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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 3

Tatsuya mumbled casually as he submerged his fingers into Liliana’s full breasts and exclaimed that.

「Ah, w-well, I don’t really know, d-do they seem that way to you, Tatsuya-san? M-Maybe it’s because you have been fondling and kneading them so much lately, Tatsuya-san, hence they have gotten slightly bigger…… Nhh, haah!」

Liliana was mesmerized by his aggressive movements, thrusting her chest out as if she wanted him to fondle them more and more.

「R-Really……? S-so… does that mean that they can grow even bigger?」

It was not clear how serious she was when she said that, but when Tatsuya imagined that Liliana’s already magnificent bust would become even bigger and even more shapely, he put even more strength into the movements of his fingers.

「W-Well, I’m not sure about that, but ahh, when Tatsuya-san touches me like that, I can feel my breasts becoming hotter and hotter.」

「Ah, Liliana-san, if you say something like that in such a sexy voice, then I…… I……」

「If that’s the case, I would be happy to have Tatsuya-san jump on me and have his way with me however you please.」

With her lips trembling slightly, Liliana intermittently let out a hot and bothered voice.

With her being so excited, the heat on her soft skin became more and more noticeable to Tatsuya.

Completely on a whim, he moved his fingers and slightly pinched on her nipples, an action that caused Liliana’s shoulders to tremble greatly.

「Ooohhh…… Liliana-san……」

Tatsuya concentrated on her nipples while making Liliana pant and snorted hard in reaction to what he was doing to her.

He tried not to apply too much force to his moves, but continued to torture her by twisting and rolling her nipples in his fingers.

「Hnnggh!? Haah, nnhh, Tatsuya-san, you only go after my nipples now……!Ahnh, I… I can feel it so much!! Hyauugh!?」

Along with Liliana’s luscious moist voice, the shape and size of her erect nipples were clearly transmitted through Tatsuya’s fingertips.

Even if he was playing with them somewhat roughly, Tatsuya firmly grasped them and would not even think of letting them go that easily, taking delight in listening to Liliana’s hot moans over and over again.

「Liliana’s boobs…… I want those beautiful lumps to keep me warm like this forever!」

Liliana’s breasts were so incredibly big and soft that even if there just happened to be breast milk that would squirt out of them, Tatsuya would not think of it as strange in the least.

「Ahhh, haah, me too. Tatsuya-san’s warmth seems to permeate my heart, and it feels so good that I want to be able to touch you like this all the time!」

Liliana moaned those words while her cheeks were dyed red and her body was squirming all over.


Even though Tatsuya was moved by her words and deeds, he could not stop himself from rolling her breasts around in his hands, holding onto them as if he was squeezing out milk from the udders of a healthy dairy cow.

「Hyah! T-Tatsuya-san, if you try to fondle my boobs so hard, ahhh, aaahn! Kufuuh, nnnhhh……!!」

All of a sudden, Liliana’s voice got caught inside of her throat and her whole body stiffened up on the spot.

He was staring at her tightly all this time, but for some reason right about now she looked as though she was trembling with fear.

「Oh, could it be, Liliana-san? I mean, seriously? Could it be that you…… just now……?」

Liliana was only able to give an ecstatic smile to Tatsuya, who was just staring at her in apparent disbelief.

「Haaah, y-yes, it’s what you think it is, Tatsuya-san…… Haah, haah, I’m really sorry for that. But I was so happy that you were lusting after me so much, Tatsuya-san, that I just…… I just couldn’t stop feeling good.」

As if to confirm those words, Liliana’s body shuddered intermittently.

「There is no need for you to apologize, Liliana-san. You were feeling it so much that you just happened to cum in no time at all, right? You don’t have to be sorry about that. On the contrary, I feel really happy with that.」



When he gazed at her eyes moistened with her sensuality, Tatsuya’s blood flow accelerated further than ever before, and her hot breath and the smell of her sweat that wafted through the air mixed together, and Tatsuya’s lust began to swell even more. Everything about Liliana right now was way too stimulating for him.

「I thought I gave you a present, Tatsuya-san, but on the contrary, I was the one who was feeling so good because of your actions.」

「If you were to ask me, I don’t think that it is actually anything that you would need to worry yourself about.」

「But Tatsuya-san…… Your thing down there is so swollen that it looks really painful. So this time around, please allow me to make you feel really good.」

Tatsuya shook his head, and Liliana reached with her hand towards his crotch, which was congested and tented really badly right about now, and pulled down his pants to release his manhood from its confinement.

「Your hand is so hot, Liliana-san.」

When Liliana smiled happily, Tatsuya stiffened his body for a moment, but was still staring at her gestures filled with expectations.

「You took really good care of my boobs just a moment ago, so it’s only natural that I should return the favor, don’t you think? You don’t have to put up with it anymore. I’ll comfort you with my boobs that you love so much, Tatsuya-san.」

Liliana slowly raised her body, still holding Tatsuya’s dick in her hand, and then she limped between Tatsuya’s crotch.

Then, she lightly squeezed her boobs together from her left and right sides to create a deep cleavage, and she thrusted his cock right into it.

「Haaah, kuuuhhh……!!」

Tatsuya’s expression softened as he let out a squeaky voice as he could not help himself but to feel like his penis was wrapped in a squishy softness of Liliana’s boobs.

「Ahh, Tatsuya-san, you penis is so hot and its smell is so strong, too!」

Liliana shuddered at the heat of Tatsuya’s penis sliding in between her breasts, which was now like a bar of hot iron, and breathed in the cheese-like scent into her lungs.

While making her head dizzy with the smell of her beloved partner, she also started to stroke his pulsating member in the valley of her chest where all of her sweat and his precum would accumulate.

Tatsuya, who was completely overwhelmed with excitement at this point, quickly revealed the joy of being enveloped by Liliana’s breasts so tightly by secreting lots and lots of precum from the tip of his penis, letting it ooze out without stopping.

Liliana caught the glimpse of that with her eyes and stretched out her tongue to scoop it out and savor the taste of the transparent liquid, smiling at the thick stench that was spreading throughout her nostrils.


「Tatsuya-san, it’s so delicious~. It’s so rich, and I feel like you are melting into one with my breasts. Please, Tatsuya-san, more! You can do it some more! Please make yourself feel better and better!」

Liliana appeals to Tatsuya with her horny-filled voice, starting to stroke his dick with even more fervor than before.

「Of course, I can’t think of anything but you right now, Liliana-san.」

「Haah, if you say such happy words to me right now, Tatsuya-san, I will become too happy from that and I might even lose my temper here.」

Liliana shyly swayed her body with her glazed eyes firmly locked at Tatsuya.

Such a gentle vibration was also transmitted through Liliana’s boobs right onto his penis, especially now that they two were in really close contact, and a steady hotness began to spread slowly at the back of his urethra.

Her breasts were pressing more and more all over him, and their softness peculiar to that of a well-endowed woman spreads more and more.

Wanting to spend more time savoring this pleasure, Tatsuya gritted his teeth and tried to endure it, but the mixture of his own precum and Liliana’s sweet-scented smell continued to overflow him, making his dick even more slippery and making it easier for him to slide around Liliana’s cleavage. This sensation combined with the sight right before his eyes acted strongly on Tatsuya’s imagination, fueling his lust for Liliana even more.

Tatsuya’s body was trembling as he was cradled by her bountiful fruits, and also being occasionally stroked by Liliana’s soft and hot tongue.

「Akuuh, it feels really good, Liliana-san.」

Tatsuya cried out in pleasure as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The more excited he got now, the more mucus his dick was secreting.

「Chiyu, *lick*, *lick*, Tatsuya-san’s juices, I can no longer scoop them all out with my tongue.」

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