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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Tatsuya did not get the same vibe from them when they were arguing or fighting, but somehow he could sense that something was wrong between the two of them.


And Keima’s reply changed his suspicion into a certainty.


Tatsuya also understood that this whole double date idea was so that the two of them could basically have this discussion right now.


When Keima confirmed that Chima was absorbed in her conversation with Liliana, he kept his voice down and opened his mouth.


「Actually, I had sex with Umisawa Chima for the first time a little while ago.」


「…… !? O-Oh. Oh yeah……?」


Tatsuya hesitated for a moment when he thought he was going to talk to him lightly about his own sexual worries.


「After a few months of dating, my wish finally came true. The sheer thought that I could finally lose my virginity…… From the morning on that day, I was so fired up that I couldn’t get an erection. I spent enough time on it, and when the time for her to make a man out of me finally came about, I actually lost my erection, and the only thing that Chima did? She told me to ‘Not to worry about it’.」


It was a situation that Tatuya could never imagine that would actually happen to someone like Keima, who usually was so straightforward and would never hide his ulterior motives.


「That’s…… actually surprising.」


Tatsuya was involuntarily surprised and taken aback by this, but he was also seriously worried about his friend.


「Yeah, can you imagine just how surprised I was at that moment? I mean, I have heard stories of guys who actually lost their boner right in the middle of doing the deed, but…… 

I knew all about it, but I never thought it would happen to me. What should I do, Tatsuya?」


「You ask me that, but how should I know?」


Because it was a way more delicate and complicated of an issue than Tatsuya could ever expected,


He was simply at a loss for words upon hearing that confession.


「Well, at the very least, you did not fail the way I did, right, Tatsuya?」


「Wha!? W-Where did that come……!?」


Tatsuya’s face turned bright red, even though he neither agreed nor demented that statement. However, looking at Keima right now, Tatsuya was sure that he had full confidence in his words just now.


「Because the two of you are always flirting and it doesn’t look like you have gotten into any fights, like, at all. Besides, it’s not you to be with someone like Liliana-san, who’s super beautiful and stylish, and doing nothing to her at all. Surely you must be going at it like rabbits, right?」


Yes, that was exactly what the nature of their relationship was, but Tatsuya’s heart was not nearly strong enough to be able to admit to it outright.


His face was still red, but he pretended to be calm as he raised his voice, thinking that if he stays silent, it would be the same as affirmation.


「T-This is supposed to be a talk about you, not me, man. But even if you ask me for advice, I’m afraid I know even less about those matters than you do.」


「Please, man! You must help me! My future depends on this! Not, not mine alone! My and China’s future!」


「Alright, no that was way too much of an over-exaggeration, and you know it! …… But still, I understand that you’re in serious trouble, man. For the time being, here’s what I think: don’t you think that it is all inside of your head, Keima?」


「What do you mean?」


Tatsuya prided himself on building a good relationship with Liliana, but he was not philosophical enough to give advice to others. Still, he couldn’t bear to leave his seriously troubled friend alone, and he wanted to genuinely help him out, even though he was sometimes acting like an asshole.


「I was actually really surprised to find out that you are no-good in bed, Keima, even though you happen to come across as someone who would only be good in that kind of thing.」


「Hey, can’t you at least put it in a less insulting way?」


「I’m just kidding. Anyways, we can all see that you treasure Umisawa-san a whole lot, isn’t that right?」




「So, didn’t you endure thinking thoughts such as :’I must present myself from the best possible perspective right away, or else she might hate me’?She’s not the type to say such things on her own, you know? However, I think you simply must have been way too nervous because you had been holding back until now, and you were afraid to think what would happen if something did not go well.」


Perhaps he was way too enthusiastic about having sex for the very first time, and his feelings caused him to lose his erection prematurely.


Furthermore, he probably thought something along the lines of: “I have to take the lead” and “I have to make her feel good”.


And to make matters even worse, Chima’s thoughtfulness and her saying “Don’t worry about it,” becomes an additional blow to his confidence, driving him even further into a corner.


No matter how rugged a man’s body may be, his innermost feelings are a delicate thing, and Keima was no exception from that rule.


Just imagining what it would be like if Tatsuya was also targeted by Liliana in the same manner, he could not stop his cold sweats from dripping all over his body.


「Well then, whatever it is that I should do now?」


Keima’s demeanor was weaker than ever in this extremely disgraceful situation for a man.


「In the end, I think it’s like this for the first time for everyone, so you don’t have to think about it too much. After all, not everyone is able to do everything from scratch perfectly, right? It’s only natural that you want to be with the one you love, that you want to touch them and that you want to make them feel good. Best thing you can do now is to slowly start getting used to it.」


「But won’t Chima think that I am not manly enough when I start to act all timid in bed?」


Just the idea of Keima being timid in any kind of situation was something that was making Tatsuya want to laugh, but he did his best to not do so in his face.


「It’s okay. I can really tell from my point of view that Umisawa-san really cares about you, Keima.」


Chima, who is usually so serious, and Keima, who is silly and can’t stay put or trying to make himself look like a complete ass. The fact that she’s always by his side, even though her personality is maybe a little too good for him, means that she’s serious about their relationship.


「Aaah, I knew it! Talking about it makes me remember it all over again! And it’s so embarrassing when you say it like that!」


「…… You know what? When you are blushing like that, your face looks even more disgusting than usual, man.」


「Hey, wasn’t that something pretty terrible that you’ve said just now!?」


「Ahaha, was it, really? Anyway, Keima, you don’t really have to get too carried away with stuff like that. You don’t have to bear it all by yourself. Just make sure to communicate properly, and then both of you can focus on doing your best together. And then everything is going to be just fine.」


「By working together to fix our problems?」


「Yeah, that’s right.」


「Tatsuya, I…… I will try my best! Then someday, I will make Chima so addicted to my body that she won’t be able to live without it! The minimal aim is to make her do an Ahegao with a Double Peace Sign!!」


「That’s WAY too great of a leap, if you were going to ask me…… Oh well, I guess that it is pretty much like you to say something as outrageous as that, so I guess that you must be fine now.」


Tatsuya was honestly quite appalled by his simple friend who would recover way too quickly from his predicament, but he accepted that this is just the right kind of behavior for him, so there was nothing else to be done here.


Then, all of a sudden, hand was placed on Keima’s shoulder with a seemingly iron-grip.


Then, Keima turned around slowly, only to see Chima standing right behind him, looking so angry so angry that there were blue and red streaks of veins popping not only on her forehead, but all over her face.


「Just what were you talking about now, Keima, hmm?」


「Geehh!? C-Chima!? W-Wait, that’s not……!?」


In her anger, just one look at Chima’s face was more than enough to freeze Keima over with fear. It was not the face of someone who would listen to his excuses. And she would show him no mercy.




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