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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

CHAPTER 1: Liliana-san and the Best Winter Vacation Ever




「Fuaaah~~…… So, this is that famous thing called ‘kotatsu’ huh? I can feel it slowly warming me up from the core of my body, and it makes me want to stay like this forever under its cover.」


「Liliana-san, you are making some truly remarkable expressions when you are relaxing like that, you know? It’s really a sight to behold」


The trees in the city had lost all of their leaves, and the breath of people coming and going on the streets was dyed white by the cold winter air, and lately in the news’ weather reports it was hinted that it was about to snow really soon.


On one particular winter day, as if she was basking in the glow of the warmth of the past seasons, Tatsuya saw Liliana enraptured under the kotatsu’s warm blanket, her brown skin positively glowing.


「I-I am really sorry for looking so unsightly, Tatsuya-san.」


Liliana’s action in the wake of those words spoken as a joke was truly that of lightning speed. She straightened her posture and got her act together, but even so, Liliana’s expression was still really mellow, and her eyes looked as though they were still snuggled under the pleasant warmth.


But even so, her cheeks were still slightly red, giving testimony to her earlier kotatsu bliss.


「No need to worry about it, Liliana-san. But truth to be told, kotatsu can also be incredibly dangerous of a thing.」


Tatsuya, who originally had no intention of spreading such disinformation around, now replied to Liliana with a wry smile on his face.


「I have heard about it from my older sister, but apparently kotatsu possesses a sort of magical power. It keeps on attracting people towards itself, and once someone is captured in its comfy warmth, they are unable to leave it willingly.」


「It is a universally accepted fact that sleeping under a kotatsu is the ultimate form of pleasure one can experience in this life. Heck, some people even call kotatsu a ‘Good For Nothings Producing Machine’」


「Fufufu, yes, I can certainly see something like that happen.」


Even Tatsuya, who said that, had turned into a sort of good-for-nothing person when the kotatsu’s blanket was covering him as high as his shoulders, and the way in which he was currently lazing around was something that Liliana had never seen before from him.


「Yeah, it is truly an ultimate form of bliss.」


「I understand how you feel, Liliana-san, but it is important to not partake in kotatsu too much. While it is certainly warm under its blankets, your body tends to dry out because of it, making it difficult to prevent viruses from entering your body. So while it is warm and pleasant, it would be a shame to catch a cold or fall ill because of it.」


Even though Liliana’s cheeks were all flushed and loose under the influence of the kotatsu, the one thing that was still unrelenting and unchanged was her feelings for Tatsuya.


「Yes, I know that, but still……」


Even if you know it all too well in your head that it is not good for your health, it was certainly hard to resist the temptation of the product of human wisdom that warmed your body all the way to its very core, after it being exposed to the cold winter air of the outside world.


But then, on the other hand, if Liliana really were to fall sick, thinking that he would be able to take care of her was certainly an enticing thought. Same with the other way around, with her devotedly taking her of him. It was the kind of scenario that could work in both ways.


「For starters, what we can do is to stop diving under the blankets all the way up to our shoulders, wouldn’t you agree?」


Now, even though Tatsuya knew full well that Liliana did not want to leave the comfy confines of the kotatsu, because she was caring about him so much, Liliana slowly moved the blankets away from her body.




Since both of them were currently indoors, it should not be all that cold in the first place, but the difference in temperature between the overly warm kotatsu and the space right outside of it was something that would make both of them shiver.


She also understood that it was all so that she would not fall ill needlessly, but it was really hard to forget about the magical feeling and warmth of the kotatsu. And ignore its aura that seemed to lure you in.


So shortly after getting out from under its covers, Liliana was overcome by that strong urge to dive right back under them once again.


「…… Tatsuya-san?」


Liliana asked with a smile on her face as Tatsuya cleared his throat in a hurry, as if he was embarrassed about being seen through by Liliana.


「…… Huh? Ahh, no, you see, Liliana-san, the thing is, I was thinking that the kotatsu might not be so bad, as long as we do not get wrapped up all the way to our shoulders. Right? Right?」


「Yes, I think that there should be nothing wrong with wrapping ourselves up in moderation. However, if by any chance you get happen to get sick, Tatsuya-san, you are going to be prohibited from using the kotatsu until you make a full recovery.」


Now, while it was true that the bed and its blankets were certainly warm, it was also true that they were nowhere near as warm as the kotatsu.


Also, knowing that Liliana was genuinely worried about his well-being, there was no way in which Tatsuya could possibly object to Liliana’s conditions.


「I will admit, it’s a bit chilly here, so you can definitely feel the temperature difference. But, and I say this only as an example, should we feel cold, we can always warm ourselves up with our bodies. What do you say about that, Liliana-san?」


Tatsuya said that half seriously and half as a joke, after which he immediately coughed a few times to clear his throat.


In order to change the atmosphere, Tatsuya wanted to see Liliana act in a surprised and embarrassed way, so he tried clearing his throat and addressing her like that in a clearly playful tone.


「…… I-I understand. If that’s really what you want me to do, Tatsuya-san.」


「—— Huh? Say what now?」


Tatsuya was actually surprised at how easily Liliana accepted his proposition, even though it seemed to be a little too far-fetched, even for him.


Since it was still bright outside, he thought that there was a high chance that she would turn him down on the spot, but Liliana only shook her head firmly despite clearly being embarrassed about the idea of warming Tatsuya up with her body.


「Well then…… Please excuse me for a moment, Tatsuya-san.」


「L-Liliana-san? What are you……?」


Although her face was blushing furiously, she moved out of the kotatsu’s cover without any kind of hesitation and moved right next to Tatsuya. Liliana then re-entered the kotatsu’s blanket.


If two people were to be lined up under the narrow kotatsu, there was no way that their bodies would not be in close contact with each other.


In addition to that, Liliana lay down just like Tatsuya, adjusting her somewhat sloppy posture, making sure that her face would be on the exact same level as Tatsuya’s, and then she finally hugged him from the front without any reservations.


「H-How…… How does it feel, Tatsuya-san? Are you starting to warm up?」




Tatsuya could feel that peculiar, feminine smell slowly wafting its way through his nostrils, all thanks to having Liliana being so close to him. He could also feel her body temperature being gradually transmitted to him.


Even though Tatsuya himself wished for it to happen, when it came to this exact situation, his heart would start beating so loudly that it would not really surprise him all that much if Liliana was able to hear it as well.


In addition, as he is being held firmly in her arms, Tatsuya could feel Liliana’s huge and springy bust being pressed tightly against his own chest, and upon realizing that fact he could feel a surge of blood rushing towards his lower regions like a speeding bullet, slowly waking his little friend out of its slumber.


「The kotatsu is all nice and warm, but you are even nicer and even warmer, Tatsuya-san.」


It’s been a long time since they have started to be in this relationship, but no matter how much experience Tatsuya would have thanks to that, he could not help it but to get hopelessly excited every time Liliana would be this close to him. 


「L-Liliana-san? About your skirt…… Wouldn’t you want for it to get all wrinkled up and disorderly like that?」




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