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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 2

Thanks to Liliana taking notice of that and pulling him out, he was largely fine, but Tatsuya’s ego took a huge blow because of that, having shown Liliana something completely disgraceful.

Was the plan here not for Tatsuya to show off in front of Liliana, showing her his snowboarding prowess and flexing just how good he really was?

He pretended to be calm about it in front of Liliana, who was worried about him all the time after that, but when he recalled this memory again, he could not help it but to fall into self-loathing because of how uncool he proved himself to be.

「…… n? ……ya-san? ……Tatsuya-san!!」

「Uwah!? L-Liliana-san!?」

Because his thoughts were immersed in a pretty bad negative spiral for a while now, when Tatsuya finally came back to his senses, Liliana’s face was so right before his eyes, so close that he could feel her breath on his skin.

「What’s the matter, Tatsuya-san? Getting lost in thoughts all of a sudden?」

「Ah, no, it’s not like that. It’s just that…… You know…… I was just……」

Feeling pathetic that he had to needlessly worry Liliana like that, Tatsuya averted his gaze from her, being at a loss for words and not knowing whether he should be honest with her or not.

「…… Really? Are you sure that it’s nothing, Tatsuya-san?」

「Y-Yeah, I’m sure…… Really, it’s nothing, so you don’t have to…… Wah!?」

When Tatsuya tried to nod his head in frustration, Liliana hugged him tightly and rubbed her cheek against his wet hair in an affectionate manner.

「Thank you very much, Tatsuya-san.」

「Umm, Liliana-san……!?」

His eyes widened considerably at this sudden turn of events.

He could not even comprehend what was the meaning behind that action of hers just now, but this situation and Liliana’s position, yes, filling his nostrils with such a pleasant fragrance and his body feeling her springiness and softness, it was the kind of situation that started to trigger a whole bunch of various trigger alarms inside of Tatsuya’s head.

「Thank you for always doing your best for my sake. The reason why I’m having so much fun nowadays and I can be laughing at this hot spring trip in the middle of the snowy mountains is because Tatsuya-san is always there to watch over me and teach me all those new things.」


But contrary to Tatsuya’s worries, Liliana actually seemed to be in a very good mood, as she gently rubbed herself against Tatsuya’s head.

「You know what, Tatsuya-san? I think that you are a very cool and nice person.」

Her voice was serious, and she did not sound like she was trying to cheer him up purely out of pity.

Tatsuya knew better than anyone else in this world that Liliana is not the type of person who would put up a front just so that she would be able to comfort someone.

「…… Even though I talked so much about teaching you how to snowboard properly, and even if you were able to become so much better than me at it in just a few hours?」

「…… Yes. I don’t mind that at all. After all, you did it all for me.」

「Even though I ended up falling over and face planting inside of a huge pile of snow?」

「Yes, Tatsuya-san. And you know why I do not mind any of that? It’s because you did all that while trying to look out for me.」

Throughout the day, Tatsuya did literally nothing that would make him look cool or dependable in Liliana’s eyes, but she would still not hold that against him at all.

And Tatsuya knew that Liliana was really serious when she was confirming that just now.

She did not pretend to not see his failures from the very beginning.

She had seen Tatsuya’s shallow thinking from the beginning, but actualyl ended up accepting it.

And though she might have not even realize it herself, the things that she was speaking about just now were quite embarrassing, indeed. So once she came to realize what she had been doing just now, Liliana’s face suddenly turned red and hot, regardless of the hot spring water surrounding them.

「Uh…… Ah……」

Tatsuya realizes that if there was ever a hole somewhere nearby just now, Liliana would have most probably liked to enter that hole and not come back out.

「Or is it that my words alone are not enough proof to you, Tatsuya-san? Nnnhhh, chuu…… Chuu.」

As he was shivering with shame and was unable to reply, Liliana, probably thinking that Tatsuya was still hesitant about this whole situation, suddenly rained kisses down on his cheeks and neck.

「Whoa…… S-Stop it, Liliana-san! It’s okay, it’s okay! It’s okay now! So you can really stop it!」

The feeling of her soft lips and the light blowing of her breath made Tatsuya’s shoulders tremble powerfully.

Liliana showed a slightly unsatisfied expression when he pleaded for her to stop doing what she was doing, but she also smiled brightly after seeing a look on Tatsuya’s face and how he was trembling all over.

「Are you sure that you understand everything now, Tatsuya-san?」

「…… Nhhh, haah…… Y-Yes, loud and clear, Liliana-san……」

Thanks to that little rampage of hers, he no longer cared about feeling depressed about his own failings. And his throbbing heart was beating really fast because of all the contact with her skin that he was able to make.

「I’m really glad…… But I could also feel Tatsuya-san’s heartbeat as I was doing this…… And it was pounding really fast for some mysterious reason……」

「Huh, umm, no, this is…… Liliana-san?」

He could feel her voice gradually getting more and more lustrous and her eyes getting moist for some reason.

When she looked at him like that, combined with the feeling of her soft skin bursting with youthful freshness touching him, accelerated her urges that Tatsuya had been trying not to think about until now, but to no avail.

The plump flesh that was being pressed against him was so springy that its shape was slightly distorting, and even the temperature of the hot spring that was supposed to be hot became dull in comparison to the heat that was now radiating off of Liliana’s body.

「Please forgive me, Tatsuya-san. At first I was just going to enjoy the hot springs together like that, but now……」

Along with her enchanted voice, Liliana, who was blushing and basking in her bewitchingness, brought her face even closer towards Tatsuya.

「T-Then this means…… Mnngh!?」

「Nnnhh, umm…… Hafuuh, Tatsuya… -san……」

Even though the two of them had this place all for themselves, for a moment out there Tatsuya seemed to be greatly confused and was wondering if it was really okay for them to have a go at it in a place like this.

Along with Liliana’s sweet voice, her tongue was inserted into Tatsuya’s mouth with a movement that made him stop thinking about anything else and to focus on the pleasure entirely.

Liliana’s sticky tongue crawled inside of his mouth, and her sweet and violent impulses numbed his brain, and even Tatsuya stretched out his tongue to respond to her caress.

「…… Liliana…… -san……」

While breathing heavily into each other’s mouths, the two of them continued to kiss passionately.

They suck each other’s lips together, entwine their tongues, and exchange saliva over and over again.

The heat of her saliva, which came from within her mouth, seemed to seep into Tatsuya’s body and pump up his excitement, and Tatsuya was completely ruled by his own lust and pleasure before long.

Tatsuya’s penis was mainly looking up to the point that it was hard to believe that he had been depressed for a long time now, and his wiggling tongue was causing it to pulse and twitch even more than before.

Before long, as their kisses grew more and more intense, Liliana pressed herself against Tatsuya’s body more firmly, moving her breasts up and down and to the sides as if she was in agony.

Liliana slowly and happily parted their lips after kissing Tatsuya so strongly and hotly that it seemed as if her lips would melt and mix together with his right about now.

“Haaah, huuh…… Fufufu, I’m sorry, Tatsuya-san. I just couldn’t help myself but to kiss you right now.」

「No need to apologize…… I felt exactly the same, Liliana-san……」

Tatsuya was indeed feeling the same way Liliana did. He wanted to indulge himself in those passionate deep kisses even longer, and his lust was now boiling hot deep within him . But he still kept his reason to the extent that he was aware that this was not their own room, and they needed to exercise at least some level of moderation.

However, at that moment Liliana smiled happily, with a slight tinge of mischievousness behind that smile.

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