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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 3

Tatsuya put the tempura in his mouth as he gently bit into it.

For the next few moments, he properly enjoyed the crunchy texture of the deep fried batter as he ate it.

「Nnnmmm, Tatsuya-san…… Chuu.」

Liliana was also trying to take a bite out of her tempura, all the while her lips remained in close proximity to Tatsuya’s.

Liliana’s plump, springy lips contrasted with the crunchy crust of tempura.

The feeling of her lips, which were so very soft and squishy, fresh and slightly oily, were very comfortable, and a dull rash ran up to the top of his head and slowly melted his sense of reason.

「Hmmmnnnh, nnnhhh.」

When the tempura was placed in her mouth, she slowly let go of her lips while groaning, and she let out her lustrous sighs, reluctant to separate herself from Tatsuya so fast.


Liliana then moved her lips closer to Tatsuya and gave him a slight kiss.

It wasn’t really a compliment for her manners, but she was happy either way for doing something like that.

She felt happy and embarrassed at the same time for doing something so daring, something she would have never actually done under any normal circumstances, but at the same time Tatsuya also wanted to feel more of her lips as well.


「There are still some things left…… There are still things that we can try doing.」

As she regretted having finished eating, Liliana placed her hand on Tatsuya’s cheek and brought her face closer to him.

And then she pressed her lips harder against his lips than ever before.

At the same time as her needy kiss, she extended her tongue into his mouth and entangled it with Tatsuya’s tongue.

Tatsuya, who thought that they had already finished eating, was confused at first, but he quickly regained his composure and tucked his tongue inside of Liliana’s mouth, to answer her soft caress with that of his own.

They opened and closed their lips busily and rubbed their warm lips together for a while just like that.

Before he even knew it, he had forgotten that they had already finished eating, and his excitement started to grow all over again.

At the touch of Liliana’s sticky and soft lips, the sweet scent peculiar to that of a woman’s body started to lightly penetrate his nostrils.

Tatsuya’s delicate and brittle reasoning immediately collapsed, and he became wholeheartedly absorbed in her touch.

「Hmmnnh, haah, hhhnnn!」

A sweet voice leaked out from the gap between their lips that were now tightly matched.

When Liliana’s tongue started to push at him strongly, Tatsuya responded by pushing back and getting their mouths and lips even more entwined.

「Haah, haah…… Liliana-san.」

After generously pressing their lips together they eventually parted their ways, allowing themselves some much needed time to exhale properly. Liliana then narrowed her wet eyes and smiled brightly at Tatsuya.

「Ahh, I’m sorry, Tatsuya-san. I can’t stand it anymore, and when I feel Tatsuya’s warmth, my body gets really hot and bothered.」

Her sweet breath was leaking every time her words were escaping from her mouth.

Her plump cheeks were puffed up, and you could see that she was really excited right now.

And to think that Liliana was able to become like that just from a mere kiss alone.

When Liliana realized that her body was burning hot, she reflexively concentrated the blood flow to her crotch area.

「Your face is so red right now, Liliana-san. And if you keep on making faces like that, I won’t be able to help myself but to become excited as well.」

Unable to hide his exhilaration, he confessed and smiled as Liliana took Tatsuya’s hand and pressed it to her breast.

「I’m sorry for being so lewd, Tatsuya-san, but I really cannot hold myself back for much longer.」

Liliana stared at him with her warm, but somehow also sad eyes.

At first, she was probably just playing around with him, but before she knew it, her mood was rising and her body was becoming uncontrollably horny.

Through the thin fabric of her yukata, the elasticity of her large bulges was almost directly transmitted.

There was no way that seeing her become like that right in front of him, Tatsuya would be able to calm himself down.

And before he could even realize what he was doing, his hands were already digging themselves and sinking deeply into Liliana’s elastic and springy flesh.

「L-Liliana-san, your chest is really warm and so incredibly soft.」

Occasionally he would kiss her as a bonus, and he continued to feel the quality of her bountiful fruits with his hands.

No matter how many times he would touch her, he never got tired of her reactions and the sensations that his fingers and palms were feeling.

「Hmmnnh…… Tatsuya-san’s hands are also so warm and feel so nice.」

Gradually, Liliana’s breath grew rougher and rougher, and even through her yukata, Tatsuya could clearly feel the presence of her hard, pointed nipples.

Badump, badump! Liliana’s heartbeat could also be felt from the palm of his hand that gripped her breast tightly.

「Liliana-san, you are so excited.」

Enveloped in her intense exhilaration, Tatsuya thoroughly enjoyed the touch of Liliana’s skin.

Her thin shoulders twitched just by his hand stroking her hard swollen bumps through her cloth.

「Ahh…… Tatsuya-san.」

Liliana continued to leak out sweet moans from her mouth while watching Tatsuya with moist eyes.

Her breasts that were changing their shape into squishy and lewd ones in accordance with the movement of Tatsuya’s fingers, looked so alluring that he could not let go of them.

And once that Tatsuya would get seriously hooked on kneading and squishing Liliana like that, there was nothing that would be able to stop him.

Tatsuya tried to open the hem of her yukata and put his hand inside of it ——

「—— Are you already finished with your meal, perhaps?」

When the voice of the waitress suddenly came from the other side of the door to their room, the two of them were instantly pulled back to reality and took some distance from one another.

「Hafuuuh…… It was a good thing that we did not get any more further than that, otherwise we could have gotten into some serious trouble.」

The two had completely forgotten that the waitress would come back to clean up after their meal, but they managed to keep their composure and get through it somehow.

However, even with all the things they managed to do in the short amount of time to get themselves in order, the slightly disheveled yukata of Liliana and their red cheeks didn’t go away, and they were terrified all the time that the cat might get out of the bag at any moment now.

Even after seeing the waitress off, Tatsuya’s heart was still beating really hard and really fast for a while.

Thanks to that, the atmosphere was ruined for them and they did not feel in the mood to pick up when they left off, so instead they decided to head to the public bath this time in order to calm down. And Tatsuya, who had thoroughly enjoyed the hot springs, was one step ahead of Liliana when they left their room.

As he was relaxing in the legless chair after the bath, feeling the afterglow of the hot springs, he heard the sound of someone coming in from outside the room.

「I have returned, Tatsuya-san.」

「Welcome back, Liliana-san. How was the spacious open air bath?」

「Yes, it was a very good soak, if I do say so myself. Coincidentally, there were no other customers inside, so it was like the entire place was exclusively for me. And after the bath, the strawberry milk was a perfect addition, just like my sister said. I feel like my heart is really at peace now.」

Being able to do every single little thing that her older sister recommended for her to do, Liliana looked completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

‘Well, that is certainly a huge over-exaggeration’ is what Tatsuya has thought, but it would be really rude for him to actually say that out loud.

More than that, the gesture of being enraptured with a flushed and cheered expression that would be ended halfway through, it would be way too cruel of a thing to do. And just like that, Tatsuya’s crotch was able to resonate nicely with Liliana’s current glowing appearance.

「I-It seems that you have taken quite a bit of a liking to hot springs, Liliana-san.」

「Yes, very much. But ——」

「Huh? What is this? Could it be that there is actually a complaint that you might have here?」

Even while he was smiling at her, Liliana tilted her head in confusion and Tatsuya hesitated slightly in that very moment.

「Ah, no, it’s not that I was dissatisfied or anything like that, but I was a little sad that I couldn’t go in together with you, Tatsuya-san.」

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