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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 1

CHAPTER 3: Brown-Skinned Santa Lover and Christmas

(Well, talk about one hell of an unnecessary detour.)

Tatsuya thought to himself as he walked forward while scratching his head.

The date was now December 24th.

It was his long-awaited Christmas Day, and the one that he would be spending all alone with Liliana.

He was originally aiming to spend a relaxing time with his lovely girlfriend on that day, but then all of a sudden Keima suddenly contacted him saying stuff like, “I can’t decide on a present for China, please send help!”.

「But why would he even want to do this on such a last minute notice?」

Even though Tatsuya was pretty baffled by Keima’s request, there was no way that his good nature would allow him to leave the poor guy all on his own with his dilemma.

Since Liliana also liked China very much, he willingly agreed to help Keima out, while at the same time Liliana proclaimed that: “I will put all of my cooking skills into making a great feast, so please look forward to it, Tatsuya-san!”. She then sent him off with a huge smile on her face. For Tatsuya, that was enough of a motivation to push through with this.

That’s why the two of them went into a department store once more on Christmas day and looked around for all sorts of miscellaneous goods and accessories, and finally settled on buying her a wristwatch.

In addition to that, Tatsuya, who wanted to go home as soon as possible and spend the rest of this precious day with Liliana, chose several other items that in his opinion would look good on China, all so that Keima would have some backup options in case the wristwatch would be a dud, all so that Tatsuya could be absolutely sure that Keima would not want to bother him any more than he already did.

After Tatsuya finished the shopping tour, he decided to blackmail Keima into buying him a meal as an apology for taking his precious alone time with Liliana, and after that the two eventually broke off and went their separate ways.

At first he had intended to go home as soon as possible, but suddenly Tatsuya had an idea.

Even though he went all the way here, he wondered if it would perhaps look too lame for him to come back empty-handed.

That’s why Tatsuya decided to visit the Shopping District.

(If I remember correctly, the turkey and vegetables that Liliana-san prepared in advance for today were all in the refrigerator, so we should have all the food covered. Then what’s left, is ——)

As far as he could remember, there were no fruits in the refrigerator.

(Since I cannot really help Liliana-san with the food preparations all that much, maybe I should at least bring back some nice fruit with me? It would surely serve as a nice little dessert to have right after a Christmas meal.)

But as soon as Tatsuya arrived at the Shopping District, a certain problem arose right off the bat.

(Which one should I choose here?)

The various fruits displayed in front of him were not all of a different kind, but even if he had to pick an apple here, he had a variety of apples to choose from, that were all produced in different regions and had different names to them.

It could be said that the selection was really good, but for Tatsuya, who was not familiar with which kind is the best for normal consumption, it was a very difficult decision that he was forced to make here.

(Right now I am more than keenly aware of just how much I usually depended on Liliana-san for those kinds of situations……)

Once again, he muttered a silent prayer of gratitude towards Liliana in his heart.

He also dreaded the thought of what his life would have been like without Liliana being around to help him out.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tatsuya’s daily life would not be complete without her by his side.

However, there was no Liliana for him to rely on right here and right now.

There were limited means that he could take here right now, especially that here in this place he was pretty much a stranger who was so overwhelmingly lacking in knowledge. However, what came to Tatsuya’s aid was his trusty smartphone, a convenient tool of civilization, now displaying all of its glory and potential.

(There is no problem with the fruits as they are, but at this time of year, if you had to choose from strawberries, kiwis, grapes, apples, especially if you wanted to put them on a cake, there is a possibility that you will use strawberries the most out of all those options. And kiwis tend to spoil relatively fast. Buying something like that only to be forced to throw it away…… that would be just downright sad.)

In that case, the remaining candidates here would be apples, but for some reason their image was not really connected with Christmas inside of Tatsuya’s head. Tatsuya felt like he was about to have a huge headache in just a moment.

And when he was honestly at a loss for an unexpectedly difficult task that he imposed onto himself, another flute appeared in his field of vision.

(…… A melon?)

Although it was not really a season for them, melons have an image of being more expensive and more popular than any other fruits all year around.

Tatsuya subconsciously stretched out his hand, thinking that it would be more than suitable for a special day such as Christmas.

(Hey, this is some heavy weight right there, I can feel the density of its fruity flesh just by holding it in my hands. That’s right, it’s like the weight that I am well acquainted with, Liliana-san’s weight. …… HUH!? Just what the hell am I thinking here!?)

He shook his head and shook off the lewd thoughts that started to flood his mind.

It was extremely rude to compare someone’s body parts to fruits, but because of the fact that this weight in his hand felt so familiar, Tatsuya just could not help it but to make that association unconsciously.

He was also wary of his surroundings, thinking that he might have exposed his slovenly face for everyone else to see, but he did not find any customers giving him a suspicious or scornful look, so he must have been in the clear.

Tatsuya was relieved to know that, but the Liliana-like presence of this melon was stuck in his mind, and he could not find any other fruit that could wipe out that sticky impression of his.

Tatsuya lined up at the cash register with the melon in his hand, telling himself that in the end it was not that bad of a feeling.

(I think I made a good purchase, but I can’t tell Liliana-san why I chose this fruit in particular.)

「I’m home!」

「Oh, welcome back, Tatsuya-san! And Merry Christmas!」

「Merry Christmas to you, too, Liliana-sa…… PFFFGHG!?」

After finishing shopping and returning home, Tatsuya nearly dropped the melon he was holding in his hands onto the floor, all because of the way in which Liliana was dressed when she came to welcome him back home.

Fortunately enough, he managed to safely prevent the melon from dropping into the floor, but the impact of the scene before his eyes was truly daunting.

He should have already gotten used to Liliana wearing various cosplay outfits, seeing how she used to wear swimsuits and Succubus costume for him before, or even a maid outfit.

However, this time around the occasion was Christmas.

In fact, he imagined Liliana wearing a poncho-like dress or maybe even a one-piece Santa costume, but the hope that he had in his heart for her to actually wear it for him was really faint.

However, Liliana who was right in front of him, although she was wearing a Christmas-colored outfit of red and white, had her overwhelmingly seductive brown skin exposed in a way that was even greater than simply “wide”.

The generously decorated fur gave the outfit a fluffy Santa feeling, but it was actually a front-opened baby doll, and the front of it was tied with a single string to cover her deep cleavage and the rest of the front of Liliana’s body. Aside from that, there was nothing, and the lower half of her body consisted of only bright red T-back panties. It was one hell of a sexy Santa that chose to pay Tatsuya a visit this year.

「Umm, Tatsuya-san? Is there something wrong? Could it be that…… this outfit doesn’t look good on me?」

Liliana’s face clouded with anxiety after witnessing Tatsuya’s initial reaction. And Tatsuya, who stood still and did not react in any sort of way, just kind of stood there right at the entrance, trying to calm himself down at all cost.

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