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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 3

「Yes. I could clearly see that Tatsuya-san was trembling while we were kissing earlier, and it was so strong that it was shaking the surface of the hot spring water…… Tatsuya-san, at this rate it will be impossible for you to wear your yukata properly…… You worked so hard for me, Tatsuya-san, so please allow me to service you wholeheartedly in return.」

Licking her lips wet with her saliva and creating a bewitching scent, Liliana reached out her hand towards Tatsuya’s erect penis.


「Tatsuya-san… it’s already so hard and stiff…… Ah, it’s much hotter than a hot spring water. Tatsuya-san’s big penis…… I’m sorry for only using my hand for now.」

Saying that, Liliana intertwined her slender, supple fingers around Tatsuya’s shaft and began to wring him out slowly.

「Liliana…… -san……!!」

Even though he understood in his head that he had to appeal to her to stop it, it was unbearably comfortable to be rubbed up and down with an exquisite amount of force like that, so it was impossible for him to simply push back the hand that was clenching to him so tightly. Tatsuya’s excitement was also transmitted to Liliana without fail.

「That’s amazing, Tatsuya-san…… You’re so energetic, and you’re twitching so much in my hand…… It’s bouncing and shivering all the time…… You have been like that many times before, but I have never serviced you quite like this with my hand, isn’t that right? …… You look so happy for some reason……」

「N-No, we can’t do it, Liliana-san…… If you touch me with a soft and warm hand like that, it will feel way too good for me, and above all else, I won’t be able to hold myself back……」

He intended to reprimand her for her behavior, but she subconsciously stirred up his surging pleasure even more, which made him guilty inside of his mind. When Liliana was giving it her all to please him some more, it would be utterly disrespectful of her efforts to just stop her now.

「Fufufu… I’m so happy. Every time I touch Tatsuya-san, my heart starts pounding and my stomach starts to feel all hot…… It’s really wonderful.」

Liliana smiles happily as she gently strokes and massages his trembling meat stick some more.

Thinking that he shared the same feelings as her, Tatsuya’s lust and excitement only got inflated here.

「Uuh…… Liliana-san……!!」

「… When you say my name like that, Tatsuya-san…… So hard and so strong…… Your voice is making me sure that I am doing a good job at servicing you. And it makes me absolutely……」

「Ugh…… Liliana-san, if you move your hand like that…… Uhh, ahh, and I can feel it so much…… Uuuhh!」

Having had sex with Tatsuya many times, Lilana had a full grasp of Tatsuya’s erogenous zones and what made him feel the best.

Her skillful service accurately targeted his weak spots, so once he would end up losing his self-control, there would be nothing he could do about it, and his only option would be to surrender himself to the pleasure.

「But that being said…… Since it is you who we are talking about, Tatsuya-san, I am sure that you would much rather prefer to rub that splendid penis of yours in here…… right?」


Liliana put her thumb and forefinger together and lightly scratched his glans and the base of his penis head.

Tatsuya’s lips trembled at the sharp stimulation that felt like an electric current running through his member, and Tatsuya’s hips unconsciously bounced in response.

「Ah, Tatsuya-san… When Tatsuya-san feels it so much, I end up getting really excited as well……」

Liliana happily whispered while spearing Tatsuya’s pre-cum all over his penis.

Although she was servicing him with her hand really aggressively, he could also feel that her own heart was beating at a faster rate, with her breasts being so tightly pressed against his chest like that.

Furthermore, her congested and erect nipples were also tense as they rolled around on Tatsuya’s chest.

「Uhh, fuuh…… I’m telling you, we can’t do it here…… If you keep this up, Liliana-san, I feel like my head is going to boil with excitement……」

Thinking about the next person to use this place, his reasoning appealed to him to refrain from doing anything further, but when Tatsuya was staring at Liliana looking all lustful, he could not think of anything else. He was swept away by his own pleasure and the last remnants of his resistance slowly started to dissipate.

「I am the same as you, Tatsuya-san…… I can’t think of anything but pleasure right now……」

It would seem that Liliana had no intention of stopping doing what she was doing anytime soon, as she just continued to jerk Tatsuya off more and more.

「Haaauuuhhh…… You are being so violent all of a sudden!!」

「Tatsuya-san, that’s because it feels really good. I’m also happy when you are twitching and quivering so much in my hand…… I think that I shall make some extra efforts with my service~.」

Tatsuya did not try to stop her, even though she said something that greatly confused him on the spot.

And because Liliana understood that this was Tatsuya’s way of showing his approval for her actions, she accelerated her hand movements even more.

「Uwaah, that’s amazing, Liliana-san…… Ah!」

Tatsuya completely surrendered himself to this enthusiastic service that he was being subjected to.

Because he was being partially submerged in the hot water, he had no way of actually knowing, but he was sure that his urethra was secreting some crazy amounts of pre-cum right about now, which was mixing with the hot spring water.

His penis was so swollen and throbbing that it was actually starting to hurt just a little bit.

「Tatsuya, do you want to ejaculate?
Do you wish for my hand to make you cum just like this?」

「Ahhh, nnhhh…… I want to…… I want to cum…… I want you to let me ejaculate in your hand…… Please, Liliana-san! Let me cum from your hand!」

Unable to resist his violent urges any longer, Tatsuya hesitantly pleaded with Liliana.

「Alright. As you wish, Tatsuya-san, please ejaculate in my hand to your heart’s content.」

As if waiting for those exact words, Liliana powerfully squeezed his cock in order to lead Tatsuya to climax.

Her five fingers clinging to his thick penis gently squeezed and rubbed him all over, steadily pumping up the swirling impulses in his lower abdomen.

「Ooohh, aaahh…… Aahh, Liliana-san… This is really great, the way in which you are doing it feels so good……!! I can’t stand it for much longer……!!」

「Since this is my role, Tatsuya-san, I get to serve you every day and practice…… I’m always thinking about what I can do to make you feel even better.」

While whispering such lovely words right in his ear, Liliana made the water surface of the hot spring rippling with the movement of her hands, sending intense pleasure throughout Tatsuya’s entire body.

Also, along with the movements of her hands, her upper body swayed more and more. Her hard, sharp nipples rubbed against Tatsuya’s, and Liliana’s delicate limbs trembled from that sensation.

「That’s why I understand perfectly…… Tatsuya-san’s trembling and trembling like this is a signal that you are going to ejaculate soon…… Hmmnnnhh, please let me know when you are going to do it…… Please ejaculate a lot with my lewd service.」

「Ukuuh, nnnhhh……!!」

At Liliana’s plea, Tatsuya felt a hot impulse flow into his urethra at once.

Hearing him groan loudly at that time, Liliana mysteriously narrowed her eyes and squeezed him as if to say no to him reaching his peak so fast.

「Uhhh, ahhh…… Tatsuya-san, you are even hotter than the hot springs water…… Are you perhaps that excited to cum?」

「Ahhh, I’m cumming, here it comes, Liliana-san!!」

In the next moment, the sticky threads of white cloudiness that were unleashed from Tatsuya’s tip danced all over the bathtub.

And then, once Tatsuya’s ejaculation gradually died down and his pleasure subsided, it all drifted gently at the surface of the water, and before long it adhered to Liliana’s body as if it was being drawn to it.

Every time a lump of his lust would cling to Liliana, she shook her luscious naked body and exhaled enchantedly.

「Tatsuya-san’s semen…… It’s so white and so sticky! It clings to my body and refuses to let go!」

The more semen danced around in the water and converged over Liliana’s body, the sweeter and more lustrous her moaning would become, betraying just how much Liliana was enjoying what she just did to him.

「Haah, haah, haah…… I, I guess that it being part of me, my semen does not want to part away from you…… just kidding. But wouldn’t that actually be nice, Liliana-san?」

「Ahh…… Well, if that’s the case, then maybe next time I will ask you to pour it all inside of me, Tatsuya-san……?」

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