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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part 1

FINAL CHAPTER: We Got Happily Married (Provisional)

Today was the very last day of the Winter break, and as every other day, this one also started with both Tatsuya and Liliana getting lazy and cozy under the warm embrace of the kotatsu.

Tatsuya sat in the center of the living room, feeling strangely restless for some reason.

Thinking about it now, this particular Winter break was rather intense for him.

He has enjoyed every seasonal event that he could think of, such as Christmas Eve, Winter hot springs trip, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s shrine visit.

It was the most fulfilling Winter vacation in Tatsuya’s entire life thus far.

On the other hand, when he thought that the life where he could be alone together with Liliana all the time was soon about to end, he could not help it but to feel tremendous loneliness starting to well up inside of his heart.

Of course,

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