous as ever. I’m glad to see I was worried for nothing.」


Liliana mumbled in admiration as she was looking all entranced at Tatsuya’s still stiff dick, so full of energy even after ejaculating is such a splendid manner just now. She then smiled bright.


「Well then –––」


「Yes, that’s right. Let give it a rest for that “No Sex” day rule for now. Besides, if only you were a little bit more honest with yourself a little bit sooner, Tatsuya-san, you wouldn’t have to get so scared…… Fufu.」


Liliana smiled once more in a mischievous way.


「Really now…… If you weren’t here for me, Liliana-san, I……」


Realizing that he was about to say something utterly embarrassing, Tatsuya bit his tongue in a hurry, but he was more than sure enough that Liliana was aware of what he wanted to say here.


And then he just buried his face inside of Liliana’ cleavage once more, while her hand was still squeezing his dick.


Well then, what do you want to do from now on, Tatsuya-san? Are you going to sleep together with me as originally planned? I am fine with whatever you choose to do, but personally, I don’t think that cumming like this only once is going to be enough to calm you down, looking at just how hard and stiff you still are –––」




「…… Ufufu.」


Just then, Liliana giggled in a slightly mean and playful way.


It would seem that seeing Tatsuya acting so obediently while being spoiled was making Liliana feel quite overjoyed, and she was taking almost as much pleasure from it all as Tatsuya was.


Liliana then took off her pajamas pants and went to lie down on top of the bed, sticking out her hips and spreading her legs for Tatsuya to see clearly.


She then looked right at Tatsuya while her long and thin fingers slowly spread her lewd folds wide open, exposing all of herself to Tatsuya’s eyes: from her salmon pink labia to the flesh folds surrounding her urethra and even her deepest nooks and crannies.


It was the lewdest possible form of inviting someone to partake in one’s body, displaying readiness at all times and showing that she is willing to go at it whenever he wanted to.


「Now then, what is it that you would like to do with me, Tatsuya-san……?」


Even though Liliana already knew the answer to that question perfectly well herself, she still had to tease Tatsuya a little bit and ask him that. 


「Liliana-san’s…… I want to stick my dick inside of Liliana-san’s hole… inside of your pussy…… I want the two of us to feel really, really good. Just like you made me feel earlier, Liliana-san. But this time around, I……」 


Mumbling those words out loud, Tatsuya also headed towards the bed.


His meat stick was so swollen and stiff that it was actually curving towards his body while standing straight, so much that it would almost hit his abdomen.


And just by being able to witness Tatsuya in such a state, Liliana’s pussy was already dripping so much love nectar that no other foreplay was necessary for her here.


And contrary to her generous attitude, her pussy repeatedly opened and closed its entrance, tempting Tatsuya to come closer and slide right through it. 


And so Tatsuya aimed the tip of his dick right there, trying his best to not rush things and to keep his raging libido in check.


「Aahh…… Tatsuya-san’s hot and hard thing is going inside of me again…… !!」


「Here I go, Liliana-san!」


Having said that, Tatsuya swung his hips forward.




When Tatsuya inserted himself into Liliana’s pussy, she let out a loud moan that echoed across the room.


「Tatsuya-san, you are going inside of me so suddenly and so deeply…… Hnaaah, haah……!!!」


「Liliana-san, the inside of your pussy is as tight as ever…… Actually, could it be that you were also feeling lonely, but did not wanted to disturb me, Liliana-san? It was exactly like that, am I right?」


「Nhaah, t-that’s right…… Every time that you embrace me tightly and love me deeply, Tatsuya-san, I feel so incredibly happy…… Nhh! B-But, I also thought that I shouldn’t impose my own selfishness onto you, that’s why…… Haah! That is why I was holding myself back……」


In the end, it would seem that Liliana was really overthinking some matters really heavily, but that the same time it was obvious that Tatsuya was always at the very top of her priority list. And seeing what she presumably had to deal with until now, Tatsuya thought it should only feel appropriate to reward her devotion to him in some way. That is why he filled her pussy completely with his dick in one swift move.


「Yes, and since you are tightening around me so much, Liliana-san, I can see that you were looking forward to it as much as I was…… And please believe me, I know how you feel. I know it all too well.」


「Haah, haah, aaahhh!!! …… Nhaaah!!!」


Liliana’s insides were already overflowing with her hot and sticky love juices, so it was quite easy for her to swallow Tatsuya up in his entirety without any problem.


「Kuh…… Nnh, besides, what’s with this feeling? Doesn’t it feel way too good……?」


After reconfirming both of their feelings, both of them realized that the physical sensations that they were feeling were just too strong and felt way too good. 


Tatsuya only managed to insert himself inside of Liliana, and both of them were feeling so much pleasure as if they were about to climax from that single action alone. 


But intuitively, both of them understood it all too well: at this rate they wouldn’t last very long.


「M-Me too…… It feels way too good, Tatsuya-san!」


Liliana also looked and felt as though she was already about to lose her mind from the pleasure.


「At this rate…… I’m going to give it my all right from the start……!」


And so Tatsuya clung to Liliana’s soft body as tightly as he could, and then started to pump his hips in a mighty way.


「Ahh, aahh, ukuh! My pussy! You’re rubbing against it so much, Tatsuya-san! Ahh! Ahh! Aaahhh!!!」


With a high-pitched scream that Liliana let out of her mouth, she swung her hips back and forth in a pseudo violent piston motion, all so that Tatsuya’s dick could hit the entrance to her womb.


「Liliana-san’s pussy, it’s so amazing…… So tight and so hot, it’s sucking me right in……!!」


Every time Tatsuya moved his hips back and forth, another portion of Liliana’s love juices would overflow from her pussy.


Liliana’s insides, which were so hot and so drenched that it seemed like their genitals would melt into one in no time at all as the get entangled with her meat folds as they tightened around Tatsuya’s dick.


「Nhyiih! Y-Your penis, it pounds me so hard……! Aaahh, it’s so amazing!! It’s so hard, but it’s rampaging so much inside of me, like a wild beast……!! Kuuh, nhaaah, aaahhhnnn!!!」


「More, you can feel it some more, Liliana-san…… No, I want you to feel it even more! I want you to feel so good that you won’t be able to stand it!」


Saying that, Tatsuya accelerated the movement of his waist even further. 


He pushed deep inside of Liliana’s pussy, spreading her flesh folds apart and reach her deepest parts. 


He would go inside of her so much that she would swallow him up all the way to his root, and then he would pull himself out to the limit using the momentum of his thrusting.


「Nhhaaaaaahhh!!! Aahh, akuuh, nnnhhh!!! Aaahhh!!!」


At the same time, Liliana was also moving her own hips a whole lot faster than before. 


The strong swelling inside of her pussy was stimulating Tatsuya’s cock all the time now. 




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