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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

CHAPTER 2: Date & Flirting & 69




「What do you think of this one?」


「It feels really nice, and it somehow makes me feel really comfy and calm.」


Saying that, Liliana imagined her figure wearing a navy-based nordic knitted sweater that was a loose fitting, and then she let out a small sigh.


Although it was not hard to imagine that it would suit Tatsuya very much, she thought in her heart that a brighter color would look even better on him, but she did not dare to bring it up to him.


Because it was not Tatsuya that was asking for her opinion right now.


「I must say, it’s really a precious thing to see a girl picking out clothes for her beloved one while looking so gleefully.」


「No, I don’t really get it, even when you put it that way.」


When she looked to the side in amazement and exasperation, Liliana could see one of Tatsuya’s classmates, his only male friend and someone who in fact knew about their secret relationship, Saitou Keima. For a moment out there she just stood there and watched him and his partner.


And choosing clothes together with Liliana at a really fast pace, there was another one of Tatsuya’s classmates, a female of unparalleled beauty and actually Keima’s girlfriend for some reason, Umisawa Chima.


As for why Liliana was with the two of them right now, it was because they happened to invite both Tatsuya and Liliana on a double date all of a sudden, and it just happened to be today.


This kind of thing happened in the summer as well, but it was also a good opportunity for Liliana, who had few acquaintances other than Tatsuya.


But unlike that time in the summer, this time around Keima’s suggestion was not to just go around town and have some fun, but since Christmas was right behind the corner, he thought it might be a good opportunity for them to go shopping for Christmas presents. That’s why Tatsuya and Liliana decided to play along with this idea. Especially since Liliana had no real acquaintances other than Tatsuya, so it was a good opportunity for her to get to know the two of them better.


However, after going around the Department Store near the station and the surrounding shops, even though picking something that would be good for a present turned out to be surprisingly more difficult than they would have thought, both of them were having so much fun that they did not even realize just how quickly time was flying by.


「Hey, it’s about time for lunch, so why don’t we take a break somewhere for now and continue our present-shopping in the afternoon?」


「Huh? Ahh, I’m so sorry, Tatsuya-san. I was just so absorbed in browsing through various things that I think I just got a little bit carried away.」


「No worry, Liliana-san, I don’t mind that at all. So it’s okay. Rather, your happy figure was so cute, Liliana-san, that I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.」


「T-Tatsuya-san…… S-Saying something like that is really embarrassing.」


When Liliana finally came back to her senses, she must have remembered just how much fun she was having today, and so she blushed heavily and covered her face with her hands.


Tatsuya took special care to remember that reaction of hers in detail, and wanted to embrace her, but then he happened to remember that they were not alone in here, and that both Keima and Chima were with them today. So he had to give up on any skinship or flirting for the time being.


「Tatsuya, in a certain sense, that was actually amazing.」


「If you can get yourself to say lines like that openly to someone in public, this cannot be called any other way but showing off, you know?」 


He heard the exchange between Keima and Chima from behind his back, and raised his voice a little to dispel their complaints.


「W-Well then, which shop should we go to next? I mean, everyone agrees on wanting to eat something, right?」


「Ah, then there’s this one store I’d like to visit.」


Keima raised his hand first.



「—— That was certainly a delicious meal, Tatsuya-san.」


When the four of them left the store, everyone had beads of sweat forming on top of their foreheads. Liliana, dripping with sweat all over, coughed a little bit in satisfaction.


「Yeah. It was really delicious, Liliana-san.」


The restaurant recommended by Keima was a curry udon restaurant in front of the station.


To be honest, Tatsuya and Chima had commented mercilessly on Keima’s sensibility as to which restaurant to go out to on a date, but he was adamant that they should give that place a try.


「Actually, I have been wondering about coming in here for a long time, but it’s hard to enter a place such as this on your own, you know?」


「But Keima isn’t the type of a guy to care about things like that, right? That’s more of a girls’ thing.」


Tatsuya answered without questioning Keioma’s motives. Trying to understand him was sometimes downright impossible of a task.


「Sometimes you just can’t help it but to worry about things like that, you know, man? But now I am starting to regret worrying about it in the first place.」


「The meal here was certainly delicious, but you certainly did not think about what would happen if curry happened to splash on my clothes. That is why you never go to have curry as your food of choice during a date. Be sure to remember that.」


As for Chima, it would seem that the taste of the meal was well to her liking, but she sadly could not say the same about the quality of her escort. She looked really unsatisfied.


「But you see, that’s it. That’s the best part. That’s what this is all about: that way you can legally touch your partner’s body while wiping off their face when all those juices splash all over her, and you are allowed to say: ‘Oh no, there’s a stain on your clothes! Allow me to wipe it for you!’」


Keima started to pour out all of his worldly desires for everyone else to see. By the time he realized that it was too late and he had gone too far, Chima’s ice-cold piercing gaze was already burning a hole through him.




Normally, her fist would already be well on its way towards his face, but Keima, who braced himself for some impact and was about ready to start screaming, was utterly surprised when China’s only reaction was to let out a long and deep sigh.


Tatsuya also felt a slight delay in Chima’s behavior, but his attention was taken away by Liliana’s smile, who was impressed by the deliciousness of the curry udon, looking all delighted right next to him.


「I thought curry udon was just curry with udon noodles, but it was a completely different dish. I must say that I was really surprised.」


「Yeah. It’s completely different from normal curry. It’s similar but different, and it’s established as a kind of dish called curry katsudon in some regions of the country. Especially at this shop, the flavor of the soup stock was really strong and wonderful.」


Tatsuya was surprised by Liliana’s unexpected joy, but he naturally smiled at her innocent appearance.


「The noodles and dashi were clearly united to bring out the wonderful taste. Tatsuya-san and I…… I hope that one day we can also be just like that.」


(I kind of understand what you’re trying to say, Liliana-san, but I wonder if you really want to compare the ideal for of our relationship to curry udon.)


While laughing wryly at her unique sensibility, Tatsuya made plans such as, ‘The next time we go out alone, it would be nice to eat while walking around town.”


「Now then, let’s walk around some more and find the most suitable store.」


Keima decided that there is no point in staying in front of the udon shop forever, and started to walk out.


After that, they looked around a few more shops, and once again Liliana and Chima started browsing through cute clothes and accessories, while the remaining two men watched the gorgeous scene from a distance.


It did not really look like a date, but just watching Liliana having fun with Chima made Tatsuya feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Tatsuya felt like he understood Keima’s feelings a little bit. But only a little bit.


「…… So?」


「… Hm? What? what’s this all of a sudden?」


Keima tilted his head at the sudden question asked by Tatsuya.


「Did something happen? Between you and Umisawa-san?」


「You can tell?」


「Somehow, but only just a little bit. She seems to be acting a little bit different than usual.」




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