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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 2

In reality, he was just so fascinated by Liliana’s sexy appearance, but Tatsuya realized his mistake soon enough and shook his head in a panic.

「N-No, it’s just that…… It’s not like that. It’s just that, because I was surprised that this outfit looks so good on you, Liliana-san, that I was unable to say a word.」

「I-Is that so? Really?」

Seeing Tatsuya’s flustered reaction and hearing the explanation that followed, Liliana gave him a smile followed by a small sigh of relief.

「I’m sorry, it’s just that I did not even dream that you would be dressing yourself like that for the occasion, Liliana-san. That’s why I did not know how to react.」

This sort of outfit was the ultimate form of eye candy, but who would have expected that Liliana would be greeting him while dressed like that? Right now she is one Sexy Miss Santa Claus, that’s for sure.

「It’s a little embarrassing, but I thought Tatsuya-san might really like it if I would dress up like that.」

Liliana’s blushing cheeks and her natural shyness made Tatsuya swallow hard without hesitation, but he restrained himself from jumping on her and devouring her whole, all because it was still way too early for that.

「I mean, when did you even have the time to buy such a thing in the first place……?」

Even though he asked her that question, Tatsuya thought that he could already kind of guess the answer to that. And when Liliana said that it came just recently with a package from her sister, he could only nod his head.

「Ah, yes. I thought as much.」

It was something that he already kind of expected. Even though Tatsuya replied with an exasperated voice, in his heart he gave a thumbs up to Liliana’s sister, saying “Good job, Sis!”.

「Ah, I’m sorry, Tatsuya-san. If you stay at the entrance all the time, your body will get cold, so how about you go to the living room for now while I finish the dinner preparations?」

「Thank you. I am really looking forward to this, Liliana-san. Also, I brought something that might be good for dessert later on.」

「Oh my, this is a very fine-looking melon. As expected of Tatsuya-san. I will cut it and serve it after dinner.」

「If that’s the case, then I’m leaving myself in your care, Liliana-san.」

「Yes. Merry Christmas to you once again, Tatsuya-san. Let’s have some fun together later on tonight.”

「Merry Christmas, Liliana-san.」

Tatsuya’s face cracked a smile at Liliana’s reaction, and the two of them brought their hands closer to each other and intertwined their fingers. Then Tatsuya went to the living room, as instructed.

「—— Fuuuh, thank you for the delicious meal, Liliana-san. To be honest, I thought the portions were a little bit too large, but it was so delicious that I could finish it all without a problem.」

Feeling completely full, Tatsuya put his hands together in front of the empty plate.

「Fufu, well, that’s a shame. Actually, I realized that I might have been a little bit too enthusiastic while preparing the dinner.」

Beside him, Liliana, who was in a good mood hearing Tatsuya’s genuine praise, and she was smiling broadly.

「The turkey was especially delicious. Of course it tasted good, but since it was roasted whole, it had a lot of volume and presence to it. Just having it sit on the table was making me think that this was indeed a very special occassion.」

Not knowing what to do with the remaining food, Liliana decided to just cut it into smaller pieces and save it for later.

It was not just roasted, it was also stuffed with chopped vegetables and small pieces of bread. It was a dish that sublimated a normal turkey into a delicious taste, quite unlike anything else that Tatsuya had ever tasted.

In addition, the salad was served in the shape of a wreath, and the acidity of the dressing washed away the oily aftertaste in their mouths.

Also, there were standard French fries and roast beef, there are many dishes that they would rarely even have on their dining table. Liliana, who enthusiastically ate every single dish that she had prepared, was so cute while she was stuffing her face that Tatsuya also approached each dish really enthusiastically, and they were already done with them before he even knew it.

And when they finally ate the melon Liliana had prepared, they felt a bloating in their abdomens and finally realized that they might have actually eaten way too much.

「I’m really overwhelmed with emotions that you ate so many dishes, Tatsuya-san. And that you have found every single one of them to be delicious.」

At the current moment Tatsuya felt a little bit sick to his stomach, but it was not a big deal when the reward for doing that was being able to see Liliana smile like that.

「I am actually the one who should be thanking you, Liliana-san. If you were not here, I would never have been able to spend such a fulfilling Christmas all on my own.」

「Why, thank you very much for your kind words, Tatsuya-san. Seeing you so happy makes me really happy as well.」

「It’s really an exaggeration, but if you say so, Liliana-san, then I have no reason to actually doubt you. And seeing you smile also makes me feel happy.」

Tatsuya replied to Liliana’s modest and shy look, but he suddenly turned his gaze away from her.

He was so moved by her delicious dishes that he temporarily pushed that thought into the very corner of his mind, but in front of him was a woman who was wearing very thin and very revealing clothes that were almost like her underwear, showing off her magnificently lustrous brown skin. It was a tempting sight that he was finding very difficult to resist.

Moreover, Liliana was leaning forward and Tatsuya could look down on her, and the deep valley created by her splendid double hills was perfectly reflected in his field of vision.

Now that his appetite had been satisfied, Tatsuya, who had lost his will and the ability to distract himself from Liliana’s charm and allure, had no means of resisting the sexy sight that was inviting him .

And Liliana was not so insensitive that she did not notice such blatant gazes that Tatsuya was casting her way more and more often.

「Tatsuya-san, you just said, ‘I could not spend Christmas quite like this on my own’, but Christmas is not over yet, isn’t that right?」


As Tatsuya tilted his head in puzzlement, Liliana narrowed her head and leaned over some more.

「Santa Claus gives presents to good children, after all.」

「P-Presents, you say?」

If she would stick close enough like that, he was able to clearly feel the warmth of her body, he could clearly feel her touch, partly because of the thin clothes that she was currently wearing.

「Of course, I have been watching you closely for a while now, Tatsuya-san. And I know that you have been stealing glances at my chest.」

As Liliana blushed strongly, she took Tatsuya’s hand and led it towards the crevice between the two huge hills on her chest, covered by the thin cloth.


「Please, you can touch it all you want. It’s your reward for being such a good boy, Tatsuya-san.」

As if admonishing a young child, Liliana extended her arms towards Tatsuya and looked at him with eyes filled with anticipation.

「G-Good boy, you say……?」

Tatsuya was puzzled by being treated like a small child all of a sudden, but his crotch, which was honest with his desires, was already ready for some sexy action, and in fact, neither was Tatsuya himself.

He was only worried about that for a few short moments.

Ultimately he accepted that this was his Christmas gift from Santa Claus, for being a good boy throughout the entire year.

「Please, there is no need for you to hold back. You can do whatever you like with your gift. Alright, Tatsuya-san?」


Tatsuya put his hands on the smooth brown skin of Liliana’s breasts, scooping them up and wrapping his fingers around them.

Being strangely sensitive right now, Liliana immediately shook her shoulder as she entrusted herself to Tatsuya’s touch.

At first he tried to touch her softly, but inspired by the elasticity under his palms, he could not help it but to grasp her soft flesh in a more firm way.

As if trying to squeeze them all the way to their roots, he consciously kneaded Liliana’s boobs without adding too much power to his touch while he tried to cling to the remnants of his sense of reason.

「Mmmhhh, Tatsuya-san, your hands are so warm.」

「Yeah, and your boobs are so soft, Liliana-san. And, for some reason, is it just me, or do they seem slightly bigger than before?」

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