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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 2

「Oh, well ain’t that funny coming from you of all people? How about I relate your words from just now to Umisawa-san? I think she will be thrilled to hear them.」

「Wait. Wait just a moment, man! It’s not like I was looking at her with any particularly naughty feelings inside of me, you know!? Dude, I swear!」

「Then what were you feeling exactly when you were looking at her just now?」

「Have you ever thought about that, Tatsuya? Things like, ‘If I were to marry that girl, I will be able to see her cooking like that every single day for the rest of my life’?」

Tatsuya suddenly started to think about it.

He thought about Liliana smiling at him every morning when he would wake up to the soothing sound of her voice, as she would head towards the kitchen.

He thought about Liliana giving him a goodbye kiss every time he would

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