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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Tatsuya wished that he could think of something really witty or clever on the spot here, but the fact that Liliana was so close to him was something that would keep him constantly agitated alright, and because of that he simply blurted out the first thing that would actually come to his mind, without even thinking if it was good or not.


「It’s okay, Tatsuya-san. I don’t have anything else to do outside for the time being, so even if it’s going to get a little bit messy or disorderly, it’s not going to be a problem.」


「Uhh, I…… I see.」


While she said so  in a soft voice, Liliana softly tied her legs around Tatsuya’s waist.


It seemed that her skirt rolled up considerably while she was sticking so close to him and rubbing her body against his skin, and Tatsuya could clearly feel her smooth thighs rubbing against him, and he could not help it but to shudder in response to that stimulation.


The warmth of the kotatsu was already getting through to his head, and he was fully conscious of Liliana’s own warmth and softness pressing tightly against him.


「Occasionally, it’s a good thing to just take it nice and easy, especially after a period of working especially hard.


「I…… I guess so. But, even though winter vacation might seem long, it’s a really short period of time, so we must be careful not to waste it all. And we need to make sure to use that time to the fullest.」


「Is that so?」


「Yeah, it is exactly like that. And I think that it will be a good idea to approach this period exactly like we did with the summer vacation. There are a bunch of things that I would like us to do together, Liliana-san, like go on a Christmas date, for example, so I am going to help you out with the housework and other chores. That way, we will have more time to ourselves, while you won’t feel burdened by your responsibilities on your own.」


「If it’s something that you wish to do, Tatsuya-san, as my beloved, I do not mind that at all.」


「Thank you for being so understandable, Liliana-san. With that, I am sure that we are going to have way more time for ourselves.」


「Well, if that’s the case here, then I guess that this service right here is also an element of me doing my part.」


Then Liliana narrowed her eyes, smiled in a lovely way, and turned her gaze towards Tatsuya’s crotch.


「Uhh, so…… you noticed that as well, huh?」


「Of course. I happened to notice it right away. Your heart has been pounding with great force since a while ago, and your body is getting warmer and warmer, Tatsuya-san. So there is no need for you to feel embarrassed. Also, the smell of that part is also getting stronger and stronger.」


「T-The smell?」


Now that Liliana actually mentioned that, Tatsuya tried to whiff with his nose and indeed, there was certainly a faint smell of sweat hanging in the air here. But up until now he was unable to tell because of Liliana’s nice fragrance when she was so close to him right now.


「Fufufu…… It’s fine. Please, you can do whatever you want, Tatsuya-san.」


As she said that, Liliana’s arms embraced Tatsuya even stronger than before, her body pressing even tighter against his.


「Liliana…… -san…….」


Her incredible softness pressing against him increased even more, and that sweet smell that was permeating through his nostrils into his brain got even more intense, causing the beast lurking inside of Tatsuya’s pants to awaken from its peaceful slumber.


「Ah, but before we get to that part.」


However, just as Tatsuya was starting to feel more and more excited and about ready to go, Liliana suddenly remembered something and loosened her embrace over his arms. She then picked up what she had initially left on top of the kotatsu.


「…… A mandarin orange?」


What was currently in Liliana’s hand was indeed a mandarin orange, one of the staple foods to eat while being blanketed by the kotatsu’s warmth.


That was also what she had been eating until a while ago.


Also, as a side note here, Liliana proved herself to be that kind of person who was not only peeling away the skins of mandarins, but also removing the white veins carefully for the increased ease of eating.


「You were sleeping under the kotatsu this entire time, Tatsuya-san. So here you go, just in case. No matter what, you need to make sure that you are going to stay properly hydrated at all times.」


Hearing Liliana say that just now, realizing just how considerate and caring she was for him, it almost made his heart skip a beat. Just how good of a person one can be?


Although he was surprised to hear that, but it was quite difficult for him to drink his tea from a teacup while lying down. Tatsuya was a little bit embarrassed with the fact that it was Liliana who had to remind him of such a basic need, but from now on he decided to take things way more seriously. Both for his and Liliana’s sake.


So he shyly opened his mouth and let Liliana place a piece of mandarin orange inside of it.


「Ahh, hmm. *Munch*, *munch*, yeah. It’s really delicious.」


「I’m glad to hear that. But be that as it may, while it was me who recommended you to eat it, Tatsuya-san, it is after all bad manners to eat things while still in bed like that. I am really sorry for that.」


「Oh, you don’t really need to apologize for that, Liliana-san. Or rather, since we are doing this together, so I don’t really mind that kind of thing in the slightest.」


In the first place, even before talking about manners, Tatsuya was completely immersed in Liliana’s warm touch, and the taste of the fruit inside of his mouth, which was supposed to be really sweet and juicy, but for some reason he was having a hard time actually feeling that. 


「I-Is that so?」


「Yes, that is indeed so. So, with that being said, would you be so kind and give me another piece, please?」


The second piece of mandarin was actually sweeter and more juicy than the first one, and it actually served as a nice distraction from Tatsuya’s still rising desire.


「Well then, please say “Aaahhh~”…… Nfufufu, I feel like a parent bird feeding its chicks. Tatsuya-san, you look so cute right now.」


「F-For you to call me “cute”, I don’t know how I should……」


Tatsuya blushed initially from being called like that, but seeing Liliana so happy and enjoying herself greatly he decided to just suck it up and suffer through it. But there was certainly something complicated about a man his age being called “cute” by a beautiful woman.


If he had to choose, he would much better prefer it if she was to call him “handsome” rather than “cute”.




「…… Hmm? Yes, what is it?」


While he was still in the midst of thinking like that, Liliana gathered a bunch of mandarin oranges and urged Tatsuya to open his mouth wide.  His eyes widened considerably at the sudden sight right in front of him, but the sweet scent and the touch of her skin made him stunned and unable to move at all, thinking that he might have been dreaming right about now.


「Fufufu, they certainly are delicious. Mandarin oranges, that is.」




Tatsuya said obediently while accepting a new portion of mandarins in his mouth.


When he suddenly rolls his eyes, Liliana shyly urges him to open his mouth again, so that she could feed him some more.


He really wanted to tell Liliana that he was not only “cute”, but thinking that doing so would have left a really sour taste in his mouth and maybe cause Liliana some sadness, he just opened his mouth once more and let her feed him some more without actually saying anything.


Liliana squinted her eyes slightly as she chewed lightly and placed another piece of mandarin orange in his mouth.


She then backed her fingers away after hearing Tatsuya gulping the mandarin down his throat.


After that, the same exchange was repeated over and over again, but since the mandarin orange was already half-eaten, it was a matter of time before it would be gone.


「And that’s it. It’s all gone now.」


Even though he should not have been surprised at all by this sudden development, it was more than enough for Tatsuya to be able to completely forget about his original purpose.


「Yes, it would seem that way. However, this one right here seems just about ripe enough for the taking, wouldn’t you agree?」




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