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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 3

And it was quite a magnificent erection considering the fact that it became like that only by a mere virtue of Liliana sucking on his finger earlier on, but the shivers down his spine that Tatsuya was feeling were the undeniable proof of that fact.

「Nhaaah…… M-Master? H-How is it? Does it feel good…… Woof?」

Then Liliana let go of his finger and looked directly into Tatsuya’s eyes.

「Y-Yeah, it was surprisingly lewd and it felt really good for me.」

As for Tatsuya, the fact that he managed to become so excited from something as innocent like that was truly astonishing. After all, it was only his finger that got licked, and nothing more.


When Tatsuya’s face turned bright red all of a sudden, Liliana sensed what he meant and looked down at him, smiling at his erection and licking her own lips in a really sensual way.

「…… Liliana-san?」

「I am so very

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