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My Household`s Liliana-san Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 4

She did not show a single expression of anguish on her face all this time, but rather gleefully swallowed him whole and leaked her sweet voice, and she herself was getting more and more excited.

「Fuuh, Liliana-san, the way in which you do it is way too intense……!!」

In addition to the pleasure of her throat, just watching her hug and suck his dick in an obsessed way like that, Tatsuya could feel the steady heat welling up inside of him.

「It’s so delicious, so tasty…… My mouth is so full of Master’s delicious taste that it is making me feel dizzy!」

「Haah, haah…… Haaah, kuuh……! N-No good! I can’t stand it anymore!」

When Tatsuya moaned those words, copious amounts of precum started to leak out of his urethra, further moistening the inside of Liliana’s mouth.

Liliana also sensitively sensed the change in the taste of her Master’s dick and due to that, she tightly

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