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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 3

Giving a wry smile to Keima, who has regained his composure, Tatsuya immediately put down his chopsticks.

「…… Well then, let’s grab something for ourselves as well, China-san. Here, let me pick something for you.」

After both Liliana and China were done with putting ingredients from the pot onto their plates, Keima stopped worrying and scooped up every single thing from the pot and placed it onto his plate as well. He then proceeded to wolf it all down.

「Hafuuh, hafuuh…… Ooohhh~~…… This is so~, incredibly~, gooooood~~~~~~!!!」

「Keima, shut up. You’re being way too loud.」

Keima was so moved by the taste of the hot pot that he forgot that he was not alone, and it was China who had to apologize to them in his stead. But even that was not enough to make Keima shut up, so he just continued doing what he was doing.

「Because the vegetables are still crunchy and the

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